Thursday, October 5, 2017

Los Angeles

Mark and I took a mini vacation last week! It was nice to get away and I have never really been to LA before so it was interesting to explore. We went to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl while we were there and all of the people I follow who live in LA were also there...and I saw no one. Haha! 
All of our Lyft drivers were so passionate about living in LA and while I get the appeal I would never ever live there. I just don't really see myself ever living in California in general! However it was nice to have a lot of services like Postmates and things like that, especially since we forgot shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste, we were able to Postmates it! Plus our airbnb owner offered to order us stuff from 2 hour Amazon prime! It's probably good we don't live there because it would be way too easy to buy things.
We flew in early Friday and were lucky enough to be able to check in to our airbnb early. We had the cutest airbnb and I wish we could find an apartment with the same layout. It was super nice. We crashed for a little bit and then went and ate some Korean fried chicken! We stopped at LACMA for a few hours but we weren't able to see anything big because we didn't schedule ahead of time. It was pretty cool to see Picasso's paintings and sculptures in person though!
We headed back to the airbnb for some rest time (I was still recovering from pneumonia and not feeling awesome in general so we had to take it easy) but we didn't stay for long before heading to the Dodgers game! This was so fun. The stadium is very vintage looking and I really loved it! The one bad thing is we had a 12 year old's birthday party in front of us, they brought like seriously over 20 little boys and they were kind of really obnoxious. They all had iPhones and apple watches and it made me grossed out. Getting home was also really funny, they have a gated area where you wait for your Uber/Lyft to pull into a numbered stall and they don't let you out of the gate until you can tell the guard your ride's stall number. We got into this big gated area and since there were so many people taking up the cell service, both Mark and I had none so we had to wait at least half hour before we could even request our ride, and then we waited close to an hour for our ride to get there. It was pretty nuts!
The next day we went to lunch and sat next to a famous person, a rapper from Wu-Tang Clan! It was very L.A it seemed. Haha! After lunch we went to this crazy record store that was ginormous! I have never seen anything like it and it was truly packed! Very cool. After buying a few records we headed up to Griffith Observatory which was a really pretty place to walk around in. The wind was blowing so hard and I had a dress on, so that wasn't excellent. I just tried to have a Marilyn Monroe moment and be fine with it! We went home and got ready for the concert and headed to Hollywood Bowl. We were lucky that our airbnb was within walking distance of it so we didn't have to deal with traffic! The concert was really good and the Hollywood Bowl is just really cool in general. 
After the concert we went to a Japanese restaurant and it was really yummy! The next day we had breakfast at this place Mark had heard about that serves interesting meat. We had foie gras which is duck liver and it was seriously so good! I was very surprised. It's called Animal and I would highly recommend eating there!
It was a good weekend even though I didn't feel totally awesome, but I have felt really good since coming back so I am hoping to feel totally normal soon!

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Friday, September 22, 2017


Last Monday it was 80 degrees, and then Tuesday it was 70, with the temperature just going down down down as the week went on. We are looking at temps in the 50s this week, people!! FIFTIES!!!!!!!
Fall, it does a heart good. It's been a long hot summer, especially so as more than a month of it was spent in humidity and that, I cannot take. The windows have been thrown open all week and I have been NESTING. Grabbing the sweaters that were in storage. Pinteresting fall crafts and recipes. Getting all the pumpkin candles. Trying make our little basement apartment as cozy as possible. I saw pumpkins outside of the grocery store yesterday, and honestly I teared up. Fall is perfect and beautiful.While I am quite confident I will hate everything cold in March, there is just nothing like this time of year. 
In the past few weeks, I have purchased some fall and winter clothes to get my closet ready. One of those items is this cardigan from Cents of Style. I have loved this company forever because 1. their colorful blogger wall (haha) 2. Their insta-stories are always very uplifting and 3. They offer plus size clothing. 
If you want this cardigan for 40% off, use the code FALLCARDIGAN! They have all different sizes (s-3x), styles and colors to head to their website to check it out. The code is valid until 9/24/17
We are headed to LA today for the weekend! I love our little weekend getaways together. 
Have a good one! 

Like a friend I follow on Instagram said, "My inner fall lover is doing harks. NAKED. Wearing pumpkin-shaped pasties." 

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

elephant baby shower

 I can't remember if I have mentioned it on here, but my sister is having a baby! I am over the moon excited. Since we don't make boys in our family, of course it's a girl! I cannot wait. My Mom and I threw her a family baby shower last weekend. I was excited to use my new Cricut that I got on Amazon prime day for a little more complicated project. If you can see the elephants below, I made those and they were layer after layer! They turned out so cute. Also, I made those tassels below, which I made about 400 of for our wedding a few years ago and it took me a solid four days to make them, these ones it took twenty minutes so I don't know why it took me so long before...

If you haven't discovered the joys of Trader Joes and their $4 flowers, your welcome. I get them for every event. If I lived closer I would just have them always. 

I found this cute print on Etsy for way cheap! My sister doesn't love pink so I want to get some other colors involved. This was perfect!

 These tags almost cost me my mental health if we are being honest. I originally wanted the letters cut out as well with a pink underlay, but my Cricut was having a really hard time cutting out the small letters and it kept messing up. I almost threw my machine across the room and then I had the sense to put it away and come back to the project later. I ended up using the pen feature to do these and accepted it! Haha!

Cannot wait for a new little bb niece! I had a dream she came, but she needs to stay in for about another month! Plus I literally have the plague right now so I wouldn't have been able to see her, it was so sad! So I texted my sister to keep her legs closed. Hopefully baby will bake until October!
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Sunday, September 3, 2017


A few weeks ago I turned 26. It feels very grown up to be on the other side of 25, to have my own health insurance, etc. To be referred to as "in my late twenties" I thought it would be kind of emotional or hard for me to turn 26 but it was actually great.

Even though it is never fun to work on your birthday, my students were so sweet. I even had students from two years ago come visit and they are sweet angels who are all grown up now.
Mark really CAME THROUGH on my birthday. My love language is gifts because I am a monster, and he sent me flowers at work, got me a Yeti cup, some nice makeup brushes, and some Crude face wash because I really have been wanting that.
He also spent three days making me a cake. He's a good lad. 
We went to Takashi because I love sushi, and then we went to an escape room with all of our friends. it's the Hidden Chambers Escape Room and there is a groupon for it. I highly recommend it! 
It was a great birthday!

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

San Diego

In July, we went to San Diego for a few days with Marks family. I was very stressed out about going because I felt like I should just stay home and work on school stuff, but I'm glad I went and didn't do that. It was a nice end of summer thing.
We took it slow, so I don't feel like we did much, but what we did do was really beautiful. I think if I had to choose between a mountain house or a ocean house, I would choose ocean. You know, with my millions in teacher money. 
We flew in pretty early, so we ate breakfast at the Patio on Lamont (best french toast I have ever had!) and then we checked into our airbnb and took a long nap. After we woke up, we headed to dinner at a really authentic Thai place called The Original Sab-E-Lee. It was more northern thai food than usual places and Mark was really excited to go. We got a "medium" level of spice and it was really difficult to eat, but it was so delicious. I would recommend the drunken noodle, thai sausage, pork neck and beef jerky..

The next day, we went to Torrey Pines and it was really pretty. We ended up hiking quite a lot more than I thought we would, but there were so many really pretty viewpoints. 

Cool spider web 

Mark and the other males in the family went and saw Dunkirk on 70 mm film. Not sure what that really means, just that it was cool. I had no desire to see Dunkirk, so my mother in law and I went shopping at an outdoor mall. She took me into Clarks and I was like "oh man, an old person shoe store" and I ended up buying these sandals that are not only the most comfortable shoes I have ever had but they are really cute!

After the boys movie ended, we went to this amazing ramen and yakitori place called Yakitori Yakyudori & Ramen. It was SO GOOD! The spicy miso ramen was the best ramen I have had in my freaking life. I am really sad because no ramen will ever compare.

The next day we spent at the San Diego Zoo. I was pretty against going to the zoo because the only time I have been there is with little kids and I thought it would be lame without them. Boy was I wrong! I loved the zoo so much. The orangutans were so active and they were making my life. I literally took out some kids so I could be right up next to them, pretty much re-tearing my meniscus in the process. 
Though zoos are depressing, it made me a little happy knowing that the San Diego Zoo is one of the leading zoos in not only making the animals healthy, but happy.

So I am terrified of these little things, maybe because I have only been on the lagoon ones with dumb teens, but we decided to go on them. This is me doing the "this is fine" in a burning room meme.
 My true feelings

We ate Japanese BBQ that night, we go to a Gyu-Kaku in every city we visit since we don't have one in Utah.

The next day, we woke up early because I had found a really good deal on whale watching. We boarded the boat and my MIL says, "I hope you don't get sick!" I didn't even think about my sensitive stomach. I got so sick on our cruise, I literally have never been in a moving car without getting a little queasy. I am so sensitive with that stuff. I was super worried because as soon as we left the harbor it was the bumpiest ride ever! But I just kept my focus on looking for whales and I didn't get nauseous. About halfway through the boat ride, I looked down onto the second deck and I saw that half the boat (everyone on that level) was puking their guts out. My poor MIL also got sick. By some miracle, I did not get sick. I felt a tiny bit green but only after realizing that everyone was dying. I'm super thankful because that could have turned my day really upside down.
The whale watching itself was amazing. We saw a whale, but the main part that was crazy was the over 200 dolphins we saw! They had a ton of babies with them and they were coming right up to our boat and jumping around. It was so cute and incredible. I really recommend San Diego Whale Watch if you go.

That night, we went to sushi for dinner. We are eating our meal when this guy all of the sudden stands up and says, "I'm choking!!!!" and immediately a group of guys from another table gets up to give him the heimlech. They realize after a minute or two of the heimlech that this guy is taking and they can hear him breathe, then they notice his neck his red and splotchy so they realize he is having a allergic reaction and his throat is closing up. Someone at the place luckily had a epipen and dramatically stabbed the guy with it. 
This whole time, the restaurant staff does nothing. They are just going about their business while everyone eating in the restaurant is just staring. Luckily, a customer called 911 and that was the only reason help came. The guy walked out of the restaurant but then immediately the EMT put him on a stretcher and he was gone. Anyway, it was only thanks to people in there restaurant that saved this guy. There are good people in the world. There are also horrible people, but good people mostly. Sushi Ota needs to step up their emergency game plan.

That night, we went to the beach to watch the sunset and it was the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen! The lighting was incredible, it was pretty unreal.

We flew out the next day but we had time to stop at Point Loma and Old Town before we grabbed lunch and went to catch our flight. We never made it to Coronado, but I almost got in a car accident on the bridge once and I kind of have trauma from it so I was okay with it. Haha!

So that was my summer! 
You might see me a little bit less around here for a while. I want to get my education podcast up and running and a few other projects.  I really want to start a food instagram with Mark and I behind it since we spend........too much....on eating out and we don't often eat at the same place twice, and never chains. Is there too many of those in the world? What do you guys think? I dunno. I'm kind of exhausted with social media and blogging, it feels like there are no new ideas these days. 
See ya when I see ya! 
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