Thursday, May 26, 2016


Today was my last day of school! You can head over to instagram to see more thoughts about that. I might write a post about it because I am experiencing sooo many emotions about the whole thing. Anyway, summer is here and that means all my responsibilities are null and void! Mostly. 

 I was looking at my blog recently because my students finally told me that they found it (lol) and I realized that a huge majority of the posts I have done this year were sponsored. I felt sick when I realized that fact. I'm so sorry to all you lovely people. As a teacher who is making basically nothing, and when Mark got laid off in January I felt like I couldn't turn down any opportunity to get paid to support a company I love. I still stand by all the companies I supported this year. However, I let the balance that I usually work so hard to maintain completely slide and i'm just sorry.
You will be hearing a lot more from me. The random me! The me that is like "why am I making this a blog post no ones care but I'll do what I want" me. Which I think is why most of you are here in the first place. SO! More of that. Less of everything else. 

Happy summer! I have already taken two naps and now I am binging some TV in bed drinking a dr pepper, as life should be. 

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Thursday, May 19, 2016


When it comes to their marketing team, Odysseo Cavalia is second to none. To thank me for going to their show, (my review of that here) they are giving away two gold tickets to the Saturday, May 21st 1:30 pm show in Sandy, UT. 
That's right, another giveaway!!!
Okay, moment over. So! Let's give away some tickets!
It's one entry per person, per email. So you can't have a million different names with the same email. You can also not have a million emails with the same name. Come on people, let's keep this fair for all. 
Giveaway ends tomorrow at 1:00 PM MST.

Be sure to check out Odysseo's website HERE. 
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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Cavalia Odysseo Utah Review

Last week, Mark and I received the opportunity to go to Odysseo by Cavalia for their social media night. This was definitely the biggest perk I have gotten for having somewhat of a "following" on my blog. It was so fun to go and be pampered the entire night! They treated us like the VIPS that I have wanted to be treated like my entire life. :) 

Anyway, if you have seen the big white tent in South Towne mall, or the thousands of billboards (not sure how you could miss them!) then you know about this show. Basically it is a Vegas- style, family friendly show with horses, acrobats, etc. They use 65 horses of all breeds from all around the world (If you are a horse person, you would die and go to heaven).  They have 48 artists, riders, acrobats, aerialists, dancers and musicians (the people playing the live music in the balcony was totally awesome and maybe my favorite part). It's about two hours with a thirty minute intermission. You can order tickets and get more information here.

I loved the show. It made me feel like a little kid again. I was consistently in awe of all of the truly amazing things that were happening right before my eyes. I couldn't believe that this had shown up in a mall parking lot in a matter of weeks and it felt like they spared no expense in the production. Even the things such as the audio, it was all to perfection. It was fun to just get lost for a few hours in something that was different. It wasn't a movie, concert or a play, it was a once in a lifetime performance that I will probably remember forever.

So, the big question I have been asked by almost everyone since the show, is it worth it?

Here's how I feel: I believe in spending money on experiences, especially experiences that you can do as a family. I believe that if you are stressed about the money you are spending on the show, you will not enjoy it because you can't get lost in the show, you will constantly be thinking, "am I getting my money's worth?" If you can realize that you are making memories and seeing a once in a lifetime show, then yes, absolutely worth the money. Mark and I both gave it 8/10 stars and agreed that we would remember it for a really long time. I was also sitting next to a girl that was about nine years old, and she was in absolute h e a v e n. 

It runs until June 3rd, so grab your tickets now! 

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

the meaning of blue

If you follow me on snapchat, (if you don't, probably don't start. It's a big commitment to listen to my annoying voice all the time) then you know the story behind these pictures. I really wanted to do them with a white wall as my background, but I don't have one at my parents house (where i'm staying while Mark is gone). They are building some new houses across the street and one is almost done-ish. Anyway, it has white walls so I decided that is where I was going to take these pictures. Well I was walking in with my tripod and camera and a guy asked me if I lived there, really innocently and not getting mad at me or anything, but I said "" and he gave me a weird look, so I peaced out of there and my parents backyard became my new photo studio...haha! Points for trying, right? 

(sidenote: send a tan please) 

Ever since I saw this infographic about menu designs and the colors that designers purposefully use to get people to buy their food, i've been thinking about colors and what they mean. Did you guys know that blue is the color of not only peace, but strength, vitality and physical wellbeing? That is why so many hospitals rely on the color blue! Blue nightgowns, blue logos, etc. 
So I thought it was only appropriate that I wear blue when talking about the new opportunity to control your health by Intermountain Health Care. Last year I talked about an app that let you track germs in your area and check into the instacare from home so that you were next in line when you got there! We all know that it is zero fun waiting in a doctors office next to other sickos when you are feeling terrible. 

Well, IMC took it a step further. Introducing, #MyConnectCare. My Connect Care allows you or your child to visit an IMC physician for certain urgent care condition using your phone or tablet. Obviously you are not going to use it if you are having chest pains, but cold or flu stuff, sinus and ear infections (my bodies personal favorites) sore throat, even a bladder infection or a weird rash. You can just stay home (where you belong when you're sick, really) and the care will come to you. 

Imagine this, you are on a road trip with your family when one of you gets a sinus infection. Rather then go to an out of state instacare and incur possible extra costs (and ruin your vacation) you can just call your doctor from the road and you will have a prescription and be on your way to healthy in a matter of minutes. Literally, the visit will take less than ten minutes. It takes me that long to get to the instacare, let alone the two hour wait that usually accompanies it!  Game changing stuff, you guys. 

You can download the #MyConnectCare app by searching Intermountain Health Care on your App Store, it's like the four or fifth one down. I made an account and had the option to talk to a doctor in less than two minutes. It was pretty freaking awesome.

Also, can we talk about my scarf really fast? It was sent to me by White Sierra and it has insect shield permethrin....ANYWAY, it repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants and flies. I thought it would stink or be a weird material, but it wasn't! How cool is that? I'm blown away by technology right now. I also got this thermometer that you hook into your smartphone, which could really help if you are using My Connect Care, but I just felt like such an old person because I was like "Wow! This is amazing! What will they think of next!!!"

Anyway, think about IMC's new Connect Care app when you are in bed in a nyquil state of mind watching Gone With The Wind and a huge pile of nasty tissues next to you. Or if you get pink eye in Maryland and have to go to the sketchiest instacare in the history of mankind in Baltimore. Argh, Connect Care, where were you when I needed you!? 

This ad is sponsored by White Sierra and Intermountain Health Care

Download #MyConnectCare here

Find them here:
Intermountain FB
Intermountain twitter
White Sierra FB
White Sierra twitter
White Sierra Instagram

Thanks so much for letting me talk to you about companies that I believe you should support! I sure do love you all. 

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


This morning I realized i'm currently reading four different books at once, plus I have three that are on hold at the library right now. 
Things are winding down significantly at school. For the first time all year I can leave at 3:30 because i'm done with all my stuff. It's actually pretty glorious. If teaching was like this year round, it would be a lot less painful.
All that said, I have time to read. I have been binging a few TV shows lately, but mostly I read. Here is what i'm reading or is at the library waiting for me...

Mindset: The new Psychology of Success
This is a book that our principal asked us to read and it has really changed my perspective on life, my relationships and how I view work, or any challenge really. It goes in depth about growth and fixed mindsets and how this has impacted many companies and people throughout history. I am actually making my gifted students read it over the summer because I think it's such a valuable lesson.

Book of Mormon Girl
Faith has been something that i've been focusing on lately. I disagree with a few things that the LDS church has done recently, but it's a church I love and cherish at the same time. This is a story about a women's faith journey as a liberal Mormon women. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I want to be more open minded so i'm reading this book.

Eleanor and Park
I'm only a few chapters into this, but I bought it when I was sick because I had heard so much about it. I just finished another one of Rainbow Rowell's books, so I wanted to keep reading.

A Study in Charlotte
This book is about the female descendants of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. It's basically like a YA Sherlock novel with amazing female leads and i'm so excited to pick it up from the library. 

Emmy and Oliver
I have had so many people recommend this book to me. I honestly can't piece together exactly what it is about, which is exactly how I like to go into books and movies. If you like Sarah Dessen, you will love this book apparently.

Nineteen Minutes
This is what we are reading for Bon's Book Club this month. It's about a school shooting from multiple perspectives. It is thhhhiiiickkk, so it's going to take me a while to get through. It's a subject that is a little close to home, school shootings are definitely something that frequents my mind, so hopefully I can still enjoy it.

Everything I Never Told You
I'm dying about how long I have to wait for this book. It's about a girl whose body was found and whose parents have to work backwards to figure things out. I love the title of this book, the mere concept of the thing intrigues me.

The Girl on the Train
This is the next book for the book club that I host. It's going to be a movie in October. Basically it's about a girl who sees this couple on the train every day and starts to make a narrative for their life in her head, and then one day the woman disappears. 

Do you see that i've fallen down a rabbit hole? Haha, I do not understand moderation, apparently. What books are you reading right now? 

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Monday, April 25, 2016

a special story (hint: not special)

Last week I was walking out of work when the late bus full of NJHS kids (most of them were my students) were loading on. I really didn't want them to see me getting in my car because my car is missing two hub caps and it looks 50 shades of horrible. I have a reputation to uphold. I'm a baller. It's such common knowledge that teachers make so much money, so they come to expect that I would get in a certain kind of car.
No but seriously, I had the thought that maybe I should wait. Then I told myself I am above what a 13 year old thinks about me and also I give my life to them for practically nothing so they shouldn't expect much and I went to my car.
I unlocked my car and pulled on my door handle. Nothing happened. I pulled harder. Nothing happened. I double checked that my car was unlocked and tried again.

My handle came with me. 

Remember, my students are witnessing this entire thing.

I tried to act natural and reach my hand in the back door to unlock it, but I couldn't reach. So then I went around the car to unlock it that way, and I also couldn't reach. 

So my kids watched me climb from the passenger seat into my drivers seat while i'm holding the handle of my car. Luckily, they were far enough away that they couldn't hear the cursing.

A few days later I got the plague and so the car hasn't been fixed yet. I can't seem to remember for the life of me that this has happened, so every time I go to get in my car it is painful reminder that I have to haul myself over my center console. I'm not a small person. It's rough.

Does anyone know of any trusted car person who could fix my car and/or tell me the truth about how much it's going to be to fix it?

Life's fun.
5 more weeks of school.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

book reviews!

This year I have started to have an identity crisis about what I like. What do I enjoy? What are my hobbies? I used to like reading, but I hadn't read a book in over a year, maybe longer. My only other real answer is  "analyzing themes and characters of Gilmore Girls" and that usually only gets me blank stares, so I felt like I needed to figure out what made me happy and could help me be a person instead of a teacher.

So I started a book club, and I read a book I didn't love, and I got nervous that I disliked reading.
Then, I read a book I loved, and then I read four books in two weeks and I remembered how much I love reading and why I had to stop reading years ago, because I do little else when I find a series of books I really like.
So, here are some books that I have read this month (one not pictured) and my little review for each!

Me Before You
5/5 stars
I don't want to go into too much detail, because my book club about this is next week, but man. I loved it. I was actually emotionally scarred after I read it. It has a lot of jumping off points for great discussion about really deep issues, and it can also just be a book you read by the pool (if you want to cry and get tan at the same time). 

5/5 stars
This story is about a girl named Paige whose high school boyfriend dies in a freak accident. She makes a plan to try to be a normal person again, and of course, things don't go according to plan.
I picked up this book to try to get my mind off of Me Before You and was pleasantly surprised. This is bold to say, but I loved this book way way more than I liked Me Before you. It had such an interesting take on dealing with grief when you are young. It was not the typical YA novel, very interesting, surprising, funny and tender. I wish I could read it again for the first time. I turned the last page and was devastated that it was over. I love books like this! Read it NOW!
This book is classified as young adult but it is a good lesson for people of all ages. The main character, Willowdean, struggles with her body image and her family issues. Her life gets a whole lot complicated one summer due to a new job and everything that spirals from that.
This was a really interesting book that I, as someone who has carried more weight than all of my friends my entire life, could really identify with. Some parts seemed a little far fetched and unbelievable to me,  but I really liked the core of the story. The main character is somewhat of an anti-hero, yes she is a ~*~MisUnderstood teen~*~* but she also isn't totally a great person, and the author is pretty upfront about that. Maybe that is why I liked the book so much and also had such problems with it, if that makes sense. There were some decisions that Willowdean makes that just made me cringe and not able to forgive her as a character. However, once I started reading it I couldn't put it down and it is definitely on my top list of books.

Attachments: A Novel (not pictured)
This book takes place in 1999/2000 (something I didn't realize until I was well in the book, very helpful to know!) and it's about two girls who work as journalists and who know that someone is monitoring their email. Lincoln is that guy. This story switches perspectives every chapter.
I read this for Bonnie's book club because I decided I need to be more social and meet new people since all my friends are moving out of state (BOO ALL OF YOU!) and I liked it! It was kind of confusing because I didn't realize that this was happening 16 years ago (holy crap that just made my stomach hurt) and so I was like "why are they just now using computers?" but the thing I liked most about it was it was not young adult fiction, but it felt like I used to feel reading young adult fiction in high school. I just could connect to the feelings that the characters were going through very much. The biggest part of the book happened in the last five pages and I really disliked that. There was no falling action and I mostly felt unresolved at the end, but that is the only reason that I didn't rate it higher.

So after reading these really great books, I realized i'm the type of person who buys books now. I just went to Target to get a neti pot and bought Eleanor and Park. Mark also wants me to read a book called The Book of Mormon Girl, so I will start that soon as well! 

What books have you not been able to put down lately? I'm on a roll and with summer coming it's only getting worse! :) 
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