Sunday, June 4, 2017

short hiatus

Hello friends!

I had a trusty friend text me and basically say, "do you still blog?" which caused me to look (and promptly be embarrassed by) the date of my last post, which was a long time ago! Sorry about that.
I will be leaving next Monday for some travels and won't be back until July, so I wanted to pop on and say I won't be around here much for the month of June, but starting in July I will have a ton of vacation posts, makeup post, DIY post, in my cart and a party planning post coming up. So basically, you'll be extremely annoyed by me in July, so enjoy June while you can. ;) 

Photos above are the only ones I have taken in the last MONTH, which was at Lagoon day. Our whole faculty took one of those old-timey pictures, and the Lagoon workers were LESS THAN thrilled, as 16 year old Lagoon workers tend to be. :)

See you in July!

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

in my basket

Halloo friends!
I only have TWO (!) more weeks of school left! Time is absolutely dripping by, I won't lie to you! I am ready to sleep in, take my sweet time getting ready, read like crazy and not have to tell a teenager to put their damn fidget spinner away for the thousandth time.

Today I wanted to talk about some stuff that I just bought! Because I shop my feelings away! :) 

 I almost never buy anything if I haven't been recommended it, especially makeup. If you don't follow the BeYouty Bureau on Instagram, you should! I really trust her opinion on makeup because she buys literally everything (think 100+ mascaras) and tests it out, so she knows what the best things are. Cons, she insta stories while she drives every single day and it bums me out. ANYWAY! Recently I finally took her recommendation and ordered a few Colourpop liquid lipsticks. I got into lipstick a year ago when I started to wear Lipsense, I love Lipsense so much that I actually started selling it for a while. However sometimes Lipsense is a little *too* good. Like sometimes I just want lipstick to wear for some blog pictures or just out with friends for a few hours, but it feels like I have to saw my lips off to get Lipsense off. I heard these Colourpop lipsticks last 3-5 hours, which is exactly what I'm looking for. 
I ordered Midi, an ultra matte nude, Echo Park, a ultra satin, and Dopey, another satin lip. These are all dupes for my favorite Lipsense shade Bella (I wear it almost daily). The best part about Colourpop is that they are AFFORDABLE! I got those three lipsticks for $12 and free shipping. I am already picking out some reds and other fun colors.

The next thing I bought is some silicone beauty blenders. You have probably seen people slapping these chicken cutlets on their faces lately. I realized after I have been breaking out like crazy lately, which is not normal for me, that it was my beauty blender getting bacteria on it! I wash my beauty blender weekly and get a new one monthly but it still holds a ton of gross stuff, so I am excited to try these. Way more sanitary.

Something that has been on my wishlist forever is setting spray. I have never tried a setting spray because usually my face holds makeup pretty well, but with summer and sweat coming, I thought it would be time to give it a try. I ended up ordering the NYX setting spray after reading a ton of reviews, it seems the best for your money. I'll let ya know.

Speaking of makeup lasting, I decided to try a new primer, one I have seen on many beauty blogs as the best of the drugstore stuff. Maybelline New York Baby Skin instant Pore Eraser Primer (holy crap, could that name be any longer). As I have been getting older (still not that old so wtf) my pores have been getting huge and I'm sad about it. Hopefully this will make me feel like a youngster again....;)

I am trying to find some affordable summer clothes right now. I just did a huge closet clean out and I basically have no summer clothes. We are headed to the East Coast for a while next month and the heat and humidity miserableness is starting to come back to I am trying to find some clothes that will help me not die. This Cents of Style shirt is so cute, I love the ruffles and the pinstripe and the criss cross back. I also really love this lemon kimono they have as well.
This summer is the summer I buy red saltwater sandals!! I have brown and black and I'm obsessed with them.
This isn't really winter friendly. but I can't stop thinking about this embroidered cape from BooHoo? Haha, is it too weird? 
Annnd lastly just this simple embroidered t-shirt.

I just sold a bunch of clothes I don't wear anymore to Uptown Cheapskate (I have been going there since college, way better than their competitors *cough cough Plato's Closet sucks*) so I was able to get everything listed above with that money. We just started paying for our own health insurance (major groan) and now we are poor! Yay! So I'm extra grateful for Uptown giving me what my gently used clothes are worth.
Also, I have been wearing this pink jacket almost every day before I can't anymore for summer. I think my last day wearing it was last week, it's looking like eighty degree weather from here on out! 

My birthday is in August and I'm thinking about making my first big girl purse purchase with my birthday money. I have my eye on Kate Spade because they seem affordable for a designer purse. I'm trying to convince Mark to go to the outlets in Vegas so I would only have to spend around $100. If anyone has suggestions on how/where to buy designer purses, let me know! This is all new to me, all my purses in my life have been under $30.

Have a good weekend!

Pink Leather Jacket: Forever 21 (can't find the exact one online but this is similar and under $20! This one is under $25)
Black Body Suit: Forever 21
Black tulle ballerina skirt c/o: Uptown Cheapskate American Fork (similar found here, under $50)
Pink lace up flats: J Crew c/o Uptown Cheapskate American Fork
Photos by: Sadie Banks Photography 
Thanks to Cents of Style for letting us use their colorful wall all the time!
This post may contain affiliate links.
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Monday, May 8, 2017

anniversary, 3 years!

Mark and I had a great weekend celebrating both Mark's birthday on Thursday and our anniversary. It was actually the best anniversary yet! We had so much fun, considering the fact we spent the first half of our day with our landlord trying to figure out why our basement keeps flooding and pulling up soaking wet carpet padding.
I have wanted to do a ceramics class for a really long time with Mark because he took a bunch of ceramics classes in college and loved it, but everywhere I looked was either ridiculously expensive, they didn't offer one time sessions or both. I found the Red Kiln as I was googling around and called to see if a one time class is something they offered. They said yes, so then I asked how much it costs and braced myself, unnecessarily so as it turns out.
You guys, it was only $35 a person!! We had a private class that went for a little over an hour and a half and we got as much clay as we wanted! It also includes glazing and firing, which they do for us and we will pick up our creations in a few weeks. I made four bowls and a little cup and Mark made three bowls and a vase. Our instructor did such a good job with me (a beginner is an understatement, I think I ruined four or five balls of clay before I figured out what I was doing) and Mark (an expert!!). Anyway, it was so fun that we are definitely planning a big group date so that we can go again. Mark is going to sign up for their summer class. This isn't sponsored, we just had such a blast that I had to share. The Red Kiln is a small place and I would hate to see it go out of business. 
After our ceramics class we changed quickly and went to dinner at a Salt Lake restaurant that has been on Mark's bucket list for a while, Valter's Osteria. It's supposedly the best restaurant in Utah. It was very good, my favorite was this butternut squash ravioli and they also had this garlic and oil concoction for your bread that was nothing short of amazing. 
We ended the night going to sleep at 10 because I was so exhausted, haha! I almost fell asleep at the dinner table. My perfect night!

I'm so excited for this year, we have so many vacations planned and fun things going on, 4 years will be here in no time!!
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Monday, May 1, 2017

living for the weekends

This was a great weekend! I was such a grump last week, but I finished off with a fantastic Friday (even though I really didn't want to go to work, my children were absolute angels and I was so grateful) and then we just have done some relaxing things at home, including watching all of the Planet of the Apes movies. We also have been planning for some trips we have coming up! We haven't traveled very often since we have been married because we have been putting all our money towards school. Now we are both working and we are going crazy with vacations. In June, we are headed on a big East Coast extravaganza trip, flying into Boston, busing to New York and then flying out of DC. We will definitely be visiting Baltimore, where we lived when we first got married, and maybe Philadelphia.  Then in July we are headed to San Diego for a family vacation. In September we are spending a few days in LA for a concert and then we will finish off the year in Europe, specifically Amsterdam, Paris and London! Today we booked all of our airbnbs and planned a few more concrete things. All very exciting and I really can't even wait! 
This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, which is like the best week of the whole year at school. Then this next weekend is Mark's birthday and our anniversary! So it will be a really fun weekend. After that I only have a few more weeks of school and I'm out for the summer! Not sure where this year has gone!

Okay, onto outfit details. Remember that post I did about Rosegal that was supposed to give you $50 in free credit but it was actually $50 in coupon codes? That was so lame, but I did use the coupon codes to get this shirt and I really really love this shirt. It's so comfy and I love the patches and oversized nature of it. It is surprisingly good quality for how cheap it was ($13). The shirt is listed as plus size but it would fit smaller women, just size down! You can find it here!
I paid $3 for expedited shipping (regular shipping is free) and it came in about a week and a half. I placed another order with regular shipping and it took a month. So I would for sure pay for the expedited. 
I would 100% consider ordering from Rosegal again. I actually am ordering this cute button down with a bow collar, this really cute button down giraffe shirt (tell me it's not the cutest thing you've ever seen), this floral embroidered top in white, this flounced pinstripe shirt, and this patterned high waisted swimsuit. Again, all marked as plus size but would fit anyone, just look at the sizing! 

Have a good one!

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

welcoming all the babies with basic invite

In the last 6 months, about 14 million of my closest friends and family members announced that they are pregnant.
14 million might be an exaggeration, but it was a ton of people! It seemed right after another my friends said, "guess what! I'm pregnant!" It was pretty crazy, but tis the season I guess!
I'm so happy for all my friends and my sister (!!) who are pregnant. We aren't looking to have kids any time soon but sometimes you just want a baby to cuddle, and soon enough I will have my pick!
My favorite thing to do is celebrate with my friends. I love throwing parties for any reason. It's how I describe myself. "I'm Riley, I like to plan parties." 
Lately, there has been a lull! No one getting married, no reason to really throw a party. Now, all of the sudden, there is a bunch of new babies coming and so many reasons to throw a shower! I'm in my freakin element and planning all the showers! I can't wait to share them here as they happen.
To begin with, I am a firm believer in sending out physical invitations. I think it just shows that you put the extra touch in and people are way, way more likely to show up if they have a real invite instead of just something in their inbox.
(invites blurred out as to prevent any unwelcome guests.. aka creeps on the internet haha)

These invites are AMAZING! I was not expecting them to be holographic, but the gold is so cool! They feel extremely expensive, on really nice paper.
I ordered these from Basic Invite and am so impressed. First of all, they are like one of the few people who will send you a sample of your actual invitation before they print all of them. This is huge! I actually had a big error on my wedding announcement that we would have caught if we had an actual sample printed before.
I also like that you can change the color of any part of the invite online so you can see it right there. I originally wanted the grey in the invite above to be more of a blue since Mallory is having a boy, but when I did it online I was like, "k, this is not cute!" Luckily I could see it online before I ordered. Lastly, they have 40 different colors of envelopes that you do not have to lick and therefore, Basic Invite wins. Check them out for modern birth announcements, personalized graduation announcements, wedding and save the date cards, simple baby shower invitations and first birthday invites.

Have a good week!
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Friday, April 28, 2017

be the good

Good morning! 

Today I want to talk about something that's been on my mind for the last month or so. It revolves around what we are doing in my classroom right now and how it's taught me all about perspective. We are learning about the Civil War in my history classes. I used to think the Civil War was so boring but this is the first year I have gotten really into it. We talk about the events leading up to the CW, what happened after, the nightmare that is the Reconstruction era, etc etc. The whole time I feel like I have been telling my students, "You think the 2016 election was contentious, you should have been there for the election of 1860!!!" and, "You think right now is bad? We had MILITARY DISTRICTS a la Hunger Games in the south because things were such a mess!"
 People in the 1800s were scared that their life would change dramatically, uncertain about the future, having drama about who was in office, etc. There were a lot of people who just didn't want to worry about politics, wanted to focus on their daily lives and then they had a war in their backyard. Things were really bad and scary! 
As we have been talking about the Civil War, and really all of history, I have realized that things have always been scary and uncertain in US History. Always.  (Except for the Era of Good Feelings....but that was only like ten years.) 

So what has made the US have good moments? People standing up. Individuals making a difference and finding other individuals who are also making a difference and getting together. I know my students are not going to remember the different battles of the Civil War or who certain people were and why they were important, and honestly I don't even care. What I do hope is that they come out of my class realizing that they can make a difference just by doing little things every day that most people don't do. For example, writing your representatives or educating yourself about something in the government and telling others about it. Going to a rally or writing about the issues you feel strongly about online. 

 Even though things seem particularly bad right now, I think that things are maybe no worse off than they have been in the past, and we have made huge advancements despite all of the hard times and people feeling scared and unsure. All it takes is for individuals to be the good, and we'll be fine.

This shirt is from Cents of Style (are you seeing a theme in my clothes lately? I just love their brand and all their clothes.) They have a ton of different graphic tees from their "Be Series" and they are on sale for $15.96 with free shipping right now!!!! The code is BESTORY and it's valid 4/28-4/30, so order soon! Also, they aren't like certain sites were you get good deals but then it takes months to ship. It will be to you F A S T! 

Have a good weekend!
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

being brave

Good morning!
This top is from Cents of Style, so is the skirt actually, but the top is in the A Fresh Cut Spring collection. The top has embroidery that says, "brave". Aside from it being an insanely comfy sweater,   I love the embroidery on it as a reminder to be brave daily. 
So in honor of being brave, I wanted to publish a post that has been in my drafts for a while. 
I have been meaning to write this post for about a year....but it makes me nervous but also I think it's important to talk about!
I have anxiety. I have had it ever since I was little, anyone in my family can attest to this, and I still struggle with it today!
 I hate talking about this only because I feel like people blow you off because it seems like everyone has anxiety these days. There is an epidemic, it seems, of mental illness and I think people get very apathetic about it because it's so common. I can see how it can be annoying because yes, a ton of people have anxiety/mental illness but it doesn't make it less real. The reason that a lot of people are talking about their mental illness is because the culture has changed and it's more acceptable for people to talk about it, which is great in my opinion! The more open people are the more likely people will implement a positive change. But the influx of people talking about this has made some others skeptical about who actually has a mental illness and who doesn't. My opinion is unless we are doctors or pyschologists, it's not our job to diagnose people, or not diagnose people or whatever. As always, I believe it's our job to be kind humans to people having a tough time in life.

Anxiety is one of the biggest parts of my life. I worry about everything, even stupid things, constantly and it drives everyone in my life absolutely crazy. 
In High School, I thought it was normal because one of my best friends acted the same way that I did (she also has anxiety we know now). It wasn't until the summer of my sophmore year that I started to have daily anxiety/panic attacks that would tire me out so much that I would have to sleep it off for hours and hours and would also leave me so I couldn't breathe. That was when I decided to admit that this wasn't normal and that I needed help. I took medicine for a bit but it made me so apathetic about everything that I couldn't stand myself, so I stopped. I have been using other ways to deal and that has seemed to work. Getting married actually helped a lot because it gave me someone that I could share my anxieties with, which makes me more quick to realize that my worries are irrational. If you want to talk more about what I do daily then we can talk one on one! :) 

Though it can be easy to want to avoid tasks that scare me or make me anxious, I have decided I don't want to be a person who hides from life. With Mark's help, I have had to make conscious daily decisions that anxiety can't control me. Some days are better than others (booking our trip to Europe was a big anxiety inducer for me, but I am working through it and feeling really good about the trip now) but I feel okay about where things are with me day to day!

Anxiety has taught me to be more loving to other people because you really never know that they could be fighting an internal battle every day. Cliche? Yes. True? Yes. It's made me really connect with so many of my students. A lot of them have anxiety, and for good reasons. They have so much pressure being put on them. One of my 8th graders is already practicing filling out college applications, they are only 13! Their lives are stressful and they have physical and mental ramifications from that. So it has actually been a really positive outcome from this whole thing. 

I am who I am, I don't think I would take away my anxiety if I had the choice because I feel like the ways I have struggled with it have made me a stronger, better person, as with any trial.

Thanks to Cents of Style for sponsoring this post. Check out their Fresh Cut Spring collection, they have tons of cute things that celebrate all sizes!
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