Thursday, July 20, 2017

East Coast Extravaganza: New York

We got in to New York in the afternoon and boy, it was freaking hot! We were spoiled with really mild temperatures in Boston so it was a huge adjustment to be so dang hot and humid, oh the humidity!!! Anyway, we had to run to our hotel and get checked in and then run over to Times Square to get to our play on time. We were in the subway forever before realizing the train we needed wasn't running, it was so hot down there and I was starving so needless to say I was not my best self during this business, oops. But we made it! We saw Waitress and it was SO good. They literally piped pie smell into the lobby and they sold mini pies, I wish we would have bought one. I knew nothing about this play, only that people recommended it, so we went and totally loved it. The soundtrack has been on repeat at our house ever since! If you want to go, just know that it is a little dirty so if that bothers you I would maybe check out another play.

We went to dinner at this amazing Japanese place and then had dessert at Emack and Bolio's. So yummy!

We found ourselves on this beautiful balcony overlooking the city! Mark was born in New York, just a few blocks from this balcony. We should have made it over to take a picture! 

 The next morning we finally figured out the subway system and went to the 9/11 memorial and museum. We hustled through the museum and it took four hours. FOUR HOURS! It is such a big museum. I was in fifth grade when 9/11 happened and I thought I knew everything about it, but I learned so much at the museum. The craziest thing I have ever seen was a store front that had been a block away that they had preserved. They didn't allow pictures, but here is a video from a few years back. The also had the day's events from the perspective of the terrorists which was very weird but also interesting. Did you know they found the boarding pass of the terrorist in the rubble? So crazy.
Anyway, I would highly recommend the museum. It ended up being one of the only things we did in New York but I was happy with that.

After the museum, we grabbed lunch and then headed off to see the Jimmy Fallon taping! We had to get tickets a month before but it was really fun to see. They were so strict on phones so I have no pictures, but basically they took us upstairs and the security was really intense. Then they assigned us a letter (which I have heard is based on how attractive you are, and we got was a confidence booster haha) 
We waited in an indoor waiting room for about an hour and then they brought us in and we watched a warm up comedian. Then the show started! I was surprised by how fast it went, how organized everything was and how small the studio actually is. 
We were there for Will Ferrell and Allison Brie, and the musical guest I had never heard of.
Jimmy Fallon was really nice and he answered a lot of questions during the commercial breaks. I've never really seen celebrity in person before, so it was super surreal. I kept telling Mark, "Celebrities are so weird...they are just people...who are famous" haha!
Thanks to my sister for capturing our 15 seconds of fame haha

So if you are in New York, you should go to a taping! It was touristy and fun. 
When we got out of the taping, it was dinner time and raining so we went back to the hotel to rest for a bit.

Then we Lyft'd to Gyu Kaku, Japanese BBQ. We ate here twice when we were in Vancouver. It's just really good, and they give you smores for dessert! Haha

The next day, we had Amtrak tickets to go to D.C in the afternoon, so in the morning we had some breakfast at a nearby cafe and then wandered Central Park. 

I really struggled with New York, it was so so hot and there were people freaking everywhere, plus it was dirty dirty dirty and huge. Boston is really clean, the weather was nice and it was easy to navigate. However, I do need to give it a second chance, maybe in the spring or fall when it's a little cooler and I'm a better person. We were only there for one full day, but what we did get to experience was very cool. I was sad we didn't make it to Brooklyn, we were just too worn out. 
The next few posts will be wrapping our vacation up in D.C! 
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Monday, July 17, 2017

East Coast Extravaganza: Boston Part Three

This was our last day in Boston and I was heartbroken! Part of me wished that we would have done our whole vacation here. It was just surreal to be in my favorite place with Mark. I loved every second!
We woke up early and took the train to Salem, it's really fast, like 4 stops. We did a little trolley tour and had lunch there. I just love the old houses and it's right on the ocean, seriously beautiful place.

the memorial for the victims of the Witch Trials. They were 20 benches for each of the victims hanged or pressed to death.

 After we got back into Boston from Salem, we went to Fenway Park. There was a Grateful Dead concert going on and I was sad we didn't come the day before like we had planned so we could get some pictures, but Mark snapped this one of me inside the store haha

After Fenway, we headed to a cemetery that the Boston Massacre victims, Paul Revere and several other important people are buried. I always feel weird taking pictures in front of people's do you smile? What is the most appropriate thing? Haha

After the cemetery we hung out in Boston Common, a big park area, but there were a ton of weird people on drugs that were making me really nervous so we went home to drop off all the stuff we bought at Fenway Park and to make a dinner plan.

On our way to dinner, we stopped at Quincy Market again to get a magnet (we are those people who collect magnets) and then did a quick stop at the Boston Massacre site. 

Again, a very weird thing to pose for haha
We had dinner at The Salty Pig. Very good! We split a pizza because we may or may not have had another lobster roll an hour before dinner..

After dinner, we walked through a Farmer's Market on the way home and we were so sad that we don't have a daily farmer's market in Utah. 
We got Modern Pastry again and sat by the Old North Church to eat. Look at this beautiful picture Mark took!

Then we walked down to the harbor walk and watched some of the tall ships sail around. It was such a perfect end to a perfect time in Boston.

It was probably the most perfect three days of my life, even when things didn't go according to plan.
We woke up Sunday morning and took a Bolt Bus to New York. That is the post coming up next!
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Thursday, July 13, 2017

East Coast Extravaganza: Boston Part Two

Hello, hello!
If you missed my first post on Boston, you can find it here!

So we went to bed early and slept in a little and we both felt so much better! We were ready to tackle the day.
This day was our big Boston touristy day! We got tickets to a hop on hop off trolley that I usually recommend to people visiting Boston. Honestly, it wasn't as good as it has been in years past and I don't really feel good recommending it anymore! Boston is a walkable city, so just put on some Nike's and get to it.
I really wanted to go to the Bunker Hill memorial as the last time I came here I didn't go up in the tower. So we decided to start our day with that, which turned out to be kind of a mistake because it made us so sore!! Haha

The view from the top was so, so pretty!

 but it also suckkkked getting up there!! Haha! It was 294 steps of no air conditioning and really steep steps. BUT! We did it!

This is pure happiness on my face!

After Bunker Hill, we walked along the Freedom Trail for a while seeing the city. We went during the Tall Ships festival, so all these really amazing and ginormous ships coming in was so awesome! After we walked a while, we went and got a lobster roll for lunch!

After lunch we went to the Boston Tea Party exhibit. 
 It was fun, but I wouldn't really recommend it. They made you stay together as a group even through the museum and it was really stressful because we wanted to leave. Haha! 
It was worth it to me because they had an actual tea crate from the Boston Tea Party in the museum. That was awesome! Other than that, it was just okay.

When we got out of the tea party thing, it was a literal downpour. If you haven't been on the East Coast and don't know how it rains there, it's unlike anything I have ever experienced! So we drug our soggy butts home to change and rest a little. I was still not totally recovered from our red eye, so I took a nap. Then we went to dinner on the North End. 
This was the best meal of our whole trip and maybe the best meal of my life! We ate at Panza. It had a wait, but it was worth it. I have never had such a meal in my life! It looks so basic but it was just about the fresh ingredients, especially the goat cheese. Ahhh, my mouth is watering!

It was still pouring rain when we got out of dinner so we decided to go see a movie! Haha, very great thing to do while you are in a city you have never been before, but it was raining and everything was closed so we felt okay about it.

Last Boston post coming soon!
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