Monday, December 30, 2013

In the words of Madeline, are you even a blogger if you don't do a end of year wrap up? I have been doing these for many years on my various blogs. It's always fun for me to write these and to remember how blessed I really was in the last year. 

First New Years Eve kiss!
And I scared everyone in my life since apparently this looks like an engagement picture? Whatever, guys.
First Valentines with Mark and a weekend at Island Park
A non-bearded Mark is one I do NOT appreciate.

Also, I sent Sister Prescott off to Canada.

Spring Break/ Couples Retreat 2013
Along with this trip came "The Toilet Incident of 2013" which is only talked about in hushed, reverent tones now.
My Active Greek Life came to a close...
Right as I won the Greek Ambassador award. 
Started working at Aquaholics and sent three roommates off on missions and two roommates off to get married. I am the lone ranger who made no life progress, apparently. 
Welcomed Joshua to our family and learned I am so not ready to be a Mom.
My parents left me alone with Taylor (9) Maddie (7) and Brooklyn (2) for an entire week. While they were gone our air conditioner broke, our bathroom flooded, my aunt had a heart attack and I had my most severe anxiety attack to date which is really saying something. So this is my selfie when my parents called saying they were staying on vacation a few extra days. Worst week of my entire life. 

BBY Camp
It was a FANTASTIC experience but I have also never been so exhausted in my entire life. 
Yuba Lake Vacation
The birth of this blog!
Josh got blessed on my birthday. Thunder stealer. Sheesh.
Mark went ahead and got a freaking concussion on my birthday. It was terrifying so I called 911. 

So I bought these for what? 
We have purposely hid these pictures from social media because we were pretttty grotesque. But if 2013 taught me anything, it's YOLO...or something.

I didn't shower for a week. It was glorious. 

True Aggie'd!
And apparently (well according to social media and that's all that matters right) that's all I did besides suffer through an entire month of waking up at 5:45 AM.
Went to Boston! Stayed in a hostel! Oh man!

Mark and I celebrated one year, one year! Wowza wowza.
I know, cutest couple of the year.
Passed A Praxis, Failed a Praxis.
You win some, you lose some.

There is a couple things I had hoped I would accomplish in 2013 but alas, they did not happen but I can say with absolute assurance they will be happening this year whether it kills me or not.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Guest Post: Madeline Casey!

I found Madeline's blog through Elisabeth's blog. I started reading and I was CRACKING up within five minutes. Usually when I say I "LOL" at something I just blow more air out of my nose than usual, but I was LITERALLY laughing out loud at Madeline's blog, especially THIS POST.
So about a month and a half ago I asked her to guest post on my blog! We spent a lot of time thinking of something and then we realized it was right in front of our noses, boys! Yes, let's talk about boys. So without further ado, Madeline!


When Riley asked me to guest post on her blog, of course I said YES. Because she's a sweetheart, and I think blogging is all about making new friends. Who's with me!

I like to share lots of funny stories on my blog. It's pretty lighthearted over there, and Riley asked me to bring some of that over here, so I thought hey, let's talk about boys! Every girl, no matter what age, marital status, whatever,  loves to talk about boys.

When I was in high school, I was kind of a shy nobody. Yet, interestingly enough, when I got to college, I kind of blossomed into this person who decided not to be a shy nobody anymore! It was really exhilarating. It also meant that more boys noticed me. Boys noticing you is usually good. Boys asking you out is only sometimes good. Am I right, ladies? You know, sometimes that boy asks you out and you're like... whyyyyyy howwww am I going to get outttttt of this??? It's mean, but true. Boys are lucky because if they think that about us, they just don't ask us out.

Anyway. I have a few good rejection stories because of this. I am the type of girl who allows a boy a first date, but if I still don't like them after that, I don't have a problem telling them no. I mean, actually I do have a problem telling them no. It's called telling them no PASSIVE AGGRESSIVELY. Gross. I know.

Without further ado, here are some stories:

this is me as a freshman in college.
When I was a freshman in college, there was this boy who liked me, we'll call him Stan. Stan started out acting pretty cool. He came over a few times, and I thought he was semi-cute, but I was at the point in my life where anything more than a crush on a boy would give me a little bit of a heart attack. So when Stan messaged my friend Lyndsay on facebook to ask if I liked him, I had her shut him down. I mean, I shut him down, pretending to be her, using her facebook. *shame face*

I also met Alex my freshman year of college  (he's my husband now! but we didn't REALLY date until after his mission... it's a long story, full of mystery and intrigue and you can read it here). I rejected him on top of a mountain after rock climbing when he went in for the second kiss. At least, that's how it seemed to me. He claims to be unaware of that ever happening.

junior year of college. blonde short hair. cool, huh?
Once, my junior year of college, I let a boy who was interested in me come over for a movie night. I was trying to be interested in him too... but sometimes it just doesn't work out, you know? And it was making me so anxious, I was getting all sweaty, because I didn't want him to try to pull any moves. So when he asked me a trivia question, and I got it right, and he said, "Ok, now you win a prize!!!" I, knowing full well what the prize would be said, "what is the prize?" and he said, " you can kiss me." And I said, "Maybe another time....." (we never hung out again.)

Also, last one! During my freshman year again (I was a timid person, so these stories were all mortifying to me) there was this boy, we'll call him Cam. He was the first boy to hold my hand, and it was extremely confusing to me. Especially since I also kind of liked Alex at the time. So, after the second time of holding my hand, and then holding me a little TOO close during country dancing one night (which I am a terrible terrible dancer by the way, and country dancing has brought me nothing but bad memories) he messaged me on facebook and asked me what my intentions were toward him. (what is it with facebook, and why is it taking over our lives? technology is a ruiner of relationships, and I stand by that.) I told him I didn't really like him like that and he should stop coming around. He sent me back a sad face.

this is the current Madeline.
Alright, that's all for now, folks! It's been a joy and a pleasure. what are some of your rejection stories??

Isn't she great and also the cutest teacher ever? We young teachers have to stick together...or something. Anyway check out her blog at

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mark & Riley Variety Hour

When Mark was on his mission I used to send him random and funny stories from my life that would only happen to me. He started calling it Riley Variety Hour. Well, last night was Mark & Riley Variety Hour. Let me tell you about it.

About six months ago for my birthday we went to the Off Broadway Comedy Theater downtown. I was called up onstage to help them out and in turn got some free passes to come back. We have gone back once before and it was great! We decided to go back last night and it was much less than great. It was two hours of pure awkwardness and "Should we leave...? This is weird..." (Usually they are great, maybe they were having an off night)
So after we left the show, we went to our car. We parked in a parking garage with the arms up so we assumed it would be free (training from car-jail at USU)
Well while Mark was grabbing my door for me I noticed a yellow envelope on his window. Mark grabbed it and it was a parking ticket! Kind of, it said we needed to pay $10.00 for parking to put in the slot on the way out or pay $30.00 to mail it in! So, we neeeevver carry cash on us. I miraculously had $6.00 in my wallet and then some change and Mark had some change in his car. We counted up everything I had and we were 17 CENTS under. We tore Mark's car apart for the next twenty minutes. He worked at an auto-detail shop in the summer so he knew where to look for change. We couldn't find anything!
So there was one other guy in the parking garage so I ran up to him asking for a quarter. He looked at me like I was nuts and said "I don't carry change with me." HE TOTALLY THOUGHT I WAS A DRUGGIE. I was stressing out about it for the rest of the night! I was like "Mark, do I look homeless? I know I got my outfit at Old Navy for 50% off but STILL! I LOOK CLASSY!" 
The kicker is that the night before we went to American Hustle and used a gift card to buy popcorn. We owed 25 cents after the gift card so I pulled it out of my purse. That quarter could have gotten us out of this situation! I couldn't stop laughing.
So we ended up just hoping they won't fine us for being 17 cents under. We to the drop box and ope- the envelope won't go in the slot because of how much change we put in the envelope. Finally after Mark manipulated the envelope, we got it in.
But while we were looking for random coins on the ground of the parking garage we found a debit card and I messaged the girl on Facebook so hopefully carma will roll in our direction!
THIS PICTURE IS DISGUSTING but I couldn't stop laughing long enough for Mark to take the picture

Mark trying to shove the envelope in the tiny slot. 

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top Ten Christmas Decorating Ideas!

I had a lot of great feedback about my Thanksgiving Decor Pinterest Round up so I thought I would throw one together for Christmas. 

1. Christmas Card Holder
Do people even send out Christmas Cards anymore? Once my family stopped doing things we could brag about, we stopped sending them out. Just kidding. Kind of. 
We did get a few this year and my Mom loves displaying them. This is an easy craft that little kids could help with if you trust them with paint!
Source: Buzz Feed

2. Free Printables
I am a sucker for these free printables. It requires no work or craftiness on your end. You just need to press CNTRL+P. Just what I like!
Source:  Catch My Party 

Source: Holiday Haven

3. Ornament Shadow Box
Another super easy and quick addition to your Christmas decoration. Shadow boxes are always on sale at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Grab one of those and a big box of ornaments and boom!
Source: (I can't find the original Pinterest post, if you know where it is let me know!) 

4. Felt Garland
Felt balls and garlands are becoming more and more popular. I saw a really cute tree that used this as trimming, or you could use it with one of the free printables!

5. Framed Wrapping Paper
Ope, another easy craft! Do you see a pattern here? Or you could probably tell that my over ambitious Thanksgiving crafting has scarred me for life. Because it truly did. I almost got in several fights at Hobby Lobby, but that is neither here nor there. ANYWAYS. Find some fun wrapping paper, maybe let every member of the family pick one and then just frame it! You could also find some fun vintage wrapping paper on etsy or ebay. 

6. Stick Trees
This would be another fun project to do with kids. They could go find a bunch of different sticks and help you organize them. I also did this with different pieces and sizes of scrapbook paper, both super cute!

Source:  Home Talk 

Source:  LaLole Blog

7. Candy Cane Centerpiece 
My Mom loves to do centerpieces for our Christmas Eve dinner. This one looks fairly easy and most importantly for all the people broke from buying Christmas Presents---it's cheap! A 99 cent pack of candy canes and a vase from Goodwill. Hot glue them and tie them with a bow!

8. Twine Star 
Careful, this one requires a staple gun and when you have the kind of track record that I do with those then you might be banned from this craft. 

9. Wrapping
I think using butcher paper is way cuter than regular wrapping paper and it's cheaper! Here are some free printable gift tags that can dress up the butcher paper. 

10. Cards
I am not sure what to call these, food labels? Either way I think they are super cute. I don't love the little signs that this picture includes but there are some free printables on Catch My Party that are supposed to be used for place cards that you could use. Or you could glitter a 3x5 card. Super cute, better than magic marker.

Source: White Life

Have a Merry Christmas!

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Monday, December 16, 2013


Over the summer I had a hell of a time finding a job. I was taking classes at UVU and living in Murray so my schedule was way weird. I was starting to get really frustrated cause like, I am a retailer's dream. I may be bitter and grumpy in real life/twitter life but in retail I am like "HELLO. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE MY LIFE. I WOULD LOVE TO DEVOTE MY ENTIRE LIFE TO YOU, THE CUSTOMER." So why I was having such a hard time finding a job was a mystery to me. However I was extremely blessed that I found a job where I did, even if it was random and took longer to find than I would have liked.
I work at a swim store called Aquaholics in Midvale, Utah. Have I ever swam in my life? No, I haven't. I did one semester of water aerobics and that is where my expertise ends. However, I have never loved a job as much as I love this job. I work at home for them in Logan and when I am in SLC I work in the store. 
Working at a swim store does tend to have more awkward moments then most. I want to share a couple of them, because they are gems.
So one day this lady comes in. We will call her Mary. She was about my sisters age, thirty five ish. She was pretty large. About 400-500 pounds I would say. She needed a swimsuit. We don't really carry her size in our store so being the good little retail employee I would like to think I am, I got on my computer and found they carry plus size suits at Lane Bryant stores. I called Lane Bryant and realized their suits are sized by bra size. Mary looked at me wide-eyed and said "I don't know my bra size..." I thought this was a little odd. "You have no clue at all?" I asked her. She said no and seemed a little downtrodden. Then her whole face lit up and she grabbed my hand and brought me into a dressing room.
"I know I am big, but my boobs are small" she said and before I had a chance to turn around and jet out of that freaking dressing room, she lifts up her shirt and pops her boob out into her hand.

I am used to seeing naked people in my store but usually those naked people are six year old little girls in Hello Kitty undies while I am trying to squeeze them into a couple hundred dollar suit. 
I was horrified. I almost passed out because I was seeing a random ladies boob, in a very very small dressing room that reeked of B.O because of how hard she worked to get into our biggest swimsuit a few minutes before.
Somehow I did not let my shock show and kept eye contact, not looking at her candy-boob. 
I nodded when she asked if it was a B cup and then got out the door. My manager saw the look of pure disgust on my face and got Mary to leave. 
It. Was. Terrible. 

Onto my second most horrifying experience.
We rent wetsuits at Aqua and one day "Bob" came in looking for a 2X wetsuit. Bob wasn't huge by any standards, I thought the 2X would fit him pretty well considering that wetsuits are supposed to be extremely tight. I had one and I gave it to him and sent him into the dressing room. Poor Bob came out fifteen minutes later and he was pretty sweaty and he had the wetsuit on like this:
His suit was on only the bottom half of his body, except I instantly realized it was backwards. After I told him his mistake, I felt so bad because the look on his face was so defeated. He went in and tried again. He comes out twenty minutes later and he has his wetsuit almost on properly, he just needs a little help. So I have him turn around and I start tucking the wetsuit where it needs to go and I pull my hand out and it is soaking wet. I was really confused when I realized, Bob was dreeeenchhhhed in sweat. Literally dripping all over me, himself, the wet suit, the floor, all of our swimsuits and all over the dressing room.

This time, unlike the boob incident, I wasn't so classy.
"ERRGGHHHJICK!" I screamed as I stepped away. Luckily one of my coworkers came over without missing a beat and got Bob in his suit. But we made Bob buy the suit because if he hadn't of bought it, we would have had to sanitize it and it might have been unsellable. He was literally sweating that much. 
After Bob left we went through-not even joking- a half a bottle of hand sanitizer cleaning up his sweat puddles.

I love my job. I love it so much that the awkward moments aren't so bad. But I am not wanting a boob sighting or a sweat bath any time soon. 

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