Monday, August 5, 2013

on mommyness and stuff

This is an old blog post that I am transferring over from my other blog

Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.
Henry Van Dyke

Do you believe everyone is good at something? That God gave each of us special talents?
I didn't use to.
I suck at math, Can't sing. Can't dance or draw. Can't speak more than a sentence of Italian and a very dirty French phrase I learned from a song.
So I used to be all like..."Cool guys. I'll just be here while you all use your cool talents and run a mediocre blog."
But then my freshman year of college I was nannying my nieces for a week while my sister was in New York. My friend was staying with me and she had this boyfriend that I seriously loathed. Towards the end of the week I was exhausted. I had finally gotten the girls to bed and plopped down on the couch ready to sleep for the rest of eternity, or until it was time for school the next morning, when I heard "Um...Riley...." It was my sweet niece Merci and she had come downstairs complaining she couldn't sleep. So I got up, gave her a bath, sang her every Taylor Swift song I knew, gave her a puppet show that included all her stuffed animals  singing about why sleeptime was important, rubbed her back for what seemed like an eternity, and then she was finally asleep.
When I came back downstairs I noticed friends-boyfriend-whom-I-loathe starting at me. After I snapped a "WHAT!?" at him, he said "Riley, you are going to be a really good Mom."
At the time, I blew this off. Cause like I said, the dude was a douche. It took me a few years to realize that it was the most sincere compliment I have ever received from anyone.
I know it sounds stupid, and really Mormon, but I firmly believe I was put on this earth to be a Mom. I am everyones Momma. It is my talent in this world. Though it's not tangible, though it isn't something I could stand on a stage and perform for a talent show, it's all mine.
And, I definitely thought I would be pregnant by this time in my life. And I now know that this is absolutely crazy. What I do know, is this.
My kids are going to have the best life. Because I will have waited extremely long for them.
So to my future babies, whose names I already have picked out because I am a girl like that, I already love you so much, I know you are in heaven waiting for me, and know that no matter the mistakes you make in your life, I will always love you like crazy.

Surviving a bout of the stomach flu and a plane ride

Prime example of motherhood...

I am not sure why I think putting a mixing bowl in my shirt is funny but I'll be damned if I don't think it's the best idea I have ever had when I do it.

I am going to work hard to be the best Momma out there. But I have an advantage. Whenever I get sad that I won't be able to sing my kids to sleep in the best voice, or teach them piano, I remember that a boy who never had one single positive thing to say about me noticed that I would be good Mom. So I will go from there.

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  1. I think you're great and I absolutely love your blog and it's even better because now we're sisters and I just love it. I hope to get to know you better soon. :)

    1. Miranda! You are so sweet. I hope you will be at chapter retreat on Friday, come introduce yourself so we can talk! Thanks for reading my blog!