Sunday, September 29, 2013

Logan, Utah. Taking a nose dive from Summer into Winter.

Fall is my favorite time in Logan. Slowly I start to hear more and more of a crunch under my feet as I walk across sunset toned leaves on campus. I ditch the shorts and tank tops (thank goodness, I hate them) and start layering. The boots that have been stored in the back of my closet for months make their way to the front. The socks come back to rescue my cracked feet from my summer sandals. I love fall. The last two years in Logan have been exceptional as far as Fall goes. 
Look at those pretty trees in the background!

Right after this picture I fell so hard on a rock and still have the scar. Pretty gross...

We weren't dating yet in this picture and we both felt soooo awkward that we were physically touching. Haha oh man!
The Alpha Chi Tree. Two years ago

This year it was 80 degrees and then all the sudden it was fifty. I hope that Fall can have its time to shine before the snow comes and makes me crazy. 
To celebrate Fall/to get out of the house because we have been hermits all weekend, Mark and I went on a little walk to Second Dam.

Plaid Shirt- Old Navy ($15)
Yellow Sweatshirt- H&M ($9)
Necklace-State Fair (Free...another story for another time.)
Jeans- American Eagle
Cowboy boots- Forever Young
We will be going back when the leaves are a little bit prettier and hopefully it's not so windy!
Speaking of being hermits, we watched Being John Malkovich and woah, what??? Has anyone else seen this? Weirdest movie ever. 

So I am not sure what the point of this blogpost was. Have a good Sunday. 

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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Have you ever had something you resisted for years and then actually ended up doing it and loved it? Maybe for you, it was riding a roller coaster or trying Thai food. For me, it was Old Navy, Foster the People, and more recently Lana Del Ray.
I tried to listen to her about a year and a half ago when she first started to become popular. I listened to about thirty seconds and I immediately turned it off and swore this dirty hipster off forever. 
Last week, I put on my Spotify radio and then promptly fell asleep. When I woke up there was this awesome song playing, so since I was still drowsy I just laid in a tiny colma enjoying the music. Two more songs came on that I was loving. I could tell all the songs were by the same artist but I was too sleepy to look at who it was. When I finally looked, I was mildly horrified that it was Lana Del Ray. Since the songs were so good, I ditched my previous judgment and now I am welcoming her in with open arms. 
However, I do have the opinion that her music is something you are never specifically in the mood for. For example when it's raining you are naturally going to turn on Bon Iver but I have yet to decide what mood you need to be in for Miss Del Ray. 

Joanna Goddard was the first person I heard about Montessori from. Basically what it is is a way of educating children with an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. Joanna started doing simple things with her toddler at home such as giving him a small pitcher of water and teaching him to pour his own glass of water or she would leave the peel on his banana put slice it up and he would peel it and then eat it. This little boy is like barely two and he is doing all of these awesome things by himself! It just shows what children can do if you give them the chance. So I am reading Maria Montessori's book. She was the creator of this method. I am excited to use these methods in my classroom and my home.

Currently Laughing At.... 
I first saw this a few years ago while I was still a business major (for the two weeks I was one) and I did NOT get it. Then I saw it again when I was almost done with my English major and laughed for seriously about twenty minutes. I saw it again last week and died laughing. I want it for my classroom! I am a huge proponent of the use of Oxford Comma. It's a very hot debate in the English world, don't ya know.

Currently Eating...
So normally my dinner meals look like this:  

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a connoisseur of Ramen Noodles. However that also means I am not getting nutrients and other good stuff to help my body run. Freshman year Riley had so much energy that she was like "Eh! Who needs it!" But fifth year senior Riley needs like six caffeinated beverages to get her through the day. So I discovered these Stouffer Skillet Meals at the grocery store the other day. They are DELICIOUS and so easy. They have a ton of different types of meals as well. There is a coupon here for $2.00 off, making them only $1.50! They are well worth it, they have meat and veggies and they are so yummy. 

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

why we should all stop picking on old navy

In  jr high/ early high school I wore some really questionable outfits.
Those would be random fabric pieces on my flip flops. And a polo with the collar popped. I am sure there are some pooka shells there too. 

THERE ARE THE POOKA SHELLS. Also my hair is scrunched with egg whites. So. 

This is why I avoid light jeans like the plague. But i'm seriously serious.  
In between my time dressing like a man I wore a majority of items from Aeropostale, Old Navy and *shudders* Downeast Basic. So ever since discovering Forever 21 and H&M in my later high school/ early college years, I walked away from those other stores and have never looked back. Literally. I do not think I have stepped into an Aeropostale or Old Navy since 2007 until last year. I was literally terrified that I would walk in there and morph into this:
There are those dang pooka shells again. Ugh.

Then magically in 2012 I needed some of Old Navy's cheapo flip flops and I went in and woah, Old Navy actually had some cute stuff. Some of it was still horrendous but most of it was amazing! 
If my mind was not made up about Old Navy, today sure did me in. I was looking at blogs and came across this girls blog who wore this outfit: 
I though to myself, that's a cute top. I have a black and white long sleeve AND cheetah heels already. I just need the top. So I clicked on the link she provided and THE. TOP. WAS. ON. SALE. $10.00 and then I had a 30% off coupon code. There was free shipping if you spent over fifty so...

These are the items that will be coming to my house next week. My friends are skeptical about the loafers but I saw them about died. I will let you know. 
 I can't speak about Aeropostale, actually I can...let's leave it to the pre-teens but let's all agree to stop judging Old Navy and let's take advantage of it's sweet sweet offerings.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

let's talk about things that are old news.

So this week was my turn to plan date night and while I was searching for ideas of new and fun things to do, I ran across this website.
Needless to say, I was laughing in the ugliest-cackliest type of way. Maybe it was because I was tired, but then I re-read it today and still snorted of laughter.
Since none of these are viable options, the hunt continued.  I realized that all of the blogs that offer "100 Awesome Date Ideas!" are actually the worst. I have only had one date from one of those websites that I enjoyed. I enjoyed it so much that I thought I would share it, even though a majority of people already know about it.
So before I start, I have to say that this date night is only fun if both of you are pretty inadequate with any type of art form. For example, Codi Critchfield cannot do this date activity because she is way too talented therefore taking all of the fun out of it.
Supplies Needed:
-Two Canvases (We got 8x10 because I knew I was going to hang these up)
-Paint (We used Crayola Watercolor but they have a pack of oil paints for $4.00 at Walmart that would be better)
-Paint brushes
-Water cups
-Paper towels
Since we went out to sushi for dinner before this, we wanted to spend minimal money on supplies. Hobby Lobby had a 40% off coupon & you're an idiot if you don't use it each time you shop there that made it so everything was under $15.00.
Set up your painting space so that you can't see each other's picture. That's the fun way to do it. We sat on opposite ends of a couch which probably was risky with the paint but eh! I kept laughing my butt off and he kept making worried noises which made the anticipation all the better.
This was my rough sketch...remember I said you can't be artistically talented for this date night? I was not kidding.

The finished product. I included his Thai flag and his headphones to be funny. He thinks he looks like a terrorist. I think I was dead on.

Personally i'm appalled at my chin but other than that he did a great job.

It was a way awesome date night and took a couple of hours! We listened to music and talked while we were painting. It was awesome. I have the two paintings hung above my bed and even though some people think they are creepy I think they are hilarious and they will probably stay with us for a loooongg time. 
Ampersand: Wood Connection
Covered in washi tape from Willow Washi
So thanks, Pinterest, for one idea that we didn't completely hate.
Now we will go try "Pretend You're At A Movie Theater, At Home!" and pretend like we don't do that every single night. 

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Friday, September 13, 2013

This a birthday post.

This is a birthday post that I know only Tren will read, but that's ok. 
I went through this phase after my sister wrote me a really nice blog post for my birthday one year that for any of my friends birthdays I would write a blog post. I thought that genuinely writing about someone was such a cool thing to do. So I started doing it for all my friends, but my writing turned awkward and eventually turned into bulleted lists of why that person was cool because I couldn't make it sound better than that. So I have been anti-birthday-blog for a while but I wanted to make an exception for one specific person. So let me try and not butcher this, i'm a little rusty.
The first of many awkward pictures together 
I met Trenidy Thomas at a weird but purposeful time of my life. It was right after I had gotten out of a really long and awful rut and right before I went back into the rut again. It was a great summer and Tren was part of it. I marched into his apartment to hang out with his roommate with my letters on and my freak flag flying high (I was extremely hyper that night?) Through a series of events we started hanging out a regular basis and though I am fully convinced I was his *Trophy Friend that summer, we had a great time doing whatever it is we did. 
Tren was a GDI when I first met him, which wasn't ideal only because I knew he would be an awesome member of any organization. I wanted him to have the opportunity to be Greek but I could not think of which chapter he would fit in with best. I knew whatever chapter Tren joined, he would impact greatly. He would be the best leader that any chapter had ever seen. I knew he could not only make a difference in a chapter, but in a whole Greek community. But there was no chapter that was right. Then, as if an answer to my prayers, Alpha Tau Omega started a colony on campus. I knew Tren would fit in great with them because they have a unique and wonderful way of participating in the Greek experience. Before I knew it, Tren was wearing those amazing letters and making the difference I knew he could make. 
I found out later I was the first sorority woman he ever had met and i'm just grateful that I was not a complete hot mess so that he gave Greek life a chance. There's another lesson in here that I am sure I will blog about at a later date.
As far as a friend goes, Tren is one of the best. Not only because I can tell him that he is going to be dressed as my stripper for a themed party and he is all for it, but because he is one that is genuine. There is so much fake in this world. My hair, my tan and a lot of people's personalities and conversations. Tren does not put fakeness into the world. A rare and phenomenal find. Though it makes me reflect on how sad it is that he might be my only friend that I can go to for true honesty, I am grateful for it because it makes me want to try and find the sense of truth in myself that he has in order to be a better person. This is not the only aspect in which Tren influences me. He makes me want to be a better leader, a better friend and a better person in general.
Also, can we talk about how there is no pressure in our friendship? If one of us can't hang out, it's fine. It's all fine. No drama. Thank goodness.
Now don't get me wrong, Tren isn't all Jesus-like. We can make fun of people and judge like the best of them. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Also, should I bring up math tutoring? Ok, maybe not. But let's just say that Tren has paid his friendship dues in full AND extra by dealing with me and math at the same time. 

So happy birthday BFF, and may our occasional dates and daily messaging continue as long as I may live.
Also, i'm putting in my official request that you are my Maid of Honor at my wedding.
*Trophy Friend- A weird friend that you only have to brag about what a weird friend you have/witness all the weirdness that they do

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

my heart has depth.

It's four AM. I hear crying, and i'm confused.
I force my sleepy eyes open while my brain tries to play catch up. What time is it? Where are my glasses? Who is crying? Why is there a baby in my room? 
This may seem like a scene from The Hangover but i's just another day in the story of my summer. My brain finally is with me. It's Brooklyn crying, it's four AM, time for her second bottle. I step softly on the hardwood floors in my kitchen, fill up her bottle and return to scoop her out of her travel crib into my bed. I lay with her and hear her suck her bottle, it becoming slower and slower before she falls asleep completely. 
Sleepy girl in the quiet hours of the morning
I should have been angry that I was 21 years old feeding a baby when I could be sleeping, but I wasn't. I am so in love with this little human that I could not even be mad if I tried. I treasure all those moments I had this summer because it was such a beautiful, still time I got to spend with such a special little girl who I love so much.
So now, for my confused readers, who is Brooklyn? 
Brooklyn is a two year old whose first word was "iPad" and who loves Daniel Tiger and of course, Dora the Explorer. She hates food, is creepily OCD for how young she is, is incredibly smart, loves her silkie, her "Aunt Coga!" (Aunt Collette) her "Lilee!" (Me) and her "Whewuz Mawhk?" (Where's Mark? What she thinks Marks name is for some reason) 
She's my second cousin, not a niece, not a sister. A distant relative who I should only see once a year at Christmas. She has been living with us for a year and a half because, without making her sound completely terrible, her Mother loves drugs and stealing things that aren't hers needed to go away for a while. 
This is where things get tough.
I have a hard time feeling emotions that are so strong that I cannot put them into words. Words are how I process things, but these intense emotions are indescribable. The sorrow I feel for Brooklyn and her future, it's real, and it's deep. But equally real and even deeper is the love I feel for her. She has shown me that my heart has depth and not the scary depth like when the blue water of the Ocean turns black. This depth is light and it's warm. It has lit up a new portion of myself that I never knew existed. 
Soon, Brooklyn's mom will be back to take her and while I am grateful that she is back to relieve the stress that this has put on my family, I am also deeply saddened that this little two year old will never get the life she deserves. While I will reel for many years, i'm sure, to come to terms with Gods plan for her, I am truly grateful to her for opening up a part of me that I never knew existed. Emotions are running high over here but I am grateful because that means that I am feeling and therefore truly living. 

This picture cracks me up, even months later

I told you, she loves the ipad.

Girlfriend knows how to get naked and YOLO

Someone got into my mascara...

annddddd I am posting way too many images but here is a video to get a little glimpse of how freaking cute she is

Ok a few cause I am literally obsessed. Oh man, I'm gonna have to delete my blog when I babies, aren't I? 

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

All the deals!

So, I am a little bit of a shopaholic. I blame my Mom and my Aunt Kimmy, mostly. I was raised in a shopping mall and on Mrs. Fields cookies and sips of Diet Coke. However, I am also an incredibly poor college student and guess what? When I graduate, I will be an incredibly poor teacher. For like the rest of my life. I do not really like that sad fact stop me. 
There is a new online trend that I have noticed "popping" up called Pop Up Shops. They have incredibly cute and cheap stuff. Here are some of my favorites!
1. GroopDealz
My manager over the summer told me about this site and they have the cutest things. I bought a personalized ring on there a few months ago and I wear it every day! I love it. They change items often, but here are my favorites right now.
As a future teacher, I think this is such a cute gift to give to a teacher.
There is a monogram trend happening thanks to Pinterest and Sororities. 
I own these boots, so I might be biased. But they are cute. 
2. Brickyard Buffalo
This was the first popup shop I had ever heard of and probably the classiest. 
They had Freshly Picked Moccs on there one day and I swear, it almost shut the globe down.

3. Utah Sweet Savings
This is where I found out about most my deals. They let you know about any deal happening anywhere in Utah at anytime. That includes clothes, food, video games and a ton of other stuff. 
4. 1Sale
A little bit different than the other sites, more for older people and tech savvy friends. Still worth looking at. 
5. Jane
They have really cute clothes, shoes and jewelry, a lot of craft stuff and a lot of baby stuff. 

6. PickYourPlum
There is a new deal posted at 7 AM every single day! There are usually about five deals. Really fun stuff all the time!
7. A Painted Nest
They have a variety of different items every day! All really cute and well worth a look. 
8. All Things Lovely 
One of my other favorite sites. They have so much fun stuff, especially with the Holidays coming up!

An Ugly Sweater Party Pack. I'm in love.
Does anyone know about other popup shops? I would love to hear about them! Happy shopping!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Target Series

Some of the best writers I have ever come across have been bloggers. Claire Bidwell-Smith, Meg, Kelle Hampton, the greats. They write about their lives beautifully even if there is nothing epic going on. They also have "just for fun posts" that I admire just as much as the magnificent and profound blog posts of theirs. I think it's important to any blog dynamic to have a few of these. Furthermore, anyone who knows me knows that I take about one in ten thing seriously, so it would be unlike me not to have a few fun series! The following post, is my version of a "just for fun" post. 
I came up with this idea while living in Salt Lake this summer. They don't call it Zion for nothing. Salt Lake is THE PLACE, simply because there are ten different Targets at my fingertips. Once you walk through those red sliding doors and if you have ovaries, there is literally no turning back for you wallet.
So now, I introduce you to my first series. 
"What I Intended to Buy at Target and What I Actually Bought"

My family was going to Bear Lake the last weekend before school started and my flip flops got obliterated at Yuba Lake a few weeks before. My plan was to run into Target, grab the flops and run back out, ten minutes. Boom. Well, I can assure you that I have ovaries and  so once I walked into the air conditioned superstore I fell under the Targhee Hypnosis and before I knew it, I was in the dressing room with a huge pile of clothes. I would like to say that once I realized what I was doing to my poor wallet I dropped everything and walked out. However, the thing about the Targhee Hypnosis is that you are blissfully entranced. I was so happy to be blowing all my money in the Target.
"And in this moment in the dressing room, I swear my wallet was infinite"
So, an hour and forty dollars later, I walked out with a pair of flip flops, three skirts and a shirt. Here's one last thing about this phenomenon...I didn't even WANT two of the three skirts but I felt like I had to buy them because they were so dang cheap! So even though I have two skirts in my closet I will probably never ever wear and they will eventually find their home in my nearest Plato's Closet, I still feel like a Shopping Warrior.
The best part is, if I actually end up wearing the flippin skirts and someone comments on them I can be like "Oh yeah, it was like $5.00 at Target..." which sounds douche-y in this setting but when that conversation goes down with a couple girls they are like "YEAHHH YOU GO GIRL!" And it's like you just won a really cool contest of Womanhood. 

I'm not really sure what my point is here other than I might extend my degree in order to live in Logan once they have a Target.
And here's another GIF to express how I feel.
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