Wednesday, September 11, 2013

All the deals!

So, I am a little bit of a shopaholic. I blame my Mom and my Aunt Kimmy, mostly. I was raised in a shopping mall and on Mrs. Fields cookies and sips of Diet Coke. However, I am also an incredibly poor college student and guess what? When I graduate, I will be an incredibly poor teacher. For like the rest of my life. I do not really like that sad fact stop me. 
There is a new online trend that I have noticed "popping" up called Pop Up Shops. They have incredibly cute and cheap stuff. Here are some of my favorites!
1. GroopDealz
My manager over the summer told me about this site and they have the cutest things. I bought a personalized ring on there a few months ago and I wear it every day! I love it. They change items often, but here are my favorites right now.
As a future teacher, I think this is such a cute gift to give to a teacher.
There is a monogram trend happening thanks to Pinterest and Sororities. 
I own these boots, so I might be biased. But they are cute. 
2. Brickyard Buffalo
This was the first popup shop I had ever heard of and probably the classiest. 
They had Freshly Picked Moccs on there one day and I swear, it almost shut the globe down.

3. Utah Sweet Savings
This is where I found out about most my deals. They let you know about any deal happening anywhere in Utah at anytime. That includes clothes, food, video games and a ton of other stuff. 
4. 1Sale
A little bit different than the other sites, more for older people and tech savvy friends. Still worth looking at. 
5. Jane
They have really cute clothes, shoes and jewelry, a lot of craft stuff and a lot of baby stuff. 

6. PickYourPlum
There is a new deal posted at 7 AM every single day! There are usually about five deals. Really fun stuff all the time!
7. A Painted Nest
They have a variety of different items every day! All really cute and well worth a look. 
8. All Things Lovely 
One of my other favorite sites. They have so much fun stuff, especially with the Holidays coming up!

An Ugly Sweater Party Pack. I'm in love.
Does anyone know about other popup shops? I would love to hear about them! Happy shopping!

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