Sunday, September 29, 2013

Logan, Utah. Taking a nose dive from Summer into Winter.

Fall is my favorite time in Logan. Slowly I start to hear more and more of a crunch under my feet as I walk across sunset toned leaves on campus. I ditch the shorts and tank tops (thank goodness, I hate them) and start layering. The boots that have been stored in the back of my closet for months make their way to the front. The socks come back to rescue my cracked feet from my summer sandals. I love fall. The last two years in Logan have been exceptional as far as Fall goes. 
Look at those pretty trees in the background!

Right after this picture I fell so hard on a rock and still have the scar. Pretty gross...

We weren't dating yet in this picture and we both felt soooo awkward that we were physically touching. Haha oh man!
The Alpha Chi Tree. Two years ago

This year it was 80 degrees and then all the sudden it was fifty. I hope that Fall can have its time to shine before the snow comes and makes me crazy. 
To celebrate Fall/to get out of the house because we have been hermits all weekend, Mark and I went on a little walk to Second Dam.

Plaid Shirt- Old Navy ($15)
Yellow Sweatshirt- H&M ($9)
Necklace-State Fair (Free...another story for another time.)
Jeans- American Eagle
Cowboy boots- Forever Young
We will be going back when the leaves are a little bit prettier and hopefully it's not so windy!
Speaking of being hermits, we watched Being John Malkovich and woah, what??? Has anyone else seen this? Weirdest movie ever. 

So I am not sure what the point of this blogpost was. Have a good Sunday. 

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