Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Target Series

Some of the best writers I have ever come across have been bloggers. Claire Bidwell-Smith, Meg, Kelle Hampton, the greats. They write about their lives beautifully even if there is nothing epic going on. They also have "just for fun posts" that I admire just as much as the magnificent and profound blog posts of theirs. I think it's important to any blog dynamic to have a few of these. Furthermore, anyone who knows me knows that I take about one in ten thing seriously, so it would be unlike me not to have a few fun series! The following post, is my version of a "just for fun" post. 
I came up with this idea while living in Salt Lake this summer. They don't call it Zion for nothing. Salt Lake is THE PLACE, simply because there are ten different Targets at my fingertips. Once you walk through those red sliding doors and if you have ovaries, there is literally no turning back for you wallet.
So now, I introduce you to my first series. 
"What I Intended to Buy at Target and What I Actually Bought"

My family was going to Bear Lake the last weekend before school started and my flip flops got obliterated at Yuba Lake a few weeks before. My plan was to run into Target, grab the flops and run back out, ten minutes. Boom. Well, I can assure you that I have ovaries and  so once I walked into the air conditioned superstore I fell under the Targhee Hypnosis and before I knew it, I was in the dressing room with a huge pile of clothes. I would like to say that once I realized what I was doing to my poor wallet I dropped everything and walked out. However, the thing about the Targhee Hypnosis is that you are blissfully entranced. I was so happy to be blowing all my money in the Target.
"And in this moment in the dressing room, I swear my wallet was infinite"
So, an hour and forty dollars later, I walked out with a pair of flip flops, three skirts and a shirt. Here's one last thing about this phenomenon...I didn't even WANT two of the three skirts but I felt like I had to buy them because they were so dang cheap! So even though I have two skirts in my closet I will probably never ever wear and they will eventually find their home in my nearest Plato's Closet, I still feel like a Shopping Warrior.
The best part is, if I actually end up wearing the flippin skirts and someone comments on them I can be like "Oh yeah, it was like $5.00 at Target..." which sounds douche-y in this setting but when that conversation goes down with a couple girls they are like "YEAHHH YOU GO GIRL!" And it's like you just won a really cool contest of Womanhood. 

I'm not really sure what my point is here other than I might extend my degree in order to live in Logan once they have a Target.
And here's another GIF to express how I feel.
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  1. currently, my shopping rule is NOT to buy clothes merely because they are practical and good deals, but instead only if I love them. I'm convinced I'll save money that way, but I totally agree that it's hard to say no to good deals. In the last two weeks I've had to reject $3.50 leggings and a $4 dress! :P