Friday, September 13, 2013

This a birthday post.

This is a birthday post that I know only Tren will read, but that's ok. 
I went through this phase after my sister wrote me a really nice blog post for my birthday one year that for any of my friends birthdays I would write a blog post. I thought that genuinely writing about someone was such a cool thing to do. So I started doing it for all my friends, but my writing turned awkward and eventually turned into bulleted lists of why that person was cool because I couldn't make it sound better than that. So I have been anti-birthday-blog for a while but I wanted to make an exception for one specific person. So let me try and not butcher this, i'm a little rusty.
The first of many awkward pictures together 
I met Trenidy Thomas at a weird but purposeful time of my life. It was right after I had gotten out of a really long and awful rut and right before I went back into the rut again. It was a great summer and Tren was part of it. I marched into his apartment to hang out with his roommate with my letters on and my freak flag flying high (I was extremely hyper that night?) Through a series of events we started hanging out a regular basis and though I am fully convinced I was his *Trophy Friend that summer, we had a great time doing whatever it is we did. 
Tren was a GDI when I first met him, which wasn't ideal only because I knew he would be an awesome member of any organization. I wanted him to have the opportunity to be Greek but I could not think of which chapter he would fit in with best. I knew whatever chapter Tren joined, he would impact greatly. He would be the best leader that any chapter had ever seen. I knew he could not only make a difference in a chapter, but in a whole Greek community. But there was no chapter that was right. Then, as if an answer to my prayers, Alpha Tau Omega started a colony on campus. I knew Tren would fit in great with them because they have a unique and wonderful way of participating in the Greek experience. Before I knew it, Tren was wearing those amazing letters and making the difference I knew he could make. 
I found out later I was the first sorority woman he ever had met and i'm just grateful that I was not a complete hot mess so that he gave Greek life a chance. There's another lesson in here that I am sure I will blog about at a later date.
As far as a friend goes, Tren is one of the best. Not only because I can tell him that he is going to be dressed as my stripper for a themed party and he is all for it, but because he is one that is genuine. There is so much fake in this world. My hair, my tan and a lot of people's personalities and conversations. Tren does not put fakeness into the world. A rare and phenomenal find. Though it makes me reflect on how sad it is that he might be my only friend that I can go to for true honesty, I am grateful for it because it makes me want to try and find the sense of truth in myself that he has in order to be a better person. This is not the only aspect in which Tren influences me. He makes me want to be a better leader, a better friend and a better person in general.
Also, can we talk about how there is no pressure in our friendship? If one of us can't hang out, it's fine. It's all fine. No drama. Thank goodness.
Now don't get me wrong, Tren isn't all Jesus-like. We can make fun of people and judge like the best of them. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Also, should I bring up math tutoring? Ok, maybe not. But let's just say that Tren has paid his friendship dues in full AND extra by dealing with me and math at the same time. 

So happy birthday BFF, and may our occasional dates and daily messaging continue as long as I may live.
Also, i'm putting in my official request that you are my Maid of Honor at my wedding.
*Trophy Friend- A weird friend that you only have to brag about what a weird friend you have/witness all the weirdness that they do

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  1. whats so great about Trens bday post is that i have taken 80% of those pictures! - nikki