Thursday, September 26, 2013

why we should all stop picking on old navy

In  jr high/ early high school I wore some really questionable outfits.
Those would be random fabric pieces on my flip flops. And a polo with the collar popped. I am sure there are some pooka shells there too. 

THERE ARE THE POOKA SHELLS. Also my hair is scrunched with egg whites. So. 

This is why I avoid light jeans like the plague. But i'm seriously serious.  
In between my time dressing like a man I wore a majority of items from Aeropostale, Old Navy and *shudders* Downeast Basic. So ever since discovering Forever 21 and H&M in my later high school/ early college years, I walked away from those other stores and have never looked back. Literally. I do not think I have stepped into an Aeropostale or Old Navy since 2007 until last year. I was literally terrified that I would walk in there and morph into this:
There are those dang pooka shells again. Ugh.

Then magically in 2012 I needed some of Old Navy's cheapo flip flops and I went in and woah, Old Navy actually had some cute stuff. Some of it was still horrendous but most of it was amazing! 
If my mind was not made up about Old Navy, today sure did me in. I was looking at blogs and came across this girls blog who wore this outfit: 
I though to myself, that's a cute top. I have a black and white long sleeve AND cheetah heels already. I just need the top. So I clicked on the link she provided and THE. TOP. WAS. ON. SALE. $10.00 and then I had a 30% off coupon code. There was free shipping if you spent over fifty so...

These are the items that will be coming to my house next week. My friends are skeptical about the loafers but I saw them about died. I will let you know. 
 I can't speak about Aeropostale, actually I can...let's leave it to the pre-teens but let's all agree to stop judging Old Navy and let's take advantage of it's sweet sweet offerings.

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