Thursday, October 31, 2013

annnnnd i'm off!

The first thing people tell you about blogging is you need to make your posting "regular" and mine is all kinds of sporadic because I don't want to write posts about nothing just for the sake of a post but I also want to push myself into writing more and thinking deeper......but anyways that was a long intro into what I am trying to say...
My very loose "posting schedule" will be delayed because I am currently in mid-air on my way to Boston! 
We are staying in a hostel (which Karly took a lot worse than my actual mother, as Karly tends to do) and riding the "T" which is basically the subway. I am really really excited, though my excitement comes with a touch of paranoia without which I wouldn't be me that something is going to go horribly wrong but really I think we are going to have a great time. Someone in my ward told me if something happened and Sarah got hurt---" I would have a lot of people angry at me." Ummm what? And no one would be worried about me? Actually they would probably just be glad they never have to sit through one of my talks again. So Sarah, you're the golden child in case you didn't already know.
Anyways, I will see you next week with a lot of pictures and some sketchy stories, if everything goes according to plan!
Here are some photos of when I visited Massachusetts/Connecticut last year in September.

This pavement is sure pretty put also a doozy on your shoes

Take the gun, leave the canoli 

It's on my bucket list to stay in the Long Wharf Marriott on the left of this picture.

This is one happy Boston girl

Are you kiddin me? Gorg.

Beauty in every inch of Boston!

I love Boston because there is a juxtaposition between old and new. An old church that has been around for a hundred years and then a new business building behind it. So cool.

I'm hoping the Sox have lost the last two World Series games because they are trying to prolong the World Series so that I can witness it. Just hold on till game seven, boys!

Salem might be my favorite over Boston though. Amazing houses like this on every street.

Paul Revere Beach

I was actually crying in this picture because right after this we headed back to the airport to leave.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Top Ten Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas!

All my life I have been called "The Cruise Director" by my family. I am always scheming about what I can plan next. It drives my family crazy. When I was in sixth grade I decided I was going to hold a neighborhood play and I printed off 150 flyers and 150 copies of a script and went door to door delivering them and then cried for about two days when no one showed up to auditions and because I was in trouble for wasting our printer ink. My planning was out of hand then and Pinterest had not even come on the scene yet. Now, the possibilities are endless!
So when I joined a sorority and received the position of Membership Programming pretty immediately, I was given the opportunity to plan parties. It was a dream come true. Holy cow, I planned and planned and planned. I over-planned, but I was in heaven.
But now, I am not active in my sorority anymore. I have no reason to plan. To be honest, I am dying over here. I never realized that my sorority position satisfied me in such a crack-like way until I felt it's void.
How I feel about planning things
So since I am aching to plan something, I made a deal with my Mom that if I don't use glitter on anything then I can decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Here are some ideas I found for Thanksgiving decor on Pinterest that I will be trying out this year, though I am pretty sure it will end up on THIS website. Who cares, i'm excited to PLAN! *Insert crazy crack-eyed smile* 

1. Turkey Hunt Game
So this is The Easter Egg Hunt concept only maybe less cool because there is no candy? I am going to have to find prizes for whoever finds the most, or something.

Source: Bloom Designs

2. I did a photo booth for my New Years Eve party that was mostly a fail, but I have learned from it and so I am bringing it back better than ever. 
This site has some adorable Thanksgiving themed photo booth props. Best part is, they are free! Also, kids love photo booths. Look at any LDS wedding. Who is around the booth? Kids. Constantly.

Source: Paper and Cake 
3. Give Thanks Printable
Also free and a simple way to keep things festive. It would be cute to put this by the food or on a random table to keep the theme throughout the party.
Source: Cinsarah

4. Tom the Turkey Wreath
I'm a sucker for an easy craft and I have done a million tutus that I know this craft is not difficult whatsoever. This wreath is cute and fun!

Source: Baby Rabies (?....)

5. Turkey Legs
Unfortunately I could not find the tutorial site for this but it looks like all you need is printer paper and a brown paper bag. This will be great for the kids table! 

Source: Pinterest 

I couldn't decide and they are all free, so cost did not even help me narrow it down.

A. Catch My Party (Pilgrim Banner)
C. Amanda Parker Family (Dot Banner)
D. We Heart Parties (Plaid Banner)

7. Place Cards
Maybe I am just a weird girl (Hint: I am) but I save any place cards that I have ever received. People like things with their name on it, no matter how trivial or pointless it may seem.
Here are two different place card options I thought were adorable.
Shhh, glitter.

8. Glitter Letters/Branch Centerpiece 
I know, i'm totally sneaking in glitter on this one. Only a little bit though! This is such a hipster and cool idea for a center piece that I can't resist. It's whimsy and I love it! 

9. Table Decor 
But, I can see the even "a little bit of glitter" not flying with my Mother and her hardwood floors. So here is another centerpiece idea keeping with the branch/hipster theme. 
Source: Sarah Hearts

10. Glitter Letters
Just because glitter isn't allowed within 500 feet of my house doesn't mean you can't use it at yours. 
Source: HGTV

Happy planning, decorating, eating and looking through  store ads with your family AKA THANKSGIVING!

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Broken Vessel

I am like a broken vessel.- Psalms 31:12

I am living in a fallen world and I am an imperfect woman. I am a broken vessel. I am a cracked pot in the hands of my Divine Potter. There are some days when I feel these cracks deeper than I could feel them the day before. I panic and worry about the parts of myself I lose in those cracks. I can feel myself slowly drain through those cracks. Sometimes the cracks grow deeper and then I feel I have every reason to give up trying to function at all.

What I notice less is what Heavenly Father pours into me during the times I feel the cracks are draining all that I have. He always, always, always pours in more than what I am losing. Sometimes I just don't see it. President Monson said  "Heavenly Father's love never changes. … It is there for you when you are sad or happy, discouraged or hopeful. God’s love is there for you whether or not you feel you deserve it. It is simply always there. Never ever doubt that or harden your heart."

I'm thankful for the cracks I have because they drain out what is necessary so that God can pour in what new nourishment I need.
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

when lipstick taught me a life lesson

I have incredibly large lips. Most people know that. But sometimes I don't think people realize how big they actually are. My lips actually extend over my lip line, it's hard to explain but let's just focus on the facts: my lips are big. So this has been mostly a good thing in my life until wearing lipstick came back into style. I love the look of red lips but I look like a friggin clown. It's horrible. It causes me serious distress like any normal white girl. 

Somebody suggested I try Baby Lips because it's a little less intense than real lipstick. I went and bought a couple colors (which the lady told me were translucent...uh, yeah no) 
I put a color on at the begging of the week before we were headed out to a fireside and I asked Mark if I looked like a clown.  
"Well, do you think you look like a clown?" 
"No Mark, I am asking you if I look like one."
"I know and I am asking if you think you look like one" 
I thought for a few seconds and looked in the mirror. 
"Ok then, let's go." 

Mark reminded me that as long as I have confidence in myself whether it be lipstick or a job position or a calling, if I have confidence then I am already halfway there. Sometimes I think we focus too much on trying to take the focus off ourselves and put it on others. I am not saying we all need to become self involved, I'm saying sometimes we do need to focus on ourselves in order for us to grow. We don't need to obsess about how we are going to affect others 100% of the time. The people of the world don't walk in my shoes. They don't run my day or decide my attitude. I alone do that. If I am in a good place to make those decisions, if I am in tune with myself in order to decide how I am going to benefit the world then that requires some self involvement. Am I making sense? If not, the moral of the story is one thing;  if I want to look like a clown, imma rock that ish.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Damsel In Defense

I am the most paranoid person I know.
Except for Ashley Nalwalker Iverson. She once left me stranded in a parking lot because she was worried we were going to get attacked. That's another story. 
I fear the worst about 15-20 hours a day. This includes closet checks in the middle of the night to make sure no one is hiding in there. I'm pretty crazy, I know. I think it stems from when Elizabeth Smart got kidnapped when I was about her age and then people started to tell me I looked like her (who does that!) so I have not really been the same since.
So when Ashley came to my house a few months ago sporting a hot pink tazer, pepper spray and strike stick I was like "Woah, where can I get one?" That was when I was introduced to 
Damsel In Defense
This company works like Mary Kay/Slumber Parties where they do parties to sell their products. Now, I probably hate Mary Kay worse than anyone and I almost passed out at a Slumber Party a few years ago so I was a little hesitant to attend a Damsel in Distress party at my Sorority house. However I was pleasantly surprised because the lady who came was a victim of abuse herself and she was genuinely only selling this product to help women, not make money.  

Above are the different Stun Guns aka Tazers  that they offer. I bought the top left one because it works for what I need. I think the cell phone one is hilarious and the stick one on the bottom right would be great for my Grandma when she answers the door all alone. They are all extremely powerful, able to go through clothes and take a man down in five seconds all while making him pee his pants, most likely. 

This is your typical pepper spray except that it looks cute AND it's the highest % of pepper you can get on the market.  The bottom right ones do not go on your keychain but they are glow in the dark so you can find it in your purse.  I bought the one on the bottom left hand because it's quick to spray with!

These are the random yet wonderful products that they offer. The first one is "Where's Yo Baby" basically you just put the panda around your child's wrist and hook the other part to your keys. It will go off if your child is a certain distance away. 
The second one is a strike stick, I got the pink one. You can hit someone with this pretty much wherever and it will take them down.
The third is a handy roadside assistance device. It has a knob that breaks windows, it has a seatbelt cutter, a flashlight, a flashing light, an alarm and it's also magnetic. 
The side hairspray canister is really cool! It looks like Aqua Net but it actually doubles as a safe. Throw it in your bag when you are going on vacation or going to the beach and you can hide cash or an iPod! 
The best thing about these products is beside the fact they are adorable, they are also affordable. I walked away with a tazer, a strike stick and a pepper spray for $50.00. I know I feel a lot safer now!
I want to thank our consultant, Lisa Christensen. If you would like to schedule a party with her, her number is 435-881-5160.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Influenster Vox Box!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. 
"Blogger perks" are a new and fun thing for me. They are something I never thought I would get! So I was super excited when Influenster sent me their Varsity Vox Box in the mail full of products for me to try. 

I was excited when the first thing I saw these nail stickers in the box because I almost bought them at the store this week. I am so incredibly impatient with painting my nails but I also can't stand them being plain. These nail stickies are easy to use! Aside from the fact I ignored the instructions and put them on wrong, I think this is a great product. 

I wasn't a huge fan of the pattern but they come in a million other ones. I have already gotten a lot of comments on my nails. The only suggestion I would give is to maybe put clear nail polish over the stickers as they started to lift up a bit. 

I got the color on the very left but I am loving the other two colors. Since my lips are so big I can't wear lipstick so this is a great way to get color on my lips without looking like a clown.

On the right is your "average" lipgloss and on the left is the Big Bold NYC gloss. See what I am sayin about the applicator? 

The lipgloss is NYC brand. The first thing I noticed about this gloss was the huge applicator which I appreciated because my lips are huge. Normally what is a 5-8 swipe process took me two. This gloss was thick enough that I could feel I was wearing something but it didn't look thick. I used to use C.O Bigelow and that stuff looks thick. I am a fan of this gloss!

As for the tide pods, I'm allergic to Tide so I will have to hold off on those. 

I hate sour candy so I was a little apprehensive when I saw the AirHead candy. I braced myself as I popped one into my mouth and I was pleasantly surprised. They weren't sour hardly at all and once I started eating them I couldn't stop. I am not sure how else to explain them except that they are like the AirHead's we know and love except they have a little somethin somethin else. 

I had a great time with my Vox Box. If you are interested in being apart of the Influenster team, email me at Riley.Justesen@Gmail.Com. It's totally free! 

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The day of 500 things.

Today was such a crazy day! Right after work I headed up Logan Canyon to take some Fall pictures in the leaves. They were already a lot more colorful than when Mark and I went up a few weeks ago!

Jade caught me taking the leaf/hand picture above. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Jacket- Old Navy
Sweater- Old Navy
Skirt- Forever 21
Boots- Forever Young (The best for winter, amazing traction!)
Then after pictures, I went to Marks and we went on a date night to a haunted trail/corn maze/ tomahawk throwing/gourd shooting place. It was so fun but it was freeeeezing. We ended up just hauling threw corn stocks to get out of the maze. I was not about to figure out how to get out of that thing. Is anyone else freaked out by corn mazes? A killer could hide in there with no problem.

Both shirt and hat from F21

Shoutout to Mark for all the sudden being a pose master? "Look down. Now lift one leg up. Now look at the sky. Hold still." 

I just realized my entire outfit is F21. Distressed jeans are plus size and the boots are super old. 

We love our hats. Also, he's way out of my league. Love him. 
 A good day was much needed around here. I am wearing pretty thin already this semester. Weekends are my only savior. I'm headed home tomorrow for a little brain-break before the next week begins. Have a good weekend!

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