Thursday, October 31, 2013

annnnnd i'm off!

The first thing people tell you about blogging is you need to make your posting "regular" and mine is all kinds of sporadic because I don't want to write posts about nothing just for the sake of a post but I also want to push myself into writing more and thinking deeper......but anyways that was a long intro into what I am trying to say...
My very loose "posting schedule" will be delayed because I am currently in mid-air on my way to Boston! 
We are staying in a hostel (which Karly took a lot worse than my actual mother, as Karly tends to do) and riding the "T" which is basically the subway. I am really really excited, though my excitement comes with a touch of paranoia without which I wouldn't be me that something is going to go horribly wrong but really I think we are going to have a great time. Someone in my ward told me if something happened and Sarah got hurt---" I would have a lot of people angry at me." Ummm what? And no one would be worried about me? Actually they would probably just be glad they never have to sit through one of my talks again. So Sarah, you're the golden child in case you didn't already know.
Anyways, I will see you next week with a lot of pictures and some sketchy stories, if everything goes according to plan!
Here are some photos of when I visited Massachusetts/Connecticut last year in September.

This pavement is sure pretty put also a doozy on your shoes

Take the gun, leave the canoli 

It's on my bucket list to stay in the Long Wharf Marriott on the left of this picture.

This is one happy Boston girl

Are you kiddin me? Gorg.

Beauty in every inch of Boston!

I love Boston because there is a juxtaposition between old and new. An old church that has been around for a hundred years and then a new business building behind it. So cool.

I'm hoping the Sox have lost the last two World Series games because they are trying to prolong the World Series so that I can witness it. Just hold on till game seven, boys!

Salem might be my favorite over Boston though. Amazing houses like this on every street.

Paul Revere Beach

I was actually crying in this picture because right after this we headed back to the airport to leave.

 photo riley-sig_zps51d1cb9c.jpg

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