Thursday, October 17, 2013

Damsel In Defense

I am the most paranoid person I know.
Except for Ashley Nalwalker Iverson. She once left me stranded in a parking lot because she was worried we were going to get attacked. That's another story. 
I fear the worst about 15-20 hours a day. This includes closet checks in the middle of the night to make sure no one is hiding in there. I'm pretty crazy, I know. I think it stems from when Elizabeth Smart got kidnapped when I was about her age and then people started to tell me I looked like her (who does that!) so I have not really been the same since.
So when Ashley came to my house a few months ago sporting a hot pink tazer, pepper spray and strike stick I was like "Woah, where can I get one?" That was when I was introduced to 
Damsel In Defense
This company works like Mary Kay/Slumber Parties where they do parties to sell their products. Now, I probably hate Mary Kay worse than anyone and I almost passed out at a Slumber Party a few years ago so I was a little hesitant to attend a Damsel in Distress party at my Sorority house. However I was pleasantly surprised because the lady who came was a victim of abuse herself and she was genuinely only selling this product to help women, not make money.  

Above are the different Stun Guns aka Tazers  that they offer. I bought the top left one because it works for what I need. I think the cell phone one is hilarious and the stick one on the bottom right would be great for my Grandma when she answers the door all alone. They are all extremely powerful, able to go through clothes and take a man down in five seconds all while making him pee his pants, most likely. 

This is your typical pepper spray except that it looks cute AND it's the highest % of pepper you can get on the market.  The bottom right ones do not go on your keychain but they are glow in the dark so you can find it in your purse.  I bought the one on the bottom left hand because it's quick to spray with!

These are the random yet wonderful products that they offer. The first one is "Where's Yo Baby" basically you just put the panda around your child's wrist and hook the other part to your keys. It will go off if your child is a certain distance away. 
The second one is a strike stick, I got the pink one. You can hit someone with this pretty much wherever and it will take them down.
The third is a handy roadside assistance device. It has a knob that breaks windows, it has a seatbelt cutter, a flashlight, a flashing light, an alarm and it's also magnetic. 
The side hairspray canister is really cool! It looks like Aqua Net but it actually doubles as a safe. Throw it in your bag when you are going on vacation or going to the beach and you can hide cash or an iPod! 
The best thing about these products is beside the fact they are adorable, they are also affordable. I walked away with a tazer, a strike stick and a pepper spray for $50.00. I know I feel a lot safer now!
I want to thank our consultant, Lisa Christensen. If you would like to schedule a party with her, her number is 435-881-5160.

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