Wednesday, October 2, 2013

let's pretend I vacuumed my carpets...

My room has evolved so much over the years. My family thought I was going to be an interior designer when I was ten because I made a deal with my parents that for every week I made my bed I would be allowed to purchase something from Pottery Barn for my room. 

These are the only two pictures I have as evidence of that room but I will sum it up for you....LOUD. I spent forever on that room. Finally I painted it blue and brown  (why? I have no idea. Brown is the wooooorst!) which is how it remains today as the storage room.

This year at Utah State I finally had a room that was big enough to actually do something cute with. I enjoyed decorating it this summer and while it's finished for now I probably will find a new project in the next few months. 
The pictures are extremely awkward because the angles in my room are almost impossible.

My sister made the map for me, I am still so in love with it. The typewriter was  a gift from my other sister. Man, I have cool people in my family.

My hipster wall needs a little work but for now I don't hate it.
Stop Tweeting Boring Sh*t/Mumford & Sons Quote-The Crooked Nook
Alphabet Poster-The Paper Store($3)
I Love Not Camping embroidery-The Cotton Floozy($15)
"R" Floral Print-Printable Wisdom($3)
Vintage playing cards-Antique Whimsey($1.50)
Cash Rules Everything Around Me- @TrevorJDopps

The pillows are from Ikea, roughly $10.00 each. The bedframe is also from Ikea, $100.
I think my bedspread is worth talking about. Did you know H&M has bedspreads on their website for super cheap? This was $30.00 and after looking everywhere for something I could tolerate under $200.00, I almost cried of joy when I found this online. It reminds me of Jess Day's room from New Girl.

Large letter spray painted gold from Joann's. 

My pallet shelf from Pinterest didn't turn out the way I wanted...whose surprised? But it works.
Bicycle and Deer print-Printable Wisdom ($3.00 each) 


So there's my little sanctuary where I hide from everyone! It's a little bit of a hot mess in some places but I enjoy it.

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