Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Target Series

I went home this last weekend and that of course means TARGET! I need some curtains for my room but mostly I just wanted to go poke around and see what they had on sale.
This wasn't my most successful Target trip but note that in this situation, "not successful" still means leaving the store having spent money.
So, here we are again. 
"What I Intended to Buy at Target and What I Actually Bought"

Turns out, hipster lace curtains don't really block out the GLARING porch light from the apartment complex next to yours. I need some dark curtains. I have a vision of what I want them to be like in my mind but I can't find them, even Target was disappointing. I want something like the bath curtain picture above. Maybe I will end up with a shower curtain on my window. Something tells me that won't block out the light either.
I came away with an exercise top (which I am returning. Turns out cheap exercise material really emphasizes how much you haven't been exercising, if you catch ma drift) and yoga pants because I am not gonna kid myself on what my "go to" winter outfit will be.

I found these two adorable sneakers for ten dollars in the clearance section. I was in the checkout line with them when I realized "I would literally never wear these even though they are adorable" so I put them back. Does this mean I am growing up? 

Thanks, Target. 

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