Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Top Ten Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas!

All my life I have been called "The Cruise Director" by my family. I am always scheming about what I can plan next. It drives my family crazy. When I was in sixth grade I decided I was going to hold a neighborhood play and I printed off 150 flyers and 150 copies of a script and went door to door delivering them and then cried for about two days when no one showed up to auditions and because I was in trouble for wasting our printer ink. My planning was out of hand then and Pinterest had not even come on the scene yet. Now, the possibilities are endless!
So when I joined a sorority and received the position of Membership Programming pretty immediately, I was given the opportunity to plan parties. It was a dream come true. Holy cow, I planned and planned and planned. I over-planned, but I was in heaven.
But now, I am not active in my sorority anymore. I have no reason to plan. To be honest, I am dying over here. I never realized that my sorority position satisfied me in such a crack-like way until I felt it's void.
How I feel about planning things
So since I am aching to plan something, I made a deal with my Mom that if I don't use glitter on anything then I can decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Here are some ideas I found for Thanksgiving decor on Pinterest that I will be trying out this year, though I am pretty sure it will end up on THIS website. Who cares, i'm excited to PLAN! *Insert crazy crack-eyed smile* 

1. Turkey Hunt Game
So this is The Easter Egg Hunt concept only maybe less cool because there is no candy? I am going to have to find prizes for whoever finds the most, or something.

Source: Bloom Designs

2. I did a photo booth for my New Years Eve party that was mostly a fail, but I have learned from it and so I am bringing it back better than ever. 
This site has some adorable Thanksgiving themed photo booth props. Best part is, they are free! Also, kids love photo booths. Look at any LDS wedding. Who is around the booth? Kids. Constantly.

Source: Paper and Cake 
3. Give Thanks Printable
Also free and a simple way to keep things festive. It would be cute to put this by the food or on a random table to keep the theme throughout the party.
Source: Cinsarah

4. Tom the Turkey Wreath
I'm a sucker for an easy craft and I have done a million tutus that I know this craft is not difficult whatsoever. This wreath is cute and fun!

Source: Baby Rabies (?....)

5. Turkey Legs
Unfortunately I could not find the tutorial site for this but it looks like all you need is printer paper and a brown paper bag. This will be great for the kids table! 

Source: Pinterest 

I couldn't decide and they are all free, so cost did not even help me narrow it down.

A. Catch My Party (Pilgrim Banner)
C. Amanda Parker Family (Dot Banner)
D. We Heart Parties (Plaid Banner)

7. Place Cards
Maybe I am just a weird girl (Hint: I am) but I save any place cards that I have ever received. People like things with their name on it, no matter how trivial or pointless it may seem.
Here are two different place card options I thought were adorable.
Shhh, glitter.

8. Glitter Letters/Branch Centerpiece 
I know, i'm totally sneaking in glitter on this one. Only a little bit though! This is such a hipster and cool idea for a center piece that I can't resist. It's whimsy and I love it! 

9. Table Decor 
But, I can see the even "a little bit of glitter" not flying with my Mother and her hardwood floors. So here is another centerpiece idea keeping with the branch/hipster theme. 
Source: Sarah Hearts

10. Glitter Letters
Just because glitter isn't allowed within 500 feet of my house doesn't mean you can't use it at yours. 
Source: HGTV

Happy planning, decorating, eating and looking through  store ads with your family AKA THANKSGIVING!

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  1. I love the Turkey Hunt. My first graders will have so much fun with this. Thank you!

    1. How cute will that be! You are so welcome, thanks for stopping by!

  2. You are comical, love it ! And thanks for sharing ideas

    1. Haha I am glad someone else thinks I am comical! Usually it's just me laughing at myself. Thanks for stopping by!