Monday, October 7, 2013

Traveling for Cheap + some Boston ramblings

I am a big believer in closure. Relationships are never over unless I have closure. I can't put experiences in the past until I have closure. Though it's a huge cliche, it's also my reality.
I am going to Boston at the end of the month for some serious closure.
It was not too long ago that I had real plans to move to Boston and student teach. I was set on it, it was happening. Then, as life tends to do, my pathway in life turned and now my plans of living there are no longer. I am actually really ok with this because I am really happy where I am but still some days, my heart aches for New England. 
The first time I visited was almost three years ago on a family vacation and instantly fell in love. The second time I visited was last year with my sisters. This next time will be my final time for a long while, this trip is my closure. I will be soaking up Boston, remembering every second, taking it all in to fill my cup for the next ten-fifteen years. I will be making peace with the fact that Boston is beautiful city and one that I will visit again one day in the future and know that I made the right choice by staying in Utah. I am going to be playing tour guide to Sarah and we are going to eat at hole in the wall places and take pictures of bricks and old graves. It's gonna be grand.

So a lot of people have asked how I plan vacations for so incredibly cheap. So I am here to tell you.


It's a website that emails me once a day telling me the low rates out of Salt Lake (to anywhere!) and then I also customized it to email me when plane tickets drop below $400 to Boston. This morning it emailed me $175.00 to Boston. You have to act fast though because from the time I got the email at 9 AM to the time I booked the flight at 1:30, it had gone up thirty dollars. If you can afford spontaneity, it's worth it.

We are also staying in a Hostel which I am eager to try out, but we seriously considered this website when booking our accommodations. This website is a glorified Couch Surfers. Basically people put their apartments up to rent out while you are on vacation. It can be a lot cheaper and more home-y than hotels. It could be an awesome experience.

Boston is an awesome place in that the "T" takes you anywhere you need to go, so I don't have much insight on car rentals. I do know that if you are driving in a big city you can look up parking garages online before you leave on vacation and buy week long passes for much cheaper than finding a random parking garage. 

So that's basically how I roll. See you in a few weeks, MA! 

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