Wednesday, October 23, 2013

when lipstick taught me a life lesson

I have incredibly large lips. Most people know that. But sometimes I don't think people realize how big they actually are. My lips actually extend over my lip line, it's hard to explain but let's just focus on the facts: my lips are big. So this has been mostly a good thing in my life until wearing lipstick came back into style. I love the look of red lips but I look like a friggin clown. It's horrible. It causes me serious distress like any normal white girl. 

Somebody suggested I try Baby Lips because it's a little less intense than real lipstick. I went and bought a couple colors (which the lady told me were translucent...uh, yeah no) 
I put a color on at the begging of the week before we were headed out to a fireside and I asked Mark if I looked like a clown.  
"Well, do you think you look like a clown?" 
"No Mark, I am asking you if I look like one."
"I know and I am asking if you think you look like one" 
I thought for a few seconds and looked in the mirror. 
"Ok then, let's go." 

Mark reminded me that as long as I have confidence in myself whether it be lipstick or a job position or a calling, if I have confidence then I am already halfway there. Sometimes I think we focus too much on trying to take the focus off ourselves and put it on others. I am not saying we all need to become self involved, I'm saying sometimes we do need to focus on ourselves in order for us to grow. We don't need to obsess about how we are going to affect others 100% of the time. The people of the world don't walk in my shoes. They don't run my day or decide my attitude. I alone do that. If I am in a good place to make those decisions, if I am in tune with myself in order to decide how I am going to benefit the world then that requires some self involvement. Am I making sense? If not, the moral of the story is one thing;  if I want to look like a clown, imma rock that ish.

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