Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I love that Dirty Water.... [part 1]

First of all, I have quite a few new followers thanks to my Thanksgiving Decor post. It was fun to watch the number of people who viewed that page go up and up, it was really gratifying for my crazy planning self to feel that people cared about what I was planning. But anyway, if you are new, welcome! 

I got back from Boston yesterday and I am running around like a crazy person trying to get caught up. When I was younger I always heard my parents say they needed a vacation from their vacation. I never quite understood that until I got older. Now I am begging for a catch-up day! But since a catch-up day is no where in site, I will keep my first Boston post short. If you're sick of me and my Boston obsession, there will only be a couple posts, don't worry. 
Boston was lovely. I kept waiting for something to go wrong and it never did. 

 The weather was quite strange our entire trip. For a few hours it was incredibly windy and a little rainy. But it cleared right up and made for a beautiful day.

 The same group of street performers have been performing at Fanueil Hall since I originally went to Boston in 2010. They make about $3,000 every few days. Not too shabby.

I was actually surprised at how much Red Sox hysteria was not going on when we were there. We flew in the day after the World Series ended, so maybe people were just recovering? There were small pieces of evidence ocassionally.

This was quite the experience. Mostly how our tour guide refused to talk about it. I realized later that he had been directly affected by this as all Bostonians had been and the pain was still truly there, as it should be. 

 The thing that honestly ticked me off so much about Harvard was that the students were walking around and they did not look stressed at all. Like their genius was something normal and going to Harvard was totally normal. I was thinking how my entry level History class is currently giving me through the roof anxiety levels. Not fair, but more power to them.

 Ahhh, the "T". I think what I love most about Boston is that you can feel that you belong there within one day because it's so small and you are able to get around so easily. We rode the crap out of the T and it felt so natural to not have a car.
Also, I had a ton of charges for $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 on my credit card when I got home under "Subway" as in, the restaurant. I was so confused for so long, calling the bank, wondering if my identity was stolen by a Subway addict....Once I figured it out it was charges for the T I laughed for ten minutes straight. Mountain America doesn't understand what a subway is. We don't have those in our parts!

We ate lunch on the North End or Little Italy. There were probably six tables in this entire restaurant. It was the most legitimate Italian food I will probably ever eat unless I go to Italy. The little old Italian man thought Sarah and I were drunk because we were giggling so much, pretty much our life story. 

Stay tuned for part two!

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