Monday, November 25, 2013

Mormon Monday!

Today I am featured on Kimberly's blog for Mormon Monday

Truthfully, I have always felt shy and inadequate when talking about my faith. I was raised in a mostly non-LDS family and though the Gospel was an undeniable part of my upbringing, it was not a comfortable subject to speak freely about in my home. I was much different than all my friends who often bore their testimonies, were active about reading their scriptures, attending seminary, etc. My faith felt small in comparison to theirs and I felt helpless about it. It has only been in the past year that I have realized that my faith is in no way small just because it is different. That is what makes it special, it's what makes me special. Being a Latter Day Saint is truly apart of who I am and there should be no reason that I should feel that I can't talk about it or celebrate it. 
So here's the bottom line:
I love my Heavenly Father so much. His love for me is strong and it's real. I never understood unconditional love as much as I have in the past year. I love many people in my life, but unconditional love is something on another level completely. 
For the first time I feel that I understand and appreciate The Atonement and am so in awe of it.
I am learning that my faith is like a muscle and it requires consistent exercise in order to be strong. I am never helpless in regards to my faith. God always holds up His end, I just need to hold up mine.
I have found a sense of gratitude that I was born with this Gospel when so many have not been. I am not sure how anyone goes through life without the map that Heavenly Father provides.

So, i'm thankful for Kimberly and i'm thankful for the opportunity to be featured on her blog.
Check it out here:

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