Sunday, November 10, 2013

one year...

It was the clearest thought I have ever had. 
I was driving in Morgan, Utah with Codi in the backseat and Karly riding shotgun. I always thought this happened before Mark left but my friends clarified recently that it was a few weeks after he left. It's all a blur. I was driving along the windy roads when all the sudden the thought came "I'm in love with Mark" the thought burst through my head and out of my mouth before I even had time to process it. I said it out loud and looked at my two best friends, not sure if I wanted them to provide words of affirmation or talk me out of it because hello, he was gone for two years and I had always made fun of girls that "waited." 
 Codi spoke first, "Yeah...we know." 
Everyone knew, everyone knew but us. 
Now we know, we really know. It's been a year since our friends basically sat us down and said "you love each other so start acting like it." The fastest and best year of my life. Though it hasn't always been perfect and sometimes it's been lightyears away from perfect, I cannot believe how much I have grown and expanded as a person in ways I never knew possible. All because I have someone who believes in me, loves me for who I am, wants the best for me and is an amazing example to me. I learned once this year that my heart has depth, but every day I continue to learn how deep that depth really is. I have loved and been loved in the best and worst conditions.
There have been many favorite stories from our relationship, but my favorite favorite one was in March. It was our anniversary and I had planned a big dinner and a movie date night. I was so excited, I had been waiting all week to go. Mark called me a few hours before our date started and said he needed to go down to Brigham City to pick up our friend and probably wouldn't be able to go to dinner. Because, did I mention, it was the worst snowstorm I have ever witnessed in my entire life and he was:
1. Going to go in an extremely dangerous canyon 
 2. Missing our flipping dinner!? 
I was pissed. More than pissed, livid. But half of that anger was also pure worry. I was 100% sure he was going to die in that canyon.
So I was laying in my bed feeling 100000% sorry for myself like the crappy person I sometimes am, crying my eyes out because I was just pissed and also really worried. Suddenly I heard a "thud thud thud thud" up the stairs. My roommates were pretty loud but not that loud. All of the sudden Mark bursts through my door with a dozen roses and Zebra Cakes. I have never been so surprised in my life and so I just started crying way more. We then braved the storm and drove to dinner and it ended up being a great night. This memory pretty much defines our relationship, me being a worry wart and cry baby and Mark trying to get me to calm down, haha. But it works for us! 
I know people don't really read these types of posts for whatever reason so I will sum it up with this: Mark is a dime and I love him so much

Also we need better pictures of us in a serious way.
Happy Anniversary, babe.

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