Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Wish List

Today I woke up from my nap laughing because my last post said I wouldn't blog for three weeks and I woke up with about ten ideas. I'm not really the studying type anyway. There's a time and place and that is when the sun is up at the library. This year Mark is a little stumped at what to get me because I am the type to buy what I want or need myself. I put together a little Pinterest board with some ideas. Here is what is on my totally selfish wish list this year!

1. The Rules of Inheritance by Claire Bidwell
I am not really a book buyer unless it's really good. The Rules of Inheritance is reaalllllyyyy good. It is the first book that i have read that was on the same level as A Fault In our Stars by John Green. Actually, it might be better because it's non-fiction. It's one of those "Speak to My Soul" books. 
2. "It's Ok"
The universal comforting phrase. I freak out a lot and sometimes I just need to be reminded that "It's Ok" 
3. "Don't Forget To Be Awesome"
I love this rug. It's awesome. 
4. "Love Is The Coal"
The inspiration behind my blog name! Everlasting Light by The Black Keys is one of my favorite songs so it's only right that I have this pillow, right?
5. Initial Necklace
I fell in love with these kind of necklaces when Sydney from The Daybook bought one a few years ago. I would love one with Mark and I's initials. 
5. Floral Hat
I just love this, no explanation needed. Throw on a chambray and I can get a "Fashion Blogger" certificate 
6. Skeleton Watch
Story time: I bought a $40.00 watch in Boston from a way sketchy guy. It lasted me a few months and then broke. So I got on Amazon and looked up the watch, it was seven freakin dollars. So I bought it and it broke instantly upon arrival. So that was cool. I need a new watch. 
7. Converse
I don't own any real shoes. They are boots or sandals or work out shoes. I have a pair of white vans but I don't really like wearing them. I need these shoes pretty desperately. 
8. North Face Hoodie
As much as I would like to pretend I look like a Old Navy clone 24/7, most of the time I am in workout clothes pretending I worked out. 
9. We Can Do Hard Things
I LOVE THIS. Mark and I continually remind ourselves this when we have tests, fights, sickness, anything. I love the typography on this poster as well. 
10. Lorde-Pure Heroine
My jam. 

What's on your wish list?

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