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Guest Post: Madeline Casey!

I found Madeline's blog through Elisabeth's blog. I started reading and I was CRACKING up within five minutes. Usually when I say I "LOL" at something I just blow more air out of my nose than usual, but I was LITERALLY laughing out loud at Madeline's blog, especially THIS POST.
So about a month and a half ago I asked her to guest post on my blog! We spent a lot of time thinking of something and then we realized it was right in front of our noses, boys! Yes, let's talk about boys. So without further ado, Madeline!


When Riley asked me to guest post on her blog, of course I said YES. Because she's a sweetheart, and I think blogging is all about making new friends. Who's with me!

I like to share lots of funny stories on my blog. It's pretty lighthearted over there, and Riley asked me to bring some of that over here, so I thought hey, let's talk about boys! Every girl, no matter what age, marital status, whatever,  loves to talk about boys.

When I was in high school, I was kind of a shy nobody. Yet, interestingly enough, when I got to college, I kind of blossomed into this person who decided not to be a shy nobody anymore! It was really exhilarating. It also meant that more boys noticed me. Boys noticing you is usually good. Boys asking you out is only sometimes good. Am I right, ladies? You know, sometimes that boy asks you out and you're like... whyyyyyy howwww am I going to get outttttt of this??? It's mean, but true. Boys are lucky because if they think that about us, they just don't ask us out.

Anyway. I have a few good rejection stories because of this. I am the type of girl who allows a boy a first date, but if I still don't like them after that, I don't have a problem telling them no. I mean, actually I do have a problem telling them no. It's called telling them no PASSIVE AGGRESSIVELY. Gross. I know.

Without further ado, here are some stories:

this is me as a freshman in college.
When I was a freshman in college, there was this boy who liked me, we'll call him Stan. Stan started out acting pretty cool. He came over a few times, and I thought he was semi-cute, but I was at the point in my life where anything more than a crush on a boy would give me a little bit of a heart attack. So when Stan messaged my friend Lyndsay on facebook to ask if I liked him, I had her shut him down. I mean, I shut him down, pretending to be her, using her facebook. *shame face*

I also met Alex my freshman year of college  (he's my husband now! but we didn't REALLY date until after his mission... it's a long story, full of mystery and intrigue and you can read it here). I rejected him on top of a mountain after rock climbing when he went in for the second kiss. At least, that's how it seemed to me. He claims to be unaware of that ever happening.

junior year of college. blonde short hair. cool, huh?
Once, my junior year of college, I let a boy who was interested in me come over for a movie night. I was trying to be interested in him too... but sometimes it just doesn't work out, you know? And it was making me so anxious, I was getting all sweaty, because I didn't want him to try to pull any moves. So when he asked me a trivia question, and I got it right, and he said, "Ok, now you win a prize!!!" I, knowing full well what the prize would be said, "what is the prize?" and he said, " you can kiss me." And I said, "Maybe another time....." (we never hung out again.)

Also, last one! During my freshman year again (I was a timid person, so these stories were all mortifying to me) there was this boy, we'll call him Cam. He was the first boy to hold my hand, and it was extremely confusing to me. Especially since I also kind of liked Alex at the time. So, after the second time of holding my hand, and then holding me a little TOO close during country dancing one night (which I am a terrible terrible dancer by the way, and country dancing has brought me nothing but bad memories) he messaged me on facebook and asked me what my intentions were toward him. (what is it with facebook, and why is it taking over our lives? technology is a ruiner of relationships, and I stand by that.) I told him I didn't really like him like that and he should stop coming around. He sent me back a sad face.

this is the current Madeline.
Alright, that's all for now, folks! It's been a joy and a pleasure. what are some of your rejection stories??

Isn't she great and also the cutest teacher ever? We young teachers have to stick together...or something. Anyway check out her blog at

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