Sunday, December 1, 2013


I feel the need to write this entire post in all capitals because that is how good and much needed this Thanksgiving break was! I spent most of it crafting, shopping and playing video games. I pretended that I was not stressed out about anything and it was great! Here is a breakdown of my break.

Shoutout to Alison Faulkner from The Alison Show for giving me the idea for this crazy project. I almost punched someone at Hobby Lobby so it was a bit of a nightmare but all in all I thought it turned out pretty cute.

The name cards were an hour before Thanksgiving thought. We kept getting confused about if we had the right number of seats, etc. So as much as I wanted to do glitter cards, these ghetto cardstock ones did the job.

Printable below from Catch My Party! My favorite website.
These are a little hard to see, but they are the printables I mentioned on an earlier post. They were also a last minute thought, but I thought they were so freaking cute.

I never #Selfie but I was trying to build confidence before I walked into Black Friday madness. "You can do this. You can knock someone out if you have to." 
We had Brooklyn for a few days and I loved it. Except on Thanksgiving when she was so wound up that she took off all her clothes and refused to sleep. We watched Alice in Wonderland and she got so emotionally invested that when Alice fell down the Rabbit's Hole, her heart was basically broken and she didn't recover for the rest of the night.


I wasted no time. I made this for my apartment because I had the cricut for a few more days and I am festive.

I also made this for my Mom. There was a glaringly empty space above her Christmas village and I knew that it was a job for RILEY AND HER CRICUT!

I also convinced my parents to not put up our big tree this year. The little tree by the fire place is just so cozy. The Aggie blue colors are a plus.


Mark came back from Idaho on Black Friday so we planned a date night with Chandler and Lindsay. The plan was to eat at Cheesecake Factory at City Creek and then do the lights. Cheesecake Factory is no joke. We waited almost two hours, expectedly, and then ate so much we couldn't even move. So we scratched the lights and made Christmas ornaments insteaa!

Cutest Hobby Lobby paper

Lindsay and I get the prizes for best ornaments. We'll throw Chandler a bone and give him most creative. Sorry Mark, you get nothing.

Mark and I love SLC. We are just happier here even though we live further apart!
It was a perfect break. Now to hit the ground running and most likely tripping.
I am taking a blog break so I can study for my one final (saving grace) and my two looming Praxis tests that I keep getting anxiety attacks about. It's too bad I can't just promise I will be a good teacher and the state of Utah will call it good. Ugh.
So in case I don't make it back here for a few weeks, Happy Holidays!

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