Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mark & Riley Variety Hour

When Mark was on his mission I used to send him random and funny stories from my life that would only happen to me. He started calling it Riley Variety Hour. Well, last night was Mark & Riley Variety Hour. Let me tell you about it.

About six months ago for my birthday we went to the Off Broadway Comedy Theater downtown. I was called up onstage to help them out and in turn got some free passes to come back. We have gone back once before and it was great! We decided to go back last night and it was much less than great. It was two hours of pure awkwardness and "Should we leave...? This is weird..." (Usually they are great, maybe they were having an off night)
So after we left the show, we went to our car. We parked in a parking garage with the arms up so we assumed it would be free (training from car-jail at USU)
Well while Mark was grabbing my door for me I noticed a yellow envelope on his window. Mark grabbed it and it was a parking ticket! Kind of, it said we needed to pay $10.00 for parking to put in the slot on the way out or pay $30.00 to mail it in! So, we neeeevver carry cash on us. I miraculously had $6.00 in my wallet and then some change and Mark had some change in his car. We counted up everything I had and we were 17 CENTS under. We tore Mark's car apart for the next twenty minutes. He worked at an auto-detail shop in the summer so he knew where to look for change. We couldn't find anything!
So there was one other guy in the parking garage so I ran up to him asking for a quarter. He looked at me like I was nuts and said "I don't carry change with me." HE TOTALLY THOUGHT I WAS A DRUGGIE. I was stressing out about it for the rest of the night! I was like "Mark, do I look homeless? I know I got my outfit at Old Navy for 50% off but STILL! I LOOK CLASSY!" 
The kicker is that the night before we went to American Hustle and used a gift card to buy popcorn. We owed 25 cents after the gift card so I pulled it out of my purse. That quarter could have gotten us out of this situation! I couldn't stop laughing.
So we ended up just hoping they won't fine us for being 17 cents under. We to the drop box and ope- the envelope won't go in the slot because of how much change we put in the envelope. Finally after Mark manipulated the envelope, we got it in.
But while we were looking for random coins on the ground of the parking garage we found a debit card and I messaged the girl on Facebook so hopefully carma will roll in our direction!
THIS PICTURE IS DISGUSTING but I couldn't stop laughing long enough for Mark to take the picture

Mark trying to shove the envelope in the tiny slot. 

 photo riley-sig_zps51d1cb9c.jpg

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