Friday, December 13, 2013


First of all, thanks to everyone who gave me so much love in regards to me PASSING MY PRAXIS EXAM! It was surprisingly very easy even though I went in prepared for the apocalypse. I am so relieved I started bawling tearing up a bit in my advisors office. She hugged me and then said "Congratulations Paisley!" My name isn't Paisley, but I will take the love regardless. I can't relax for too long because I have my history praxis next week. My six hundred flashcards are on their way through the mail, can't wait for that....

Second, I am shocked at all the positive feedback about my last blog post! I was horrified to write it but I am glad there are some people taking joy in my high school misery. My parents didn't laugh it off as I was hoping they would but they are speaking to me so that's something! I knew I should have waited till I had kids. Oh well! 

So that's basically been my week, studying like crazy and having occasional breakdowns so the pretty typical finals week. But I ended this semester pretty strong!
Still waiting on one grade but it's not too shabby!

I celebrated my test/semester success with Alison Faulkner from The Alison Show and Susan from Freshly Picked's Glam Lumberjack Jam party! It was really cool seeing all the work Alison put into it and seeing some Freshly Picked mocc's in person! However it was a very strange experience. All the ladies were dressed so perfectly and whipping out business cards with their blog name on it. I was shocked and I kept thinking "This blog thing, it's a real thing! People do this, they realllllyyy do this." 
I'll just be over here running an amateur blog dressing in Old Navy pretending it's J-Crew. I'm fine with it!
Here are some pictures! Great job Alison and thank you Susan!
This venue was SO cool. It was perfect actually. Keeping it in mind for future parties!

I have heard about Smile Booth from James from Bleubird Blog but I got to experience it first hand. It makes you look so good! Hilarie and I are amateurs (this was our second take) but it was way fun!

Ok so let's talk about Alison. She is what I want to be when I grow up. We have the same wolf skirt. We are basically BFFs. Ok, not really. I went up to her and asked if it was creepy to take a picture with her and she said "RILEYJOTHEHOE!" She knew guys, she knew. It was awesome meeting her!

Highlights of the party:


But wait!
One. More. Thing.
We need to talk about this lipstick!
Sydney from The Daybook recommended it and for a DARN GOOD REASON. It goes on clear and then reacts to the PH balance in your lips. This means everyone has a different color. It is also PERFECT for each person. It stayed on all day long, through three meals and plenty of water. It was also only 9$ for a pack of ten.  I usually look like a clown in lipstick but this one is SO GOOD. It looks natural! It's perfect. Ok, i'll shutup. But please go buy it. Thanks. 

Ok, I think i'm done. 
I'll come up for air again after my History praxis next week.

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  1. hahaha this is amazing! so glad you were there! (i was googling my name and found this post, so that's a good sign right?!)