Saturday, January 4, 2014

Jolly Vox Box!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. Obviously.

It's time for another Influenster post!
Influenster is a company that sends anyone who is even semi influential on the web free products to review! I received the Varsity Vox Box a few months ago and I loved all the products inside. You can read that post HERE. I got a huge box of free stuff from Kiss and I got a $10.00 Amazon giftcard for my participation in the Varsity Vox Box too, so that was cool!
So last week I received the Jolly Vox Box. This is when sponsored posts get tricky. As much as I want to rave about these products because they were free, I didn't love any product in my Jolly Vox Box. Wah wah waaahhh.
Let's break it down quickly:

My Jolly Vox Box had:
1. Rimmel Show Off Lip Gloss
2. Puffs Plus Lotion
3. NYC Color Palette
4. Skinny Cow Divine Chocolates
5. Duck Tape

Ok, so the lip gloss was pretty terrible. It was the absolute wrong shade for me and it looked like I took a paint pen and drew on my lips. I rubbed it off quickly. I think maybe if I had a hot pink it would have been better but the texture was reallllllly thick. I'll pass.
The duck tape was cute I guess but I don't really have a use for it. I use washi tape for most anything I do. I gave it to the little girls to make purses/wallets/prom dress/ whatever kids do these days.
The chocolate was decent but I could tell it was less calories. Also the peanut butter left a weird taste in my mouth for a while. However my aunt tasted one and she said it was delicious but all she has had in the last six months is cabbage soup so let's not trust her. 
The Puffs Plus Lotion was nice to have in my purse since my life is basically Riley vs. Allergies like every day of the freakin year.
The NYC palette was awesome colors but it doesn't hold a candle to a Naked palette. (A small P.S- a lot of people hate on NYC but their eyeshadow primer is one of the best and it's four dollars for a bucket that lasts forever) I would definitely but this if I couldn't afford the Naked palettes, however. 

So I was a little disappointed in my Jolly Vox Box. However i'm excited to be working with Influenster once again! 
If you are interested in getting free crap with zero effort, email me!
Like literally-there is no catch. All free. I really am curious how Influenster profits. Either way, i'm happy to get free stuff!

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  1. I got this one too! I still need to write about it haha... but I haven't even tried the lip gloss because as soon as I opened it I was like, "ugh!!! paint!!" so that was that.