Thursday, January 9, 2014

[one of the] Weirdest Thing[s] I Have Ever Done. (Sorry Hilarie!)

A few weeks ago I talked about the worst thing I have ever done. My friend Hilarie reminded me that though The Night Of The Mandy K might have been the worst thing i've done, it was definitely not the weirdest. 
Let's talk.
In July of 2010, Mark (not my boyfriend at the time but still my best friend) and Nate (also my best friend) left on their LDS missions. As many know, before a missionary leaves to the area to which they have been called, they enter the Missionary Training Center for different time frames. Another bestie Conor had been there for a few weeks already. I was deeeeeeepppppressssssed. As in stricken dead with grief. Which anyone who knew me then or followed my blog is well aware of. But for those of you that are new, let me tell you I was still at the cry when you wake up, cry all day, cry yourself to sleep point of life. It was pretty low.
So one night Hilarie and I were sad and most of all, we were bored. The last few weeks I had developed a little nugget of an idea that I knew was pretty crazy. I didn't think it would actually happen because I wasn't crazy enough to do it alone but I didn't think anyone else would be  stricken with grief crazy enough to do it with me. However, on this particular night I suggested my plan to Hilarie and she wanted to go for it. So we did.
 A small kink was thrown into our plan, our friend Brakken invited himself on our escapade. But I was leaving back to school the next week so it needed to happen that night. And so it began.
We made the 45 minute drive from Sandy to Provo. I knew where the MTC was, I had delivered a few packages there in the last couple weeks. The parking lot was empty because it was raining pretty hard and it was pretty late. We started by listening to The Killers in my car in the front parking lot and bawling. Just really normal, sane stuff. Then it got interesting. I had casually asked Mark in my last letter what hall they slept in and we guessed it was probably at the back of the building. We started to drive down the back road when we saw the boys building! I'm not sure I planned any further than this. I thought we could maybe leave a note on their window if they slept on the main floor or something. Mostly I think I just wanted to be close to them? I told you, it was a low time. As soon as we saw the building, we saw the security guards car come behind us. I quickly turned my car around to try to get out but he stopped us before we could leave.
"What are you guys doing?"
"Um...I just got lost."  I was racking my brain trying to think of anything I could say that could make it seem like we were accidentally somewhere we were absolutely not supposed to be.
I saw the security guard peek into my back seat so I turned around. Brakken was laying down with his black jacket over his body because he was sleeping, (who could blame him for wanting to be comatose during our Killers cry session) but it totally looked like we were sneaking a missionary out of the MTC!!!
We finally got the guard to realize we were just depressive fan girls that needed a strong dose of Prozac and a time machine to catapult us into 2012. We swore never to tell a soul. Naturally I wrote the boys about it the next week. They all responded differently but with the same tone of "Mayyyyybeeee we won't keep in touch over the next two years..." and backing away slowly.
If you're concerned-
I promise things got a lot more sane in my head after that. Well, after I failed a semester due to the fact that I never went to class because I spent all day watching Dear John on repeat. 
hashtag mormon gurl probz
So there it is. Phew, these blog confessions are becoming a lot easier.

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  1. Ha! That is pretty stinking awesome. I am wayyyy too much of a goody two shoes to ever even ATTEMPT that!