Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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Before I began:
 Sometimes I write titles and I am like "Wow, that was really long and excessive. Oh well!" 
Apparently it's a blogging faux pas and I need to stop but I like them SO THERE!!
Ok, moving on.
For Christmas I get one "big" gift, the mother of all gifts. This year I decided to ask for an HD video camera. I absolutely loved videography in High School but when I graduated I no longer had equipment so I was bummed. For once, I didn't have a necessity to ask for for my "gift of all gifts" this Christmas so I chose the HD camera. It is time to stop denying myself what I love to do. Now I have no excuses!
That being said, I need some practice.
So, if you are:
  • Graduating
  • Having a baby
  • In love
  • Greek
  • In a family
  • Loving your roomates
  • In a band
I would LOVE to shoot a video for you in order to practice. It's hard to explain what this means without showing examples, so here are a few of other's works that I admire and most likely what I will try to strive towards.

Engagement Video from Haughen Creative:
Senior-Type Video:
You get the point, it's hard to find the videos of the ideas you have in your head.
But anyway,
Email me at if you are interested!
***If you are getting ready to paint a nursery for an upcoming baby, PLEASE contact me!***

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  1. I want a fun interview type video for my wedding! Hopefully sometime this summer. Would you be interested in doing that type of vid?

    1. Yes! I would love that. Just contact me whenever about it :)