Friday, January 17, 2014


I wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming response I got on my last post about my start in Videography. I have a half dozen projects coming up and I am so excited! I am planning some awesome things for these videos, one being a wedding video! I can't believe Ashley is trusting me with that but I am so excited!
I feel like the last two weeks have gone SO fast! I think maybe fast days might be the saving grace of my semester. I have a robotic Alex Trebek teacher for most of my classes and I am 400000% over it. 
Monday we went to Mark's Ward Talent Show. There was a whole lot of Stephen Speak covers going around and one painfully choreographed "What Does The Fox Say" dance. The air was thick with Mormon Young Adults! 
Last night we went to the D.I to get Mark a couch for his room. He had been begging me since August to let him buy one. I have this huge phobia of BED BUGS ever since one of my friends (who shall remain nameless) had a roommate who bought a couch from the DI and their whole apartment was infested with bed bugs for a few months.  It was a HORRIBLE experience for everyone involved. Also, did you know Utah is the state with the highest reported cases of bed bugs? Ew, gross. But finally I talked to a exterminator who told me how to check furniture out for bed bugs and we went and bought a couch. I also bought the cutest picnic basket so I am pretty stoked about that.  
Today is Friday. And I am talking about light jeans.
Mark hates dark jeans, I love dark jeans. Because every time I think about light jeans, I literally get horrific flashbacks of this outfit from ninth grade:
I LOOK TERRIBLE. I thought I looked soo cute that day too. So I have never bought light jeans since ninth grade until last week when Mark finally convinced me to just try. I went on Pinterest and got some outfit ideas to make things less scary.

Not so bad, right? So I am wearing my light jeans today! It's an adjustment honestly. I saw myself in the reflection of a building and I was like ughhhhh. But we will get there.
Classy bathroom mirror selfie.

I'm wearing these in black if anyone cares. I wanted to wear my combat boots but I felt that was a little too Kill Bill. 

It's a process.

Happy weekend!

PS my boss told me I look like Taylor Momsen today and it pissed me off cause she is seriously phsyco. 


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