Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I feel like I have been neglecting this little space lately. Last night I couldn't sleep trying to think of something to write about and my head was just empty. Truthfully I have no thoughts besides wedding and school. Wedding and "oh crap, that assignment was due today?" Wedding, school, and exhaustion. 

I am at the point in my semester that I always seem to return to, the mid-semester "I can't do this anymore" state of mind. With a looming graduation, it is even more difficult. Usually my belief that I can't take another step in this hike up the mountain known as college starts at the peak of the semester whereas this time around it started before I even put on my hiking boots. But the last five years I have come out of this slump (Spring semesters are always my best grade wise)  and I am sure I will this time as well. 

I was going through my phone pictures to see what I could talk about and I found this:

Codi and I found a ventriloquist doll at savers and I am so sad that we didn't buy it because it had infinite potential. 

Also, Yuko (Mark's Mom) and I were looking through pictures for wedding slideshow stuff and I think I died looking at Mark's baby pictures in Japan. I stopped being baby hungry after taking care of Brooklyn all summer but these pictures just gave my estrogen a kick start. 

What are other people up to? I  feel like whenever people see me they always want to know what's up with wedding stuff, which is sweet because that means they care but I am also so, soooooo, tired of talking about the wedding, haha! So what are others up to? 
One exciting thing non wedding related (well, non my wedding related) I am shooting my first wedding this weekend! After all the interest about my videography post a while back, the only thing to actually come of it was this wedding on Saturday. I'm both excited and nervous. 
Other than that I can say with absolute assurance that the only other exciting and new thing happening right now is I am growing out my nails to give Mark better back scratches. I usually keep them extremely short, like painfully short. But I can hear them click against my Iphone screen as I type this and it's crazy to me that I haven't just cut them yet. Like honestly, that is where we are at. Not even anything girly like growing my hair out. Just growing my nails out. Haha! 

I will leave  with this selfie of me in my cloud bed. I am a firm believer that I have the most comfortable bed in the world and Hilarie Timmerman can back me up on that. 

I will work on more exciting blog posts. 

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Thursday, February 20, 2014



So here is my ghetto attempt at a stop motion. Man, I wish I had better freaking handwriting. Pretend this is like the ultimate Pinterest MILF'S handwriting. I was mostly just impressed I could trace the United States and it look halfway recognizable. 

We leave the day after we get married and we will be there until late August!
We are way excited and I am way nervous as I always am (professional worrywart!) But let me tell you that this week I saw a vine of a crazy man in a KFC in Maryland hopped up on crazy drugs and now I am like deathly afraid. Mark will be trying out the summer sales thing and I (hopefully) will be nannying a cute lil family. 
The day after we arrive in MD, we are leaving on a cruise for our honeymoon out of Baltimore so it worked out perfectly in that sense. 
Can't wait to document this summer, hopefully it will be full of fun and trips to Boston :) 

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Friday, February 14, 2014

This is NOT a mushy Valentines Day Post.

So since I have been bombarding people all over social media I will refrain from bombarding social media about Mark being my Valentine. We aren't doing anything anyway since he bought me a reallly expensive ring and I am poor cause I quit my job. We are going to his family's cabin this weekend in Island Park, ID so that should be relaxing.
This blog post is dedicated to my Mom because I still feel bad about being a brat five Valentine's ago.
Every year of my entire life my Mom has gotten me a stuffed animal for Valentine's day. She usually doorbell ditches it and I have loved it my whole life. The Valentine's Day of my senior year of high school I was running to meet a friend at the movie theaters but  I was using the bathroom before I left when the doorbell rang (our doorbell is INSANELY loud) and scared me so I accidentally dropped my brand new phone into the toilet. I came out and it was my stuffed animal being doorbell ditched. I yelled at my Mom, said awful things, demanded she buy me a new phone and then stormed out. I knew I was being an awful person but I was in the heat of teenage drama. I never got another stuffed animal after that which is really justified. 
I guess this experience will make me a better Mother in the future because without a doubt my daughter will freak out on me and I will remember how my Mother forgave me and I will forgive me daughter. 
But jeeze, I was a douche. Sorry, Mom. Love you!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hi friends!
This blog might be overtaken by wedding stuff for the next two months, but that's fine. It's my life!
I am collecting addresses because invites need to go out pretty soon. 
I am not a fan of facebook event invites. First because it's sketchy to post your address for the world to see. Second because the notifications never end. Third because over the years people have made names for their event that make me puke and shudder. So I have this google doc for people to fill out if they want an invite! 



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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

e n g a g e d

So as you are probably aware from social media, Mark and I are officially engaged! 
I knew it was coming at some point this month since we have been working with Needhams to get the ring stuff sorted out but I was one million percent positive that it would be this weekend because it's Valentines Day and we are going to Mark's cabin with his family. I was so absolutely positive it would be this weekend. So yesterday Mark and I were doing homework at the library and when we were leaving he asked if we could go to McDonald's so he could get a drink. It was like 8:00 at night so I was thinking "Why does he want caffeine so late?" but strangely, I said nothing and agreed to go. He started driving a really weird way to "McDonald's" and normally I would have said something but for some reason, I didn't. I just kept blabbing blabbing blabbing on about who knows what. All of the sudden Mark pulls over to the side of the road. I had been looking down at my phone (texting Chandler and telling him Mark was probably going to propose that weekend) and I look up and we are not even close to McDonald's. I said  "What's going on....." and then say to the left was a park with candles every where. 
This park has some history with us. On Mark's mission we always wrote to each other and promised that we would eat cereal in the park when he got home. I' m not sure why, but that was the thing. So when he got home and when we both kind of decided we wanted to start dating, Mark picked me up and took me to this park and we ate cereal. Then we had the "DTR" talk in this park as well. So we go over to the picnic bench and there are candles everywhere on the table and in the snow and there is a box of cereal on the table. We eat some cereal and then he goes into the cutest shpeal and comes over and gets down on one knee! Nathan and Conor pop out and start taking pictures because that is the one thing I always said I wanted! 
So yeah, I have been in a dream like state for the last fifteen hours. I haven't posted pictures of my ring because it's not done yet! The custom ring process takes a looonnng time and Needhams is busy this time of year, so I have a pseudo ring until then.I was totally shocked and so happy and impressed and I just love him so much. Except he posted the nastiest picture of me today so I might give back the fake ring. LOLZZ jk you will have to pry that off my cold dead hands.
Thanks to everyone for the congratulations and all the well wishes. May 6th is not too far away so I will be one big ball of anxiety for the next 85 days! Hoorah! 

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