Thursday, February 20, 2014



So here is my ghetto attempt at a stop motion. Man, I wish I had better freaking handwriting. Pretend this is like the ultimate Pinterest MILF'S handwriting. I was mostly just impressed I could trace the United States and it look halfway recognizable. 

We leave the day after we get married and we will be there until late August!
We are way excited and I am way nervous as I always am (professional worrywart!) But let me tell you that this week I saw a vine of a crazy man in a KFC in Maryland hopped up on crazy drugs and now I am like deathly afraid. Mark will be trying out the summer sales thing and I (hopefully) will be nannying a cute lil family. 
The day after we arrive in MD, we are leaving on a cruise for our honeymoon out of Baltimore so it worked out perfectly in that sense. 
Can't wait to document this summer, hopefully it will be full of fun and trips to Boston :) 

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