Friday, February 14, 2014

This is NOT a mushy Valentines Day Post.

So since I have been bombarding people all over social media I will refrain from bombarding social media about Mark being my Valentine. We aren't doing anything anyway since he bought me a reallly expensive ring and I am poor cause I quit my job. We are going to his family's cabin this weekend in Island Park, ID so that should be relaxing.
This blog post is dedicated to my Mom because I still feel bad about being a brat five Valentine's ago.
Every year of my entire life my Mom has gotten me a stuffed animal for Valentine's day. She usually doorbell ditches it and I have loved it my whole life. The Valentine's Day of my senior year of high school I was running to meet a friend at the movie theaters but  I was using the bathroom before I left when the doorbell rang (our doorbell is INSANELY loud) and scared me so I accidentally dropped my brand new phone into the toilet. I came out and it was my stuffed animal being doorbell ditched. I yelled at my Mom, said awful things, demanded she buy me a new phone and then stormed out. I knew I was being an awful person but I was in the heat of teenage drama. I never got another stuffed animal after that which is really justified. 
I guess this experience will make me a better Mother in the future because without a doubt my daughter will freak out on me and I will remember how my Mother forgave me and I will forgive me daughter. 
But jeeze, I was a douche. Sorry, Mom. Love you!

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