Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I feel like I have been neglecting this little space lately. Last night I couldn't sleep trying to think of something to write about and my head was just empty. Truthfully I have no thoughts besides wedding and school. Wedding and "oh crap, that assignment was due today?" Wedding, school, and exhaustion. 

I am at the point in my semester that I always seem to return to, the mid-semester "I can't do this anymore" state of mind. With a looming graduation, it is even more difficult. Usually my belief that I can't take another step in this hike up the mountain known as college starts at the peak of the semester whereas this time around it started before I even put on my hiking boots. But the last five years I have come out of this slump (Spring semesters are always my best grade wise)  and I am sure I will this time as well. 

I was going through my phone pictures to see what I could talk about and I found this:

Codi and I found a ventriloquist doll at savers and I am so sad that we didn't buy it because it had infinite potential. 

Also, Yuko (Mark's Mom) and I were looking through pictures for wedding slideshow stuff and I think I died looking at Mark's baby pictures in Japan. I stopped being baby hungry after taking care of Brooklyn all summer but these pictures just gave my estrogen a kick start. 

What are other people up to? I  feel like whenever people see me they always want to know what's up with wedding stuff, which is sweet because that means they care but I am also so, soooooo, tired of talking about the wedding, haha! So what are others up to? 
One exciting thing non wedding related (well, non my wedding related) I am shooting my first wedding this weekend! After all the interest about my videography post a while back, the only thing to actually come of it was this wedding on Saturday. I'm both excited and nervous. 
Other than that I can say with absolute assurance that the only other exciting and new thing happening right now is I am growing out my nails to give Mark better back scratches. I usually keep them extremely short, like painfully short. But I can hear them click against my Iphone screen as I type this and it's crazy to me that I haven't just cut them yet. Like honestly, that is where we are at. Not even anything girly like growing my hair out. Just growing my nails out. Haha! 

I will leave  with this selfie of me in my cloud bed. I am a firm believer that I have the most comfortable bed in the world and Hilarie Timmerman can back me up on that. 

I will work on more exciting blog posts. 

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