Monday, March 31, 2014

The ankle epistle.

So if you remember a few blog posts ago I told you about the hairline fracture in my ankle when I thought I just sprained it. So the doctor gave me this brace to wear and I stopped wearing it after a week cause it wasn't really hurting and it wasn't bruised or swollen anymore. 
So last week I was walking home and I fell again. This time the pain was way worse. I didn't cry that much when I fell a few weeks ago (that's how I knew it wasn't broken) but I was C R Y I N G when I fell this time. Crying and hyperventilating. When I went to instacare the first time, the doctor said he was worried my fibula was broken but I would have more pain in my leg if that was the case. When I fell this time, of course, I immediately started feeling immense pain in my leg. 

Mark isn't even surprised anymore when he gets a call that I have fallen or hurt myself or that I'm at instacare. Bless his heart. 

And since I have done nothing this week except homework, here is a picture of my church outfit yesterday. Classy bathroom style. This wolf skirt was only ten bucks (I totally copied Alison Faulkner from The Alison Show but she's my spirit animal so whatever) and I love it. But I got weird looks at church. Haha oh well, have a good week!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

my lil glimpse into the rest of my life!

Earlier this week I taught two lessons, totally alone, to my jr. high students. Before I taught them that day, I observed for one period and after I taught them I observed another period. Then I helped with the after school club. Total, I was at school for five to six hours. When I got home I collapsed on my bed because I was totally exhausted. I felt like all day I was just fighting tooth and nail to get kids to cooperate, make sure everyone was on the same page, help the second language learners, etc. I was shocked at how worn out I felt at the end of the day!
 As I was telling Mark about my day later that night, I realized that even though I had a tiring day, there was a little glimmer of light that made it allllll worth it. I asked a question to the students that was pretty hard. I didn't even know the answer when I originally found the question online, I had to look it up. The first period I asked did not get the question right, they did not even attempt to answer it. I thought that the second period I asked would be the same. However, a little introvert in the back of the classroom piped up just as I was about to give away the answer. He knew, he remembered, he literally learned right in front of my eyes. It's a weird thing to describe, but it made my whole exhausting day of talking over students, using my teacher voice, being assertive (which is sometimes a little unnatural for me, I have to admit) totally and completely worth it. 
I guess this will be how I feel every day for the rest of my career, and I like that.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

pinterest has been on my side

Last year I swore off doing anything DIY from Pinterest EVER again. Everything I did was a fail, everything. It all ended when I bought a 40$ bed frame that I found on KSL (They ripped me off, for the record. But they had a little girl in a wheelchair with a feeding tube and they lived in a trailer park and I just couldn't talk them down) and it was way short because it was so old. For some reason, I wanted it so badly I couldn't see past its' obvious flaws even though Mark was whispering in my ear "Don't buy it, it's way short" anyway, I got it home, painted it with chalk paint, didn't follow the instructions, and it turned out to be a mess. Too short, weird paint, just terrible. 

So when it came time to DIY things for the wedding, I was pretty apprehensive. However, Pinterest has been on my side for this wedding. I haven't botched up a single craft that
I have made. It's because I force myself out of "craft mode" before I let myself start on a project. Craft mode is when you are SO stoked about a project and you just want to start RIGHT THEN and you rush through it and then it turns out disastrous. So I (but really, Mark made me wait. After we bought the headboard I wanted to rush home and start right away. So glad he made me chill) made myself wait one month before I started on this frame. I researched the best spray paint to use on plastic. I did everything right! I was rewarded.

Here are some before/after pictures of the hideous headboard Mark and I found at the DI. We took off the crusty metal legs and took out the mirror. I gave it a severe wash with soap and water. Whoever owned the headboard before was definitely a drug dealer. Or just really disgusting.

I checked out a lot of spray paints and there weren't very many that specifically could be used on plastic. I finally found this Rust-Oleum metallic paint and primer spray paint that could be used on plastic. I sanded the frame after it had dried completely from washing it with soap and water and then waited about an hour between spray paint coats. This might seem like common knowledge to some people but it was huge progress for me. 

This is the final-ish product!  (This was before the second coat of chalkboard paint) It will be used for the wedding and I think it looks awesome. 

Pinterest and I are starting to develop a great relationship once again.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bridal Shower Uno

This weekend was my first bridal shower and it was great! Open houses are kind of awkward because you don't know when to open gifts and you have to bounce around from person to person. However, the alternative to open house showers are showers where you play games and stuff and that just was not going to fly with me. I'm good without a toilet paper wedding dress.
A lot of people came to my shower and we got such awesome things! I never thought I would be happy about a sixty two piece utensil set but I was stooookked.
My aunt Kimmy was in charge of the decorations. I wanted to go with the vintage-y pinterest-y feel for my shower since I went the totally opposite direction for my wedding. I still think that kind of stuff is really cute albeit a little overdone. Kimmy did a great job decorating and my Mom did a great job on the food. I'm still eating fruit and chicken salad sandwiches and I am one happy clam.
Also like the amateur I am, I didn't take pictures at the beginning of the shower when everything was all perfect. 

A huge thanks to my Aunt Kimmy and my Momma for organizing this! I had a great time. Thanks to everyone for coming and for all the gifts/moolah! 

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Monday, March 24, 2014

SLC Craigs List Gems

I usually check the "free" section on Craigs List every time I come home. Last year there was this beautiful vintage grand piano that someone just needed to get rid of for free and I couldn't justify going to get it. Regret! So much regret! If anything, I could have probably just sold it for a few hundred dollars.
Anyway, I was bored a few nights ago so I trolled Craigs List a little bit. Here are some things I wanted to go buy! One day when Mark and I are living somewhere more permanent than student housing, I will be able to buy cool things.

Of course this modern ball clock is in Sugarhouse. It would be a great accent in any space such as this one and for $5.00 you really cannot beat it.
You can find this clock HERE.

I love these chairs, gold and navy, beautiful. They would be awesome as statement chairs in a space like THIS
You can find these chairs HERE.

I think chaise lounges are awesome because they practically scream "sit down on me, start reading a book and forget what you have to do the rest of the day!" I found THIS on Pinterest and I was freaking out cause it's almost the exact same chaise as the one I found on craigslist HERE.

I found this on craigslist and it immediately reminded me of THIS that I had just pinned. It would be great to stick a few pots of herbs that you are growing on your patio or something. 

What a cool find on craigslist! This reclaimed wood is super popular right now. There were so many examples of this kind of bed on Pinterest and there were too many to choose from. However, I think my favorite is THIS one. You can find this bed on craigslist HERE.

 This dresser is begging to be redone. Check example A, B, C, and D. You can find this dresser HERE.

This is such a gorgeous vanity you would have to be really careful with whatever you do with it like THIS. You can find this vintage vanity HERE.

So that is the best of good old CL right now! Till next time!

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Friday, March 21, 2014

have a good weekend

The weeks in this semester fly by yet this semester is dragging on? I'm not really sure how that one works. But alas, it's Friday and I got three 100%'s on my quizzes in my grammar class this week which has been my toughest class this semester. So i'm happy. Tomorrow is my first bridal shower hosted by my Mom and my faux-mom, Kimmy. I'm happy about that. I had a better time planning my shower than I am having planning my wedding. That's another story for another day.
Another reason Mark and I are happy today is because we got the thing off our registry that we reallllly wanted. A positive and negative thing about your registry is that you can see what has been bought. It's negative because it makes it 100% not surprising whatsoever. A positive thing is that we know ahead of time what we have double of since we registered at two places. Anyway, we saw we are getting a certain item that we are so freaking stoked about. 

One last thing that I am happy about is that I got my graduation crap this week. Not only that, but I found the motivation I have been lacking all semester. It's mostly because I took spring break and got all the wedding stuff completely finished so I no longer have to worry about that. I finished a lot of stuff that I had been putting off for the entire semester and I am starting to finish stuff that isn't due for weeks! I'm not the most obvious about it, but i've always been good at school. I might kind of slack off for a while but I always manage to pull it together. I'm starting to feel like myself again now that I am crossing things off my to do list. It helps that I have professors that are incredibly easy going this semester. Last week I turned in one of my most terrible lesson plans to date and I got 40/40. I am currently developing a theory that my professor doesn't even read them. Another one of my professors made the final for the class available on canvas for me once he heard I was getting married. Score!

Alright, here are some links of things i'm loving this week and a picture I just found of my dog and I last week. I laughed out loud and I don't know why. Tucker is such a rat dog but I love the crap out of him. 

Old Navy is having a 30% off sale online. I am picking up a few things to start building my garment-friendly wardrobe. More on that later.

Emily Henderson designed a pod for Snoop Dog for SXSW. I was dying of laughter at her commentary. 

 Lois Lowry's "The Giver" trailer came out this week. I'm deathly afraid they are going to botch it, the trailer looks weird!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West landed the cover of Vogue and sorry to be shallow but i'm obsessed. 

I laughed out loud.

I love these shoes, but I think you need skinny ankles to wear them.
(speaking of ankles, turns out I had a hairline fracture in my ankle from a few posts ago! I was in a boot all last week and finally the swelling is done and the pain is mostly gone.)

Have a good weekend!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

engagement picture sneak peek!

So we took our engagements last Saturday and it was freeeeeezzzing but it was awesome! I never thought I would get sick of smiling for pictures but I was 1000000% over it after two hours. They turned out great! 

I received Colgate Optic White toothbrush + Whitening pen complimentary from Influenster a few weeks before my engagements. Basically, you just brush your teeth like you normally would, take the pen out from the toothbrush and apply the gel to your teeth. It adheres within seconds so you don't have to worry about whitening strips or sitting in a dentist chair with a mouth stretcher.
I did see results, they weren't drastic but results were there! It would be great for a touch up before a big event like engagements, wedding, or whatever. I have a ton of coupons if you want to get in touch with me to try it out yourself. Thanks Influenster!

Now I am locking myself in my room until I pick which engagement picture I want to include with my announcements. I have been trying to make the decision since Saturday and have made no progress.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

beauty for the clueless

So let me start this post with a disclaimer- I have no idea about anything beauty related. I think a main reason I use the stuff I do is because it's what my Mom used when I started putting on makeup. I'm at an interesting time where I am starting to figure out if the stuff I use in my beauty regimen is actually what's best. Thanks to Ulta's really lax return policy-I buy stuff, I use it, if I don't like it I take it back. This is some of the stuff I swear by now that I have experimented.  I wanted to share with all my friends so that you guys can give me suggestions on what I should be adding or taking away. I hate blog posts where you "tag" people, but I would love if my fellow bloggy friends shared what they use day to day! 

1. Nikki gave me this foundation primer about a month ago and I love it! My skin is a lot smoother during the day and I just feel totally hydrated throughout the day. 

2. Doesn't everyone use this mascara? I have yet to find something I love more! My eyelashes just look awesome, all the time. I do go through about a tube every two weeks though. 

3. Covergirl Tru Blend powder foundation is one of the products that's been there since the beginning. It just works with my skin tone and isn't too heavy. It lasts a long time and looks great!

4. Ok, this is the beauty product that I experimented the most on. I have tried everything from every single brand of primer to anti-chafe gel because I heard it helped keep your eye makeup on. (It doesn't-for the record)
I found this primer that I like. I want to try the white variety but for now I stick to skin tone. I put amount a half-dime size on both eyes and wait for about five minutes so it can dry. My eye makeup doesn't go anywhere the entire day. 

5. I got these Kiss eyelashes for free from Influenster and I was a little skeptical but holy cow- they are amazing. They look awesome and they are way easy to put on with the applicator strings. I don't use fake eyelashes daily but I do use them on special occasions and I love these eyelashes.
6. My life changed the second I started using Secret gel instead of regular deodorant. I can't really explain it but I just feel more fresh when I use the gel. It does take a minute of waving my arms around to dry it before I get dressed but only a minute. 

7. One of the luxuries that I had to give up when moving away from home is salon quality shampoo and conditioner. Until I can get enough money to be able to buy the good stuff, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration makes my hair feel least-crappy. 

8. Of course, I use the Naked palettes like the rest of the world. They really are as great as everyone says. I am saving, one dollar at a time, to buy #3. 

9. Everyone has their "scent" is that weird to say? This Softsoap Pomegranate is mine. It's cheap, might not be the most moisturizing or skin friendly but it smells DANG good!

10. Another one of my favorite things on this list. My teeth got SO much whiter when I started using this Sonic electric toothbrush. I also stopped having gum issues as well as any cavities. It's amazing how clean my teeth feel after I brush with this toothbrush.
11. Dermalogica is easily the most expensive beauty product I own. It's about fifty dollars for this thing. BUT OHHHH is it a lifesaver! It lasts forever, I use a quarter of a squirt every night. It's makeup remover and it doesn't bother my eyes AT ALL. I literally rub it into my eyelashes and nothing burns at all. I cannot go on enough about this awesome product.

12. My roomie suggested I try this Suave dry shampoo and I love everything about it. It's cheap, smells delicious and gets the job done. The only thing I dislike is that I go through cans like it's nothin! I guess it takes more to get the job done? 

13. Tresseme is the first dry shampoo I ever started using and it's my favorite, but it's also getting to be way expensive. Plus, if you aren't white blonde like I am, i'm not really sure how well this would work because I notice that the white debris doesn't go away that easily. It blends in with my hair but it could be a brunette's nightmare.

14. I am trying PSST Dry Shampoo because I heard it rocks. I used it yesterday and it smelled really nice and I had no complaints!

15. Big Sexy Hair mousse. A little pricey, but I can usually find it at Ross or TJ Maxx for a little cheaper. I use this whenever my hair needs some help lifting off my head, usually when I scrunch it curly. 

16. I have used Herbal Essences Mousse for years. It's part of my "fifth day dirty hair" regimen. The night before I know my hair will be curly, I dampen my hair with Not Yo Momma's Beach Spray (Why I didn't include this on the list I dunno, i'm kicking myself!) and then put my hair into three tight braids. When I wake up I scrunch my hair with this mousse and the Big Sexy Hair Mousse. It looks really volume-ous and I am always really happy with my scrunchy hair. 

17. I actually just bought this Baby Lips a few days ago but I already know it will be one of my long term favorites. It provides a really nice color while giving your lips the life that most lipsticks take out of them. 

18. This True Blue Tanning stuff is AMAZING. It is sold at Bath & Body Works and I buy it in threes because it's a better deal. I usually use this a lot during the summertime and for special events in the winter. It gives you a tanned look without smelling terrible or looking fake. 
This was the day Mark got home from his mission and my birthday. I used the tanning lotion several times the week before he came home and this is what my legs looked like. I never went in the sun that summer and so I totally relied on this lotion. I think my legs look great!

Hilarie's legs are totally naturally tan (I'm pretty sure) and they look really similar. 

19. I have talked about this stuff before. Mood Magic Lipstick reacts to the PH levels in your lips and creates a special shade of pink/red, unique to you. I order mine in packs of twelve because I love them so much. 

20. My sister gave me a bottle of Hemp lotion for Christmas and it's almost gone. I actually shave with it in the shower sometimes, it makes my skin way softer. It's a really moisturizing lotion for your entire body. I put it on Mark's face this morning to moisturize before our engagement pictures on Saturday.  

And that's what we got! As I said, I would love to see what you have in your bathroom cabinets. 
I am off to enjoy the little time left of spring break. 

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

This is kind of how I feel about spring break.
We aren't going anywhere but that's more than fine with me. I have so much crap that needs to get done this week that i'm fine just staying home! Plus it is the last time we will be living at home for this long for the rest of our lives, that's a pretty freakin weird thought.

Ok, here are some pictures about life lately.

I shot my first wedding last weekend! It was pretty nuts getting up at six AM to get to the Manti temple on time but it was beautiful. My tripod broke while I was pulling it out of my car and so the video suffered a little bit because of that unfortunately. However it was such good practice and experience if I end up going into videography one day! I did get an amazing shot of a bridesmaid who had her dress picked up by the wind. I have a priceless screen shot but for the sake of her future career, I will keep it to myself!

So, I was walking home the other day and I tripped over a crack in the side walk and my ankle totally bent in half and made a huge loud popping noise. I was on the ground crying and wanting to barf and like ten people that were around did nothing. So stupid, i'm still really bitter. So I limped my way to a bench.  I am pretty sure it's just a really bad sprain despite what other people say. (Apparently sprains shouldn't be hurting badly almost a week later) The whole night Mark made me ice for twenty minutes, rest for twenty, ice for twenty, rest. I was a huge baby about it. 

Seriously, can you see how swollen my ankle is? I lived in fear this whole day my Jr High kids would notice my solitary cankle and never forget it. 

This was today after my Mom, Aunt and I went shopping for almost eight hours. You can't tell how bruised my ankle is in this picture but let me tell you, it's not ok. I hope that it will stop hurting soon but that requires me to stay out of there is no end in sight. Ok, I think this blog has enough ankle pictures for it's life.

Here is a rare selfie but Mark was icing my ankle and I was bored. This was about ten minutes before food poisoning or something kicked in. It was TERRIBLE! I tried a fried chicken meal from Macey's and let me just say.....NEVER AGAIN! Also I was really self conscious that my roots were showing so badly this day and I realize now you can barely see them. Hmmmmm....

Today I shopped for almost ten hours trying to find Mark and I some clothes for our engagement pictures that are next week. Luckily I found these shirts. Mark and I are currently fighting over who gets to wear which one. I also found THIS which was in what we named the "Miley Cyrus" section of Forever 21 so I think we have a solid lineup of outfits.

K, let me roast engagement pictures for a minute.

 I'm kind of freaking out about our session on Saturday because I realized, I hate engagement pictures! I hate "serious" engagement poses. It is literally the happiest time of your life and you are both gonna look like you haven't pooped in a month? 

Also, I am terrified of awkward poses. I have awkward body movements in general (seriously, don't look at my fingers when I type) so I am a little nervous that our photographer will pose us all cute and I will do something weird right before she takes the picture.

Also, why do engagement pictures require so much sexual tension? 

Ok, I hate kissing engagement pictures. Mark and I are among the population of people that do not look good kissing. Plus when you add in serious kissing, it's a problem. Also, I hate the forehead kissing in any picture. Another pose I hate is when the groom is like solemnly looking at the bride while she is being a model. Be grateful you aren't my wedding photographer. 

And one more thing, PEOPLE NEED TO STOP. A lot of good came from the invention of Pinterest but a loooooooottt of terrible came from it too. 

Basically, if I feel like I need to tweet something wedding related, I don't and I post it on that blog and I keep Ben Fordham happy.
Ahhhh, subtweets. 

Have a good week!

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