Thursday, March 13, 2014

beauty for the clueless

So let me start this post with a disclaimer- I have no idea about anything beauty related. I think a main reason I use the stuff I do is because it's what my Mom used when I started putting on makeup. I'm at an interesting time where I am starting to figure out if the stuff I use in my beauty regimen is actually what's best. Thanks to Ulta's really lax return policy-I buy stuff, I use it, if I don't like it I take it back. This is some of the stuff I swear by now that I have experimented.  I wanted to share with all my friends so that you guys can give me suggestions on what I should be adding or taking away. I hate blog posts where you "tag" people, but I would love if my fellow bloggy friends shared what they use day to day! 

1. Nikki gave me this foundation primer about a month ago and I love it! My skin is a lot smoother during the day and I just feel totally hydrated throughout the day. 

2. Doesn't everyone use this mascara? I have yet to find something I love more! My eyelashes just look awesome, all the time. I do go through about a tube every two weeks though. 

3. Covergirl Tru Blend powder foundation is one of the products that's been there since the beginning. It just works with my skin tone and isn't too heavy. It lasts a long time and looks great!

4. Ok, this is the beauty product that I experimented the most on. I have tried everything from every single brand of primer to anti-chafe gel because I heard it helped keep your eye makeup on. (It doesn't-for the record)
I found this primer that I like. I want to try the white variety but for now I stick to skin tone. I put amount a half-dime size on both eyes and wait for about five minutes so it can dry. My eye makeup doesn't go anywhere the entire day. 

5. I got these Kiss eyelashes for free from Influenster and I was a little skeptical but holy cow- they are amazing. They look awesome and they are way easy to put on with the applicator strings. I don't use fake eyelashes daily but I do use them on special occasions and I love these eyelashes.
6. My life changed the second I started using Secret gel instead of regular deodorant. I can't really explain it but I just feel more fresh when I use the gel. It does take a minute of waving my arms around to dry it before I get dressed but only a minute. 

7. One of the luxuries that I had to give up when moving away from home is salon quality shampoo and conditioner. Until I can get enough money to be able to buy the good stuff, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration makes my hair feel least-crappy. 

8. Of course, I use the Naked palettes like the rest of the world. They really are as great as everyone says. I am saving, one dollar at a time, to buy #3. 

9. Everyone has their "scent" is that weird to say? This Softsoap Pomegranate is mine. It's cheap, might not be the most moisturizing or skin friendly but it smells DANG good!

10. Another one of my favorite things on this list. My teeth got SO much whiter when I started using this Sonic electric toothbrush. I also stopped having gum issues as well as any cavities. It's amazing how clean my teeth feel after I brush with this toothbrush.
11. Dermalogica is easily the most expensive beauty product I own. It's about fifty dollars for this thing. BUT OHHHH is it a lifesaver! It lasts forever, I use a quarter of a squirt every night. It's makeup remover and it doesn't bother my eyes AT ALL. I literally rub it into my eyelashes and nothing burns at all. I cannot go on enough about this awesome product.

12. My roomie suggested I try this Suave dry shampoo and I love everything about it. It's cheap, smells delicious and gets the job done. The only thing I dislike is that I go through cans like it's nothin! I guess it takes more to get the job done? 

13. Tresseme is the first dry shampoo I ever started using and it's my favorite, but it's also getting to be way expensive. Plus, if you aren't white blonde like I am, i'm not really sure how well this would work because I notice that the white debris doesn't go away that easily. It blends in with my hair but it could be a brunette's nightmare.

14. I am trying PSST Dry Shampoo because I heard it rocks. I used it yesterday and it smelled really nice and I had no complaints!

15. Big Sexy Hair mousse. A little pricey, but I can usually find it at Ross or TJ Maxx for a little cheaper. I use this whenever my hair needs some help lifting off my head, usually when I scrunch it curly. 

16. I have used Herbal Essences Mousse for years. It's part of my "fifth day dirty hair" regimen. The night before I know my hair will be curly, I dampen my hair with Not Yo Momma's Beach Spray (Why I didn't include this on the list I dunno, i'm kicking myself!) and then put my hair into three tight braids. When I wake up I scrunch my hair with this mousse and the Big Sexy Hair Mousse. It looks really volume-ous and I am always really happy with my scrunchy hair. 

17. I actually just bought this Baby Lips a few days ago but I already know it will be one of my long term favorites. It provides a really nice color while giving your lips the life that most lipsticks take out of them. 

18. This True Blue Tanning stuff is AMAZING. It is sold at Bath & Body Works and I buy it in threes because it's a better deal. I usually use this a lot during the summertime and for special events in the winter. It gives you a tanned look without smelling terrible or looking fake. 
This was the day Mark got home from his mission and my birthday. I used the tanning lotion several times the week before he came home and this is what my legs looked like. I never went in the sun that summer and so I totally relied on this lotion. I think my legs look great!

Hilarie's legs are totally naturally tan (I'm pretty sure) and they look really similar. 

19. I have talked about this stuff before. Mood Magic Lipstick reacts to the PH levels in your lips and creates a special shade of pink/red, unique to you. I order mine in packs of twelve because I love them so much. 

20. My sister gave me a bottle of Hemp lotion for Christmas and it's almost gone. I actually shave with it in the shower sometimes, it makes my skin way softer. It's a really moisturizing lotion for your entire body. I put it on Mark's face this morning to moisturize before our engagement pictures on Saturday.  

And that's what we got! As I said, I would love to see what you have in your bathroom cabinets. 
I am off to enjoy the little time left of spring break. 

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  1. FIRST OF ALL!!! I can get you the Dermalogica pretty cheap because they sell it the nail school I went to and I get some forever discount or something.

    ALSO...PLEEASE stop using Herbal Essence. I can also get you Shampoo and Conditioner (Hairspray, mousse, gel) for pretty darn cheap. That includes your Big Sexy Hair Stuff.

    Stop...please just stop.

    1. Ha! Both good things that you coulda told me about foreveerrr ago! But good to know now! Get me some crap!