Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bridal Shower Uno

This weekend was my first bridal shower and it was great! Open houses are kind of awkward because you don't know when to open gifts and you have to bounce around from person to person. However, the alternative to open house showers are showers where you play games and stuff and that just was not going to fly with me. I'm good without a toilet paper wedding dress.
A lot of people came to my shower and we got such awesome things! I never thought I would be happy about a sixty two piece utensil set but I was stooookked.
My aunt Kimmy was in charge of the decorations. I wanted to go with the vintage-y pinterest-y feel for my shower since I went the totally opposite direction for my wedding. I still think that kind of stuff is really cute albeit a little overdone. Kimmy did a great job decorating and my Mom did a great job on the food. I'm still eating fruit and chicken salad sandwiches and I am one happy clam.
Also like the amateur I am, I didn't take pictures at the beginning of the shower when everything was all perfect. 

A huge thanks to my Aunt Kimmy and my Momma for organizing this! I had a great time. Thanks to everyone for coming and for all the gifts/moolah! 

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