Friday, March 21, 2014

have a good weekend

The weeks in this semester fly by yet this semester is dragging on? I'm not really sure how that one works. But alas, it's Friday and I got three 100%'s on my quizzes in my grammar class this week which has been my toughest class this semester. So i'm happy. Tomorrow is my first bridal shower hosted by my Mom and my faux-mom, Kimmy. I'm happy about that. I had a better time planning my shower than I am having planning my wedding. That's another story for another day.
Another reason Mark and I are happy today is because we got the thing off our registry that we reallllly wanted. A positive and negative thing about your registry is that you can see what has been bought. It's negative because it makes it 100% not surprising whatsoever. A positive thing is that we know ahead of time what we have double of since we registered at two places. Anyway, we saw we are getting a certain item that we are so freaking stoked about. 

One last thing that I am happy about is that I got my graduation crap this week. Not only that, but I found the motivation I have been lacking all semester. It's mostly because I took spring break and got all the wedding stuff completely finished so I no longer have to worry about that. I finished a lot of stuff that I had been putting off for the entire semester and I am starting to finish stuff that isn't due for weeks! I'm not the most obvious about it, but i've always been good at school. I might kind of slack off for a while but I always manage to pull it together. I'm starting to feel like myself again now that I am crossing things off my to do list. It helps that I have professors that are incredibly easy going this semester. Last week I turned in one of my most terrible lesson plans to date and I got 40/40. I am currently developing a theory that my professor doesn't even read them. Another one of my professors made the final for the class available on canvas for me once he heard I was getting married. Score!

Alright, here are some links of things i'm loving this week and a picture I just found of my dog and I last week. I laughed out loud and I don't know why. Tucker is such a rat dog but I love the crap out of him. 

Old Navy is having a 30% off sale online. I am picking up a few things to start building my garment-friendly wardrobe. More on that later.

Emily Henderson designed a pod for Snoop Dog for SXSW. I was dying of laughter at her commentary. 

 Lois Lowry's "The Giver" trailer came out this week. I'm deathly afraid they are going to botch it, the trailer looks weird!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West landed the cover of Vogue and sorry to be shallow but i'm obsessed. 

I laughed out loud.

I love these shoes, but I think you need skinny ankles to wear them.
(speaking of ankles, turns out I had a hairline fracture in my ankle from a few posts ago! I was in a boot all last week and finally the swelling is done and the pain is mostly gone.)

Have a good weekend!

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