Thursday, March 6, 2014

My engagement ring!

Since I have been getting a lot of traffic on this post from Pinterest, here are more professional pictures of my ring!

Photographer- Val Jean Photography
Where did you get your ring? 
It was custom made from S.E Needham Jewlers in Logan, Utah.
If you find someone who can custom make a ring near you, you may email me for the sizing information
What is the band made out of?
Rose gold.
Is your ring real diamonds?
I feel like I should be offended by this question but since the answer is "Kind of?" I guess I am not.
My main stone is Moissanite. You can read why many pick this stone HERE. I agree with what my friend Leah says in this article completely.
My side diamonds are all totally real.
How did you get the idea for your ring?
This picture from Pinterest! 
I loved it but I also wanted to change it in certain ways, so I did!
I love your ring!
Thank you! I love it too!
Can you tell me more about the custom process?
I am sure every custom process is different, but here is mine. 
We went into the jewlery store with the picture and they did some mathmatical measuring and decided what size all the stones should be. Then it was time to pick out my stone, which most jewelers don't just carry around. I had them order a few sapphires and a moissanite. I was pretty certain I was going to go with the sapphires, but when I saw the moissanite I knew it had to be that stone.

Here was me trying to visualize my ring. It was difficult and I went home crying that my ring would be too small. Ha! I'm a diva. Just FYI- a halo setting makes any diamond look WAY bigger.

After I gave the go ahead on the computer renderings, they made me a mold. I thought I would have fairly decent visualization about my ring based on the mold, but I had no idea still. 
After the mold, they can proceed to make the final ring! I was shocked and didn't like my ring at first, maybe I was being hormonal or something, but I am literally obsessed with it now!
Back to the original post-
A month after we got engaged, we got my ring today. The custom process was not a fun one but I can't stop staring at my ring. I'm also incredibly terrified because I have never owned anything this expensive in my life and it's so small and ahhhhh it stresses me out. But I love it, Mark did such a good job!

Hopefully it will be accompanied by a wedding band but i'm still debating if I want to go that route!
If you are in the market for a ring or any other jewelry, go to S.E Needhams and let them know I/We referred you!

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  1. If you don't mind me asking, what how many carats is your center stone? I'm looking into a similar style.

    1. The center stone is one carat and the halo stones are 1 mm with 2 mm stones on both sides.

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  4. Congratulations on the engagement! When is the wedding? Your ring is so gorgeous. I’m not surprised that it was quite pricey. But more than being luxurious, it comes with a romantic and personal touch that makes it more special. No wonder you love it so much. Cheers!

    Theresa Conner @ Michael Alan Jewelers

  5. It was in the fourteen and the fifteen centuries that the diamond rings got to be renowned as wedding rings. The diamond engagement rings were skilled just by the illustrious and wealthy individuals.
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  6. Your engagement ring looks very elegant and sophisticated, Riley! I can’t help but stare at those adorable photos! Its simplicity really catches my attention, for some reason. Anyway, I’m glad you were happy with that. I can’t see any reason to be frustrated by having such a wonderful ring. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations to you.

    Ricky Rowe @ Find A Jewelry Expert

  7. Hi, Riley! I really love the intricate design of your rose gold engagement ring. Not every girl gets her dream engagement ring, so I am glad you got yours! Do you plan to keep it in the family, like an heirloom passed down from one generation to the next? That would be cool! Cheers!

    Verna Ford @ JacobsTheJewellers