Thursday, March 27, 2014

pinterest has been on my side

Last year I swore off doing anything DIY from Pinterest EVER again. Everything I did was a fail, everything. It all ended when I bought a 40$ bed frame that I found on KSL (They ripped me off, for the record. But they had a little girl in a wheelchair with a feeding tube and they lived in a trailer park and I just couldn't talk them down) and it was way short because it was so old. For some reason, I wanted it so badly I couldn't see past its' obvious flaws even though Mark was whispering in my ear "Don't buy it, it's way short" anyway, I got it home, painted it with chalk paint, didn't follow the instructions, and it turned out to be a mess. Too short, weird paint, just terrible. 

So when it came time to DIY things for the wedding, I was pretty apprehensive. However, Pinterest has been on my side for this wedding. I haven't botched up a single craft that
I have made. It's because I force myself out of "craft mode" before I let myself start on a project. Craft mode is when you are SO stoked about a project and you just want to start RIGHT THEN and you rush through it and then it turns out disastrous. So I (but really, Mark made me wait. After we bought the headboard I wanted to rush home and start right away. So glad he made me chill) made myself wait one month before I started on this frame. I researched the best spray paint to use on plastic. I did everything right! I was rewarded.

Here are some before/after pictures of the hideous headboard Mark and I found at the DI. We took off the crusty metal legs and took out the mirror. I gave it a severe wash with soap and water. Whoever owned the headboard before was definitely a drug dealer. Or just really disgusting.

I checked out a lot of spray paints and there weren't very many that specifically could be used on plastic. I finally found this Rust-Oleum metallic paint and primer spray paint that could be used on plastic. I sanded the frame after it had dried completely from washing it with soap and water and then waited about an hour between spray paint coats. This might seem like common knowledge to some people but it was huge progress for me. 

This is the final-ish product!  (This was before the second coat of chalkboard paint) It will be used for the wedding and I think it looks awesome. 

Pinterest and I are starting to develop a great relationship once again.

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