Sunday, March 9, 2014

This is kind of how I feel about spring break.
We aren't going anywhere but that's more than fine with me. I have so much crap that needs to get done this week that i'm fine just staying home! Plus it is the last time we will be living at home for this long for the rest of our lives, that's a pretty freakin weird thought.

Ok, here are some pictures about life lately.

I shot my first wedding last weekend! It was pretty nuts getting up at six AM to get to the Manti temple on time but it was beautiful. My tripod broke while I was pulling it out of my car and so the video suffered a little bit because of that unfortunately. However it was such good practice and experience if I end up going into videography one day! I did get an amazing shot of a bridesmaid who had her dress picked up by the wind. I have a priceless screen shot but for the sake of her future career, I will keep it to myself!

So, I was walking home the other day and I tripped over a crack in the side walk and my ankle totally bent in half and made a huge loud popping noise. I was on the ground crying and wanting to barf and like ten people that were around did nothing. So stupid, i'm still really bitter. So I limped my way to a bench.  I am pretty sure it's just a really bad sprain despite what other people say. (Apparently sprains shouldn't be hurting badly almost a week later) The whole night Mark made me ice for twenty minutes, rest for twenty, ice for twenty, rest. I was a huge baby about it. 

Seriously, can you see how swollen my ankle is? I lived in fear this whole day my Jr High kids would notice my solitary cankle and never forget it. 

This was today after my Mom, Aunt and I went shopping for almost eight hours. You can't tell how bruised my ankle is in this picture but let me tell you, it's not ok. I hope that it will stop hurting soon but that requires me to stay out of there is no end in sight. Ok, I think this blog has enough ankle pictures for it's life.

Here is a rare selfie but Mark was icing my ankle and I was bored. This was about ten minutes before food poisoning or something kicked in. It was TERRIBLE! I tried a fried chicken meal from Macey's and let me just say.....NEVER AGAIN! Also I was really self conscious that my roots were showing so badly this day and I realize now you can barely see them. Hmmmmm....

Today I shopped for almost ten hours trying to find Mark and I some clothes for our engagement pictures that are next week. Luckily I found these shirts. Mark and I are currently fighting over who gets to wear which one. I also found THIS which was in what we named the "Miley Cyrus" section of Forever 21 so I think we have a solid lineup of outfits.

K, let me roast engagement pictures for a minute.

 I'm kind of freaking out about our session on Saturday because I realized, I hate engagement pictures! I hate "serious" engagement poses. It is literally the happiest time of your life and you are both gonna look like you haven't pooped in a month? 

Also, I am terrified of awkward poses. I have awkward body movements in general (seriously, don't look at my fingers when I type) so I am a little nervous that our photographer will pose us all cute and I will do something weird right before she takes the picture.

Also, why do engagement pictures require so much sexual tension? 

Ok, I hate kissing engagement pictures. Mark and I are among the population of people that do not look good kissing. Plus when you add in serious kissing, it's a problem. Also, I hate the forehead kissing in any picture. Another pose I hate is when the groom is like solemnly looking at the bride while she is being a model. Be grateful you aren't my wedding photographer. 

And one more thing, PEOPLE NEED TO STOP. A lot of good came from the invention of Pinterest but a loooooooottt of terrible came from it too. 

Basically, if I feel like I need to tweet something wedding related, I don't and I post it on that blog and I keep Ben Fordham happy.
Ahhhh, subtweets. 

Have a good week!

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