Tuesday, April 29, 2014

wedding slideshow

I thought I would post this cause......it's my blog and I made the movie and I like the movie and I cried when I watched it today so that's really all the reasoning I need. 

Watching this video kind of made me realize what a crazy journey Mark and I have been on and how lucky we are and how e v e r y t h i n g, and I mean EVERYTHING is part of a bigger plan. Our love makes me have a stronger testimony, I think that's what marriage should be about! But what do I know about marriage yet! 

Also i'm not naive enough to think anyone will sit through ten minutes of pictures but stick around for the last song and anyone who can identify it will have a nice LOL. 

Also....we get married in a week. I would swear, but i'm getting endowed today so that is probably frowned upon.


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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

wedding inspiration

Mark and I were sitting at a bakery waiting to look at cakes when the sales lady pulls out this binder of pictures that look like they were as old as us. When I was telling someone about this later they said "Well, that's how it used to be before Pinterest." 
I don't care how ditsy it makes me sound but I am literally so thankful for Pinterest. What would I have done without it, especially planning this wedding!
Here are some of the pins that inspired our wedding in a few weeks(!!).

Can you tell what our colors are? 
Can you tell i'm excited?
I have so many great vendors that I went through for all the stuff, can't wait to share when the wedding is all over!
Sequin table cloth
Bride & Bridesmaids
Marquee Sign

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

wanna be the best present giver on the block?

Is present giver a word? Probably not. Whatever.

Happy Easter! This morning I woke up to an awesome Easter Basket, my last one! (Also, apparently it's really unusual that I have gotten an amazing Easter basket every year of my life? I was telling Mark and his roommates about all my Easter baskets and they were shocked + amazed. My Mom wins, I guess!)  It made me really sad and then I started eating the candy from inside and got over it. Getting married is awesome but there is a lot of change you have to go through and i'm not the best with change. It will be ok though, it's all worth it and great. 

Speaking of marriage, today I want to talk to you about an awesome gift idea for a wedding, anniversary, anything really.
 I already posted about this awesome portrait that my friend Sarah drew for a wedding gift. 

But you guys, the best news this week is that she opened up an ETSY shop so that anyone can order a print for a really low price for a present or for themselves!

So check out her shop HERE
Trust me when I say this present is way way better than a toaster. 

I'm off to spend some precious time with my whole family.
Happy Easter! 

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

movin on out

Everything is starting to move pretty quickly around here. I was looking at my planner today, looking at the few weeks I have left of single life, of Utah life (for a while at least), of college life. It's all pretty surreal. 
I hate the word surreal because I feel like as a writer, it's the easy way out but I don't know how else to describe it.
Tonight I sealed up my first box marked "To Stay." It's full of all the decoration knick knacks that I have carried through all of my, wait for it, TEN moves in college.  But they won't be coming with us to Maryland. We've officially admitted defeat on selling my car so space is precious and I need room for our awesome flip waffle maker. 
Always the planner, driven by my insane anxiety, I planned out our journey to MD last night. It looks a lil somethin like this:

We are stopping in Chicago for an afternoon and a night. Any suggestions on places to eat or visit, please let me know!
I am drrrreaddddding this drive. DREADING! I am trying to be optimistic about the adventures that await us but let me tell you, I have looked into a million options to get us out of this drive and I just can't. 

Also, if you need to clean out your closet, I highly recommend moving across the country. If you aren't taking it across the country, you probably don't need it!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I feel we need to have words about Smith's Marketplace.

So the other day I had like twenty minutes between lunch and seventh period at the jr high. I needed to buy some hairspray so I thought I would run to Smith's Marketplace. I had never been there before and when I walked in I saw this blazer! It was insanely cheap and I thought of this outfit I had just seen on Pinterest:

So I was like: Yes. You are coming home with me. 
Mandy called me when I was in the dressing room and I could barely admit that I was in the Smith's Marketplace dressing room and when I did she judged me a lot (as I would to her) but after I sent her a few pictures her mind was made up about how right I was. 

Also I am feeling happy because I finally mixed prints and I had it be somewhat successful. 

Please ignore my end of day makeup face. This was not long before I went to bed so.....
(A kid in my class told me I am already on married standard time. Heck yeah.) 

^^This is the face I give Mark about 72 trillion times a day. Ask him, he will back me up on that.^^
Also I am wearing the lipstick I received from my Uni Vox Box.  Maybe it doesn't look so ridiculous? 

Also, I didn't buy these but they are so cute! They were 40% off, but that still made them $20 and since I recently bought a new purse I couldn't justify it. But I just felt like I needed more proof that you can find cute stuff in unexpected places. 

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

bridal shower two & other life happenings

This weekend I had a lovely shower hosted by the Bell girls. I moved into my neighborhood when I was nine and instantly fell in love with all my leaders. I had the most awesome group of YW leaders growing up. I was truly #blessed to have such positive influences as I was going through such an awkward time. So, since most of my ward/neighborhood ladies have known me most of my life, we partied on Saturday!
And of course, I didn't really take any good pictures. 

Isn't Sarah so talented? She took our announcement picture and made it her own. Holler if you think she should open her own etsy shop! (HOLLER!) 
Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who helped put it together!

In other news, my life is boring lately. Which i'm thankful for because life is about to get really un-boring.

I made Swig sugar cookies. I have never had them but no one will shut up about them. So I used Vintage Revival's recipe. Guys, it literally took me three hours from start to finish and I am pretty sure tonight I am going to toss all the cookies. I am not sure what I missed or what happened but it would have taken less time for me to drive to St. George and buy a cookie. So, I dunno. Maybe someone a little more FCHD should try to make the cookies. 

Do you ever have an outfit you think looks fine but then you chicken out last second and pull on jeans and an old sweatshirt? Cause that was me on Friday. 

Also, isn't Sister Prescott just adorable with my invites? It seems like everyone is working it out to be here for our wedding except my best friend! Funny how things work out. But she will be wearing navy in spirit. I accept.

I'm gonna go teach some Jr High kiddos now. See ya later friends.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

FREE STUFF (!) (!) (!)

Hey friends! It's another post that has been sponsored by Influenster!
If you don't know about Influenster, it's pretty awesome. They basically give you free things for testing purposes. I have had a few really bad "vox boxes" and a few really good ones. A few of my favorite things have been NYC Big Bold Lip Color as well as Airhead Bites. So I was excited to get the Uni Vox Box because it is specifically for college students!
So here's what I got:

1. Playtex sport tampons.
How do I say this.....I have not yet had the opportunity to try these out yet. I will let you know in a few weeks. However, I have heard from a few friends that they swear by this brand. Am I sporty enough to use this tampon? Not really. I don't often go play tennis in white skirts so I am a little intimidated to use them. Maybe the tampon contains super sporty powers! Ooo! That would be cool. If you see me jogging in a few weeks, you'll know why. Ok, let's stop talking about tampons. Moving on. 

2. Red Rose Real Tea
I'm Mormon, which doesn't mean all tea is banned (something I learned in institute last year!) but this tea contained actual tea leaves so it was a no-no. Besides that, I hate tea so...I will drop this by the sorority house and let you know the feedback.

3. Acroball Pen
I actually really like this pen. I'm super picky about pens, I always have to have the most expensive pens because they just write so well. However, I was diggin this pen. It was ballpoint but it wasn't so thick to write with. I also like their marketing direction. Check out their Pinterest board if you want to know more about that. 

4. NYC Everlast Lipstick
Ok, I love this lipstick because truly, I couldn't get it off. The only problem with that is that Influenster gave me the BRIGHTEST pink they could. Since my lips are HUGE, it was a scary sight. However, I want to try a different shade because it really did last through multiple meals.

5. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
I really liked this foundation, it was fluffy, kind of like marshmallow fluff you get in the PB&J isle at the store. However, it was a bit too light so I looked like I was a step away from death. I would definitely buy this in a more appropriate shade. 

6. Impress Press On Manicure
Are these nails still a thing!? I was like "ewww" when I put them on. But they were really easy to use however, they stayed on for like one day. If that. I did pick at them a lot because I was really unsure about the whole fake nail thing.

So all in all, it was a fairly good Vox Box. If you want to be apart of Influenster Nation, let me know and I can send you an invite.

More interesting stuff coming this week, promise!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

weekend! weekend! weekend!

Currently I am sitting at my desk with soaking wet hair trying to stay awake. It feels a little Monday-ish this morning. Last night at 11 pm I decided to go into deep spring cleaning mode and at that point, the crazy could not be stopped. So I am feeling the tired-ness in my bones today.
This weekend, Mark and I are going to see Grand Budapest Hotel (we've been waiting to see it forever, hellllooo Logan, please get good movies in your theaters) and we are also going to his mission reunion which will be followed by thai food. (my favorite!) Tomorrow will be a lot of watching General Conference and addressing our invitations. (Speaking of, you have till tomorrow to get your name on the google doc!) 
So this week was a crazy one! My little Delci surprised us all when she returned home from her mission. We went around surprising people all day on Wednesday, it was a blast. Add another bridesmaid to my already all-star lineup. 

There are three weeks left of school and i'm trying to stay focused. Also I looked at my wedding countdown for the first time in a while and my stomach had all kinds of butterflies and did a million flips when the countdown said "32." Mark and I were both like "Woooooahhh, this is happening"

Anyway, here are some links for you cool people to look at.

Brinlee Davis's tweet was so ON POINT that i'm pretty sure it's why twitter was invented in the first place. 

Leah talks about engagement rings and all I have to say is "preach, sister!" 

I've been following Alison's "How to Be Awesome" series and this particular lesson struck me a lot. I want to start listening to some podcasts. I always have to have some sort of white noise on whenever I do anything, so usually I pick a tv series and re-watch episodes but podcasts seem a lot more enlightening. Does anyone have suggestions? 

Mandy from Vintage Revivals just published a blog post about how to throw a budget wedding and I wish I would have seen this when my planning began. 

I saw THIS video on vine a few months ago and then saw it again on tumblr and I laugh so freaking hard every time! 

Have a good weekend! 

PS-My car is still for sale and i've lowered the price. Contact me if interested!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

not an expert on marriage but I know a few things about relationships

So last night I was making a PB&J sandwich.
Wait, back up. Before we start this conversation I have to tell you that in the last two years I started to learn the difference between looking at a food saying "I don't like that food" and "I have not tried that food" This might sound ridiculous, but it was seriously an ephinany for me. So I started trying things and I started liking a lot more things. An example of this is that I always loved creamy peanut butter but I had never tried crunchy. Once I tried crunchy, there was literally no turning back. My mind is blown about how in the world I ate creamy peanut butter for so freaking long. 
Ok, back to the sandwich.
I was scraping the bottom of my crunchy peanut butter jar when I realized Mark prefers creamy peanut butter. 
"Hmm," I wondered "I guess we will have to buy both kinds of peanut butter. That seems excessive, though. I guess Mark will just have to deal with crunchy peanut butter. Or maybe I will have to deal with creamy? But I love crunchy! Maybe I could get a separate thing of nuts and sprinkle them on my sandwich..."
Ok, listen. I do not even eat PB&J sandwiches that much. Maybe a few times a month. The fact that I was getting so worked up over peanut butter was a little strange but not really, since it's me.

What i'm trying to get to is this:
A year before I was even engaged, I went to a bridal faire. Amongst all these overpriced photography/catering booths was a booth from Stronger Marriage. They were giving away toilet paper and I was like "What? That's weird. Let's leave. Where's the free photobooth?" but my friend Karly made us stop. The lady asked me if I believed toilet paper should be over or under the roll. 
I thought about it for a second and I replied 
"Umm, I guess over?"
She smiled and responded "Hmm, what about your boyfriend? What side does he have it on?"
I asked Mark when I got home and he said under. 
This was the first time, honestly, that I had realized Mark and I are different. Our whole dating life had been finding our similarities and coming together with those. I never realized that we were raised totally differently and neither of those ways were wrong. It's not wrong to like creamy peanut butter, it's not wrong to have the toilet paper come from the bottom of the roll. These are really simple examples, but you understand. The lady at the booth gave me a little magazine of information about Stronger Marriage and I still have it. I hope I always will. It was the only permanent thing at that Bridal Faire. In ten years it will not matter if you had your flowers done by Flower Patch or Flowers by Design. It won't matter where your cake came from.  It will matter about how you deal with your differences because that can make or break a relationship. 
I hate the girls that are married for like a week and they start advertising for marriage advice on their blog. No, no, no. This is not me. That's not what is happening here. I think this advice could be applied to any relationship. Friends, family, dog, I dunno, everyone. I have a particular friend (ok, I have like twenty seven friends) who literally cannot be on time to anything ever. EVER. I am always inappropriately early to most everything in life. Being on time is a priority for me and it's not for a lot of people, and that's ok. Having a clean bathroom is not a priority for me, but it is for some people. So maybe they are late because they are cleaning their bathroom. It's all fine.
Ok well, that's my rant for the day.

PS we are sending out invites in two days. If you haven't already, go ahead and put your address in this google doc.
I can't believe that in a month-ish, we will be married!

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