Tuesday, April 15, 2014

bridal shower two & other life happenings

This weekend I had a lovely shower hosted by the Bell girls. I moved into my neighborhood when I was nine and instantly fell in love with all my leaders. I had the most awesome group of YW leaders growing up. I was truly #blessed to have such positive influences as I was going through such an awkward time. So, since most of my ward/neighborhood ladies have known me most of my life, we partied on Saturday!
And of course, I didn't really take any good pictures. 

Isn't Sarah so talented? She took our announcement picture and made it her own. Holler if you think she should open her own etsy shop! (HOLLER!) 
Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who helped put it together!

In other news, my life is boring lately. Which i'm thankful for because life is about to get really un-boring.

I made Swig sugar cookies. I have never had them but no one will shut up about them. So I used Vintage Revival's recipe. Guys, it literally took me three hours from start to finish and I am pretty sure tonight I am going to toss all the cookies. I am not sure what I missed or what happened but it would have taken less time for me to drive to St. George and buy a cookie. So, I dunno. Maybe someone a little more FCHD should try to make the cookies. 

Do you ever have an outfit you think looks fine but then you chicken out last second and pull on jeans and an old sweatshirt? Cause that was me on Friday. 

Also, isn't Sister Prescott just adorable with my invites? It seems like everyone is working it out to be here for our wedding except my best friend! Funny how things work out. But she will be wearing navy in spirit. I accept.

I'm gonna go teach some Jr High kiddos now. See ya later friends.

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