Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I feel we need to have words about Smith's Marketplace.

So the other day I had like twenty minutes between lunch and seventh period at the jr high. I needed to buy some hairspray so I thought I would run to Smith's Marketplace. I had never been there before and when I walked in I saw this blazer! It was insanely cheap and I thought of this outfit I had just seen on Pinterest:

So I was like: Yes. You are coming home with me. 
Mandy called me when I was in the dressing room and I could barely admit that I was in the Smith's Marketplace dressing room and when I did she judged me a lot (as I would to her) but after I sent her a few pictures her mind was made up about how right I was. 

Also I am feeling happy because I finally mixed prints and I had it be somewhat successful. 

Please ignore my end of day makeup face. This was not long before I went to bed so.....
(A kid in my class told me I am already on married standard time. Heck yeah.) 

^^This is the face I give Mark about 72 trillion times a day. Ask him, he will back me up on that.^^
Also I am wearing the lipstick I received from my Uni Vox Box.  Maybe it doesn't look so ridiculous? 

Also, I didn't buy these but they are so cute! They were 40% off, but that still made them $20 and since I recently bought a new purse I couldn't justify it. But I just felt like I needed more proof that you can find cute stuff in unexpected places. 

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