Sunday, April 20, 2014

wanna be the best present giver on the block?

Is present giver a word? Probably not. Whatever.

Happy Easter! This morning I woke up to an awesome Easter Basket, my last one! (Also, apparently it's really unusual that I have gotten an amazing Easter basket every year of my life? I was telling Mark and his roommates about all my Easter baskets and they were shocked + amazed. My Mom wins, I guess!)  It made me really sad and then I started eating the candy from inside and got over it. Getting married is awesome but there is a lot of change you have to go through and i'm not the best with change. It will be ok though, it's all worth it and great. 

Speaking of marriage, today I want to talk to you about an awesome gift idea for a wedding, anniversary, anything really.
 I already posted about this awesome portrait that my friend Sarah drew for a wedding gift. 

But you guys, the best news this week is that she opened up an ETSY shop so that anyone can order a print for a really low price for a present or for themselves!

So check out her shop HERE
Trust me when I say this present is way way better than a toaster. 

I'm off to spend some precious time with my whole family.
Happy Easter! 

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