Tuesday, April 22, 2014

wedding inspiration

Mark and I were sitting at a bakery waiting to look at cakes when the sales lady pulls out this binder of pictures that look like they were as old as us. When I was telling someone about this later they said "Well, that's how it used to be before Pinterest." 
I don't care how ditsy it makes me sound but I am literally so thankful for Pinterest. What would I have done without it, especially planning this wedding!
Here are some of the pins that inspired our wedding in a few weeks(!!).

Can you tell what our colors are? 
Can you tell i'm excited?
I have so many great vendors that I went through for all the stuff, can't wait to share when the wedding is all over!
Sequin table cloth
Bride & Bridesmaids
Marquee Sign

 photo riley-sig_zps51d1cb9c.jpg

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