Friday, April 4, 2014

weekend! weekend! weekend!

Currently I am sitting at my desk with soaking wet hair trying to stay awake. It feels a little Monday-ish this morning. Last night at 11 pm I decided to go into deep spring cleaning mode and at that point, the crazy could not be stopped. So I am feeling the tired-ness in my bones today.
This weekend, Mark and I are going to see Grand Budapest Hotel (we've been waiting to see it forever, hellllooo Logan, please get good movies in your theaters) and we are also going to his mission reunion which will be followed by thai food. (my favorite!) Tomorrow will be a lot of watching General Conference and addressing our invitations. (Speaking of, you have till tomorrow to get your name on the google doc!) 
So this week was a crazy one! My little Delci surprised us all when she returned home from her mission. We went around surprising people all day on Wednesday, it was a blast. Add another bridesmaid to my already all-star lineup. 

There are three weeks left of school and i'm trying to stay focused. Also I looked at my wedding countdown for the first time in a while and my stomach had all kinds of butterflies and did a million flips when the countdown said "32." Mark and I were both like "Woooooahhh, this is happening"

Anyway, here are some links for you cool people to look at.

Brinlee Davis's tweet was so ON POINT that i'm pretty sure it's why twitter was invented in the first place. 

Leah talks about engagement rings and all I have to say is "preach, sister!" 

I've been following Alison's "How to Be Awesome" series and this particular lesson struck me a lot. I want to start listening to some podcasts. I always have to have some sort of white noise on whenever I do anything, so usually I pick a tv series and re-watch episodes but podcasts seem a lot more enlightening. Does anyone have suggestions? 

Mandy from Vintage Revivals just published a blog post about how to throw a budget wedding and I wish I would have seen this when my planning began. 

I saw THIS video on vine a few months ago and then saw it again on tumblr and I laugh so freaking hard every time! 

Have a good weekend! 

PS-My car is still for sale and i've lowered the price. Contact me if interested!

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