Sunday, May 25, 2014

annnnnd we have internet

We have internet in our apartment now. It's glorious. And like any American, I walked away from the whole experience with an immense feeling of hatred for Comcast.
So we made it through our first week in Maryland! As much as I would like to sit here and say how great it's been, itttt'sss pretty much been exactly opposite of that. We are kind of in the "take it one day at at time" business, this whole summer sales thing.
But Saturday, Saturday was good. Mark ended the week making half of what I made last summer, in one freaking week. I also got a nanny job with three little critters so I won't be bored anymore! 
To celebrate and since Mark gets off early on Saturday nights, we went and got Rita's and then went and saw X-Men. 

The glorious thing about Rita's is that it gets better the more you eat, which most desserts are usually the exact opposite of. 

Then we went to our ward in Maryland on Sunday. Because how anybody does summer sales without Jesus is beyond me.
What a strange ward we have. Gary Busey is our Sunday school teacher. Also there is always that family that takes up the entire bench in every ward, even in Maryland.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day which means Mark will be working almost twelve hours and I will be sad all day. Memorial Day is a big deal back home, it's a fun day full of breakfast and shopping and then a BBQ and fireworks. When I think about missing it, my heart gets all hurt-y. But I think I am going to wander into Washington D.C solo tomorrow and take advantage of all the activities there!
See ya soooooon.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

coming straight to ya from my nearest McDonalds

If I didn't know any better I would think that i'm at the lowest point in my life right now. I am sitting in a McDonalds in Laurel, Maryland (which is basically straight up in our backyard) applying for jobs. I am not in our apartment because we have absolutely no furniture and no internet.
I'm only joking though, folks. I'm actually really happy even though all these McDonalds employees are judging me because I have been here for hours. The last two weeks have been an absolute whirlwind and i'm barely starting to catch my breath! I will start from today and work backwards. Mark started selling today! (He is selling Terminex with a marketing company door to door. Long hours and the job completely sucks but hopefully he makes some sales this summer) I felt totally weird sending him off to work today with literally no plans of my own (and no furniture-hopefully it's getting delivered today) and so I did what any woman would do, I went to Target and then McDonalds for a large drink. After I threatened Comcast with their lives because the Bacherlorette airs today and if I miss it I will be furious. 
Anyway, we got home from our cruise yesterday and got set up in our apartment! Our apartment is really big and I don't feel like i'm going to get shot when I walk to my car so I feel like i'm really coming out on top. 

This is me trying to get a funny shot of me in our hugely empty living room but it doesn't look as funny as I wanted it to because our living room looks really small in this picture. Anyways...

The Drive
It took us four looonng days of driving to get to Maryland. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and my little Nissan Versa held up like a freaking champ-not even so much as a flat tire! Mark drove most of the way because I am not a nice person like that. 
Isn't Wyoming fun?
This was leaving Iowa. I really liked Iowa actually. 

Guys, I hated Chicago? I don't know why. I was like "get me out of here" the whole time. But the bean and the surrounding park was pretty cool. But I was so happy to leave Chicago. I will probably
 never go back if I can help it. 

Our Cruise!

I bought my Saltwaters not knowing if they would be worth the hype, they absolutely are. They are the best purchase I have made in quite a long time.

My face...I don't even know, but I feel like you have to have a picture of the towel animals that they leave for you or you didn't go on a cruise. So here is our monkey that scared the crap out of me when I got up to pee in the middle of the night.

Every cruise I go on I fall in love with our waiters. I am pretty sure it's just cruise code that you have to have awesome waiters. These other two joes are the two people from Virginia that we shared a dinner table with for a week. They kept us entertained, that is for dang sure!

This is my heaven! Mostly because virgin strawberry daiquiris were cheaper than the soda so I loaded up.

"Babe, these pics are gonna be so good for your blog..." hahahahah 

Also we only basically got off on one of the stops of the cruise because Port Canaveral was realllly pointless and it was pouring rain the day we stopped at Freeport in the Bahamas. 

So now that the fun is over, the job hunting begins. I am so clueless as to where to even start. I don't know the name of any areas around us. I know Annapolis is 30 minutes away in one direction and Baltimore is 30 minutes away in another and that is about it. Wish me all the luck in the world!

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Monday, May 5, 2014

we're getting married....tomorrow.

The big day is almost here! I think I should get a grand prize for never posting a screenshot of the countdown on instagram or whatever. But tomorrow is the big day. I have been running around like a crazy person all day today getting everything organized and ready to go. Fingers crossed that it all runs smoothly and that I don't have a meltdown. I've only been having nightmares for the past three months that something goes wrong....and strangely it all revolves around tablecloths. Like my mom forgetting them or throwing them away or something. Way weird. Anyway...

Just a reminder, our reception is from 6-8:30 at the Upstairs Room in the Gallivan Center.
(You'll see it, it's a big glass building that says UPSTAIRS and it's right by the concert stage)

Yeah yeah yeah, he saw me in my wedding dress before the wedding, oh well.
Also, isn't he so handsome? His suit is from Urbana Custom and I just cannot say good enough things about this company. They are doing a suit giveaway on their Facebook page right now, go enter!

Can't wait to be sealed for eternity! Hashtag church is true.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

picture dump

I just wanted to dump a few pictures on the blog before I won't be back to visit this space for a few weeks, besides a few previously scheduled posts. Graduation is tomorrow, but I have to be out of my apartment today. I am also trying to pack for our drive to Maryland/Our Cruise/Maryland all in one and it really, rreeaalllllly is not working out one bit.
I am sitting at my computer with soaking wet hair and a room full of crap that needs to go to my car. I also haven't eaten breakfast yet, which makes me almost a beast. 
So here are some pictures, goodbye for a while!

I made everyone do this picture because I saw it on another AXO's facebook page, but look how well it turned out!

Annnnnd here are some bridal pictures. We were originally going to go by a lake but then on Saturday it decided to p o u r epically, so Trolley Square had to do the trick. 


Alright, i'm hopefully off to be productive. 

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