Sunday, May 25, 2014

annnnnd we have internet

We have internet in our apartment now. It's glorious. And like any American, I walked away from the whole experience with an immense feeling of hatred for Comcast.
So we made it through our first week in Maryland! As much as I would like to sit here and say how great it's been, itttt'sss pretty much been exactly opposite of that. We are kind of in the "take it one day at at time" business, this whole summer sales thing.
But Saturday, Saturday was good. Mark ended the week making half of what I made last summer, in one freaking week. I also got a nanny job with three little critters so I won't be bored anymore! 
To celebrate and since Mark gets off early on Saturday nights, we went and got Rita's and then went and saw X-Men. 

The glorious thing about Rita's is that it gets better the more you eat, which most desserts are usually the exact opposite of. 

Then we went to our ward in Maryland on Sunday. Because how anybody does summer sales without Jesus is beyond me.
What a strange ward we have. Gary Busey is our Sunday school teacher. Also there is always that family that takes up the entire bench in every ward, even in Maryland.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day which means Mark will be working almost twelve hours and I will be sad all day. Memorial Day is a big deal back home, it's a fun day full of breakfast and shopping and then a BBQ and fireworks. When I think about missing it, my heart gets all hurt-y. But I think I am going to wander into Washington D.C solo tomorrow and take advantage of all the activities there!
See ya soooooon.

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  1. are you in maryland for just the summer? or for good? lol if you're ever missing utah, we'd be happy to house swap you!! this is an older post, so i'm guessing you already went to d.c.! hope it was lots of fun! i love it there. it's so cute. yay exploring!
    the little diary