Sunday, June 15, 2014

a long weekend

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Mark and I have pretty conflicting schedules right now.  Mark leaves at noon for work, sometimes earlier, and he is gone till about 10 or 10:30 at night. I nanny 8 AM to 6 (ten hours) a day chasing after children and so when I get home I am exhausted and I usually am ready to crash at about the same time he walks in the door. 
Saturdays and Sundays, however, are all ours. 
Mark gets off at about 5:00 on Saturdays so we get Saturday nights to explore this place. Sundays are the obvious church and relaxation day. However, we decided to not be couch potatoes this week and after church we took off to D.C! After the usual parking nightmare, we headed to a few museums which are FREE! So it only kind of made us feel like we were breaking the sabbath...
We let our feet rest while we checked out the Capital. We made it to the other end of the mall and my feet couldn't take it anymore and I also couldn't take the heat and humidity so we decided we would visit the Lincoln Memorial another day.
I thought all the different kinds of money in the donation box was so cool!

Since Mark indulged my nerdiness at the American History Museum, I indulged his nerdiness at the Airplane & Space Museum

Asking people to take our picture is like a hugely stressful situation for me, so most of the time we just take really terrible selfies.

Here is right before my big baby breakdown. We were headed to the Washington Monument and Mark joked with me that there were no elevators up there, you had to take the stairs all the way up. I didn't know he was joking? I am also the most gullible person ever, if you didn't know. So I pretty much burst into tears that I was hot and that my feet hurt. (I'm a gem when it's hot and i'm hungry) So Mark, being the saint he is, decided we would come back another day for the other half of the mall.

We felt like we were in Utah for a minute! 
This week we also took Monday off because my brother gave us tickets to the Red Sox vs Orioles game for our wedding! I thought it was an awesome wedding gift. It was a great FHE/much needed date night. If you are new here, I am basically obsessed with Boston so Mark dressed in all Orioles gear so we wouldn't get shot. 
Self timer, always nailing it. 
We had G R E A T seats.

Hair up cause....humidity. 

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  1. i hate asking people to take pictures of us too. it really is the worst isn't it? they like are the worst at all times. so fun you went to d.c. though!! i love it there and am jealous it's just a car ride away for you two!
    the little diary