Tuesday, June 3, 2014


When I got home from NYC, Mark and I along with our friends hopped in the car and went to Baltimore. Baltimore is actually a pretty cool little city. Mark had read in Rolling Stone that there was one of the best record shops in the entire nation in Baltimore. I had read about this Hungry Andy's place that turned out to be just down the street from the record store. The food was delicious and we spent way too much at the record store. It was a great night. The only thing that was terrible was PARKING! We didn't get to stay too long because we had limited time parking and once we moved the car we couldn't find another place to put it. 

We are building quite a record collection...and we have no record player. When we move back to Utah we are going to be installing one of these bad boys in our living room. This is how we justify our purchases!

Mark only has one night a week off where we can go do something fun. This Saturday we are going to see The Fault in Our Stars, next Saturday we will probably go to D.C and hopefully the next Saturday we can go back to Baltimore so we can have a little more time to explore. 

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  1. ok i have a thing with parking too. it's like, the worst. that's the good thing about nyc you know? you just like, hop on a train and you're there. no prob. but whatevs. also would you like to swap blog buttons? email me! cause i'd love to have your link on my sidebar. 200px wide and 100 px tall please :)
    the little diary

    1. Yes! I love NYC/Boston for that aspect. Yes I would love to swap buttons! Let me get my dimensions right and send it off to you!